features of its creation (photos and videos)

You can buy any model of furniture in our time in the furniture salon; all you need is a certain amount of money. Therefore, to arrange the house yourself, to create furniture with your own hands - the desire is natural and at the same time doable, if you approach this task rationally. Even with minimal abilities and experience in the field of furniture design, you can start producing furniture at home. The main thing is to have a mood to achieve the goal, a great desire and a set of carpentry tools.

features of its creation (photos and videos)

A wardrobe made by your own hands will be much cheaper than the one purchased.

Where to start, if you decide to become a home craftsman and make furniture yourself?

Initially think over your idea in detail, record the data on paper, make charts yourself or use ready-made. To do this, you need to inspect the ready-made pieces of furniture that can serve as a model for you. Making furniture is always made based on the experience of professional craftsmen, without this you can not do. It should be noted that for beginners in the furniture business there are many useful programs, therefore, if you wish, you can always replenish your knowledge base in this field.

Features of the manufacture of furniture

features of its creation (photos and videos)

Layout of the door hinge.

In furniture production, the ability to create not only traditional elements, but also non-standard designs is particularly valuable. That is, you can make your own table or chair, which are unique. You should know that uniqueness is not always difficult to manufacture. The sketch that was created with his own hand is not more difficult to translate into a real piece of furniture than to make a standard model.

It is important to find a good store selling suitable building materials, fittings, carpentry tools. You can contact the carpentry shop and purchase already blanks to facilitate your work. Then the process of creating furniture with your own hands will be much easier. Remember that the purchased parts should be very carefully transported so that the edges and corners are not damaged.

Tools and materials

features of its creation (photos and videos)

Drawing of a three-folding cabinet.

Making your own furniture will be impossible if you have not stocked up with the required materials and tools. Therefore, make sure that you have prepared everything that may be required:

  • electric drill (there must be a depth adjuster);
  • a screwdriver (or conventional screwdrivers);
  • frezer ( required for slotting, edge processing;
  • hair dryer or iron (apply edge);
  • jigsaw (for any cut-outs);
  • stationery knife;
  • keys, drills;
  • awl, emery paper;
  • square, tape measure;
  • self-tapping screws, screws;
  • marker, pencil;
  • rubber or wood hammer;
  • work clothes.

The preparatory stage of the work can be considered complete if you have prepared all the listed tools. Now is the time to create furniture with your own hands. Compare the existing drawings with the parts that you purchased in finished form, and determine which panels should be pasted over with the edge. Here you can use a regular iron. Apply glue to the edge, tightly pressed to the edge, then simply heat the desired area with an iron. In order to ensure a strong gluing of the edge to the butt, it is necessary to press the fragment with a piece of felt for some time during the cooling process. Next, protruding overhangs should be removed with a knife. To clean the cut to smoothness, use an emery cloth.

When choosing a finished sketch for furniture or creating it yourself, always follow it exactly. Mark the location of the through holes correctly on the details of the future furniture, select suitable drill bits for this job. The most interesting process, besides the most crucial in production, is the assembly of the finished product. It is important to be patient, and to carry out each stage carefully so as not to make mistakes. So that the process does not turn into a long-term one, and the furniture with your own hands turned out to be without defects, take an assistant to a person who already had to do such work independently. As a result, you will receive excellent exclusive furniture with your own hands, which you will be proud of!

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