preparation and process (video and photo)

One of the most attractive flooring is parquet. These are strips of small size from natural wood, which can be used to create different patterns. How to lay the floorboard according to the rules? It is important to choose the right material to cover, draw up a layout of the calculations. After that, the method of laying the material on the floor is selected. Attention should be paid to what kind of floorboard will be used. Manufacturers today offer a variety of options that differ in quality, class, appearance of slats.

preparation and process (video and photo)

Parquet has an aesthetic appearance and is easy to install.

The laying itself is demanding, it is necessary to comply with all stages and conditions of work, only in this case, the coating will be durable and attractive. After all the boards are laid, it is necessary to proceed to the finishing stage. The parquet is ground, after which it is independently covered with several layers of varnish.

Preparation of the base

How to properly lay the floorboard? You need to start with the preparation of the base. This material requires a smooth base, otherwise the coating will look bad, it will quickly deteriorate, some boards will be covered with cracks, gaps and gaps will remain.

preparation and process (video and photo)

Tools for laying floorboard.

If the base with drops, then the creak will be heard during the walk. It is difficult to get rid of it; you will have to disassemble the floor to eliminate the causes.

What is included in the training? Alignment will have to be attributed to this, for this purpose it is best to use adjustable plywood. These are the squares of moisture-resistant plywood, which are fixed to the base with a special system of screws. The loss of height is small, but the base is smooth and smooth, perfect for parquet. You can also use the floor on logs, which allow you to make high-quality and fast work on the alignment. If this stage is completed, it is necessary to remove all debris and dust, to make a special substrate, which will play a cushioning role. It distributes the load on the floor, mitigates the negative impact on the slats during intensive walking.

The process of laying floorboard

Before you properly lay the floorboard, the planks are unpacked, and then left for 2 days in the room where they will be used. It is necessary that the tree is “accustomed” to all conditions of future exploitation, not warped after laying. Begin laying the door or the far wall towards the window so that natural light falls on the floor.

preparation and process (video and photo)

The floorboard device.

The first 2 rows are placed parallel to the light, further laying is carried out in a checkerboard pattern. In this case, it is necessary to retreat about 10 mm from the wall to maintain the temperature gap. For this purpose, special spacer wedges from pieces of plywood are used.

The installation is done in such a way that during installation the new plank at an angle will enter the slot already installed. The angle should be about 20 °, after which the board goes down and snaps into place. Next, you can proceed to the following bars. In the same way, laying all the boards. The last row is mounted using a special mounting foot, which makes it possible to draw the bar and snap it into place. The installation process itself requires patience, since each board must take its place, with all the grooves need to coat with special impregnation.

For the work itself, the following set of tools and materials is needed:

  • parquet floor substrate;
  • parquet of the selected type;
  • jigsaw for cutting;
  • impregnation based on wax or paraffin;
  • grinding machine (for coarse and fine cleaning of corner sections);
  • wooden hammer;
  • varnish;
  • wooden plinth.

Finishing finishing works

preparation and process (video and photo)

Stages for laying parquet.

How to lay the floorboard and perform the finishing finish? For this, a special grinder is used. Scraping is performed first, i.e. rough sanding the floor. This is done in order to level the surface and make it smooth and smooth, to remove all the irregularities and defects that could remain. To do this, apply a large sandpaper. Then a second, more subtle grinding step is performed, the floor becomes smoother and more attractive. At this stage niches, corners, places under radiators are processed. For work with hard to reach places angle grinder is used.

When deciding how to lay a floorboard, you should not forget about polishing. The amount of wood that is removed is about 0.5 mm. This measure allows you to extend the service coverage by about 5 years, and the subsequent varnishing - another 10 years.

The floor is finished by fine grinding, after which the surface is cleaned of wood dust.

preparation and process (video and photo)

Types of parquet laying.

Next, the crucial step is done - varnishing. It is required to put 3 layers, each of them should dry.

Apply varnish with a brush, it is important to ensure uniform staining.

The brush itself must be of high quality so that no traces and hairs remain after the work has been done.

How to make a parquet floor more qualitative?

In order to properly lay the floorboard, you must follow simple and accessible tips. Despite the fact that laying parquet is considered to be difficult and accessible only to specialists, working with slats under the force and beginners, it is only necessary to follow all the recommendations and conditions. In this case, the coating will be smooth, durable, beautiful and neat. If you have some experience with the floorboard, then you can do it yourself to lay out luxurious patterns that deserve to decorate the halls of reputable houses.

Among the useful tips that can facilitate the laying of floorboard, it should be noted:

preparation and process (video and photo)

The scheme of the attachment points of the parquet to the screws.

  1. Before laying the floorboard, you need to carefully study the technology of installation. This may not be enough, it is recommended to immediately determine what kind of boards will be used, whether there are features for their laying on the floor. Today, various types of parquet are being offered, therefore, there are many fastener methods. Given all the features, the work will be of high quality and simple, it will take less time. Material consumption during preliminary planning will be lower, which will have a positive impact on the cost of work.
  2. The floorboard is recommended to buy only from reputable manufacturers. Its price may be higher, but cheap parquet not only looks worse, but also serves less. It cracks easily even when laid, the board does not withstand heavy loads, and its surface is far from being as attractive as a real parquet should be.
  3. The question of how to put a floorboard can not be solved in a hurry. This is a serious and difficult job, you need to approach it carefully. If the laying scheme is chosen, it is necessary to immediately determine what is needed for work, how to calculate the amount of materials, whether there is a need to use additional funds. In drawing up a diagram with a complex pattern, it is best to immediately determine the position of each slat. This will make the work not only easier, but faster, the consumption of slats in this case will be less.
  4. Installation is best to start from the corner or from the door towards the window. This is done so that the board visually looks better and more accurately, transitions between the individual slats are not noticeable.
  5. If the parquet floor is planned for laying in an apartment where the layout is non-standard, there are a large number of corners, numerous niches and bay windows, then it is best to perform a diagonal installation.
  6. If there are water pipes, then you need to cut a round shape, the diameter of which will be about 20 mm larger than the diameter of the pipe. After the final installation of the entire floor covering and its decoration, the free space is covered with special rings and plugs.

Joints and baseboards

preparation and process (video and photo)

Technology for installing baseboards on the parquet.

When the floorboard is laid, it is necessary to remember to protect the joints between the individual slats. For this purpose, special paraffin or wax impregnations are used, with which it is necessary to process the mortise connection of boards during installation. If the parquet is placed in a room where the humidity level is higher than the standard one, then it is necessary to envisage the use of moisture-proof agents that perfectly protect the board from water and related damages. It is not recommended to use conventional silicone sealants, as they do not provide the required level of coating fixation.

After laying the flooring attention must be paid to the organization and proper care of the board. Parquet can not be washed with wet and wet rags, water on the floor surface can not be poured. Used for cleaning wrung floor cloths. You can use a washing vacuum cleaner for this purpose, which has special functions for cleaning wooden natural floors.

To make the coating look aesthetic, it is best to use wooden baseboards, rather than plastic, after installation. They are more attractive and better suited for wooden floors. Before fixing the plinth, the floor should be varnished by experts advised to use 3 layers. In addition, each must dry out, and the pressure on the brush as you apply each layer should be reduced. This will make the coating more attractive.

Parquet flooring has always been popular. This natural wood coating looks beautiful and elegant, great for any interior. Laying parquet demanding and complex, you must exactly follow all working conditions, recommendations.

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