drawings, sizes, schemes (photo and video)

The stairs to the attic are easily made at home. Preliminary need a pin, tools, finishing materials and workspace. How to make a staircase to the attic, professionals know. They recommend it to be made of metal, wood or stone. Pre-compiled future stairs for the attic.

drawings, sizes, schemes (photo and video)

Scheme of an attic rotary ladder.

Preparatory work

Experts recommend installing metal or wooden structures in the attic that are easy to install and use. Rope and stone analogues are unprofitable in the construction of the considered structure. They are characterized by a low level of protection during ascent / descent. The construction of a rope ladder to the attic is made according to the style in which the house will be decorated.

Metal structures are considered durable, beautiful, reliable and stable structures. This staircase to the attic is complemented by railings and various wrought products. For the construction of a wooden counterpart, you will need to make a drawing indicating the main fragments of the product. The construction of the attic is carried out with their own hands according to a previously prepared plan. The owner of the house should think about how he will rise to the 2nd floor.

The preparatory work for the manufacture of stairs for the attic includes:

  • material selection;
  • calculations;
  • design.

drawings, sizes, schemes (photo and video)

Tools for making stairs to the attic.

The attic of a small house is connected to the 1st floor with a screw structure. In analogs with duck step steep slope. From the layout of the room depends on the choice of mounting single-marketed, dvuhmarshevoy, curved or rounded stairs for the attic. Indoors on the 2nd floor of the house prepare a hole. To do this, you need a drill and drill. For the construction of stairs used alder, pine or oak. The production process is carried out according to a previously prepared project. When calculating the design convenience take into account the step length. The average value of this indicator is 63 cm. The depth of each step should coincide with the 45 footwear size (at least 28 cm), and height - 25 cm.

Each part is prepared after measurements. To make such a construction, the following materials and tools are needed:

  • bars;
  • nails;
  • nuts and washers;
  • bolts;
  • varnish;
  • hammer;
  • drill;
  • screwdrivers;
  • brush.

Basic work

The foundation of the product can be made of 2 large bars with a cross section of 50x50 cm.

The supports are laid parallel to each other at an angle of 30 -40 °, with the same distance from each edge.

drawings, sizes, schemes (photo and video)

Scheme for calculating the steps of the stairs to the attic.

The saw cuts on wood will aesthetically fix the supports from the bottom and top. In the 1st case, the structure is driven into the floor with nails. In the 2nd case, the slats are fastened to the floor with bolts, screws or nails. The upper part of the bars is fixed to the attic opening with the help of slats in the same way. The safety of the ladder depends on the degree of reliability of the mounted supports.

The method of installation of the bars depends on the grooves provided on each support:

  1. External.
  2. Internal.

The last technique involves the installation of steps in the skeleton of the structure. For this, use screws. If the steps are superimposed on the supports in an external way, then additional fixation of the elements will be required (with the help of glue). The ladder can be made in the form of a through or closed construction. For the open option do not use additional bars. There are voids in this product, which adversely affects the operational process. Through holes can be closed with your own hands, by fastening them with nails or screws with a flat surface of the steps from the bottom and ribs from the top.

It is recommended to install the stairs in the attic near the wall. In this case, wood is saved on the manufacture of railings. To make the last element, use the bar. It will need to install from the base of the stairs to the ceiling. Railings are made of several bars installed in 1 row. The supports are attached to the vertical log below and to the ceiling opening above. The height of the railing and the fence that prevents a person from falling into the staircase should be 90 cm.

The next stage of the construction of the attic staircase involves finishing the resulting construction. Painting the stairs starts from the top. Preliminary it is recommended to process wood with special mix. The choice of paint material is made taking into account personal preferences and tastes of the owner. If the steps and rails are dry, then the stairs are ready for use.

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  • drawings, sizes, schemes (photo and video)

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