Coffee table do it yourself from scrap materials

Furniture makers distinguish 3 methods how to make a coffee table with their own hands from natural wood. The manufacture of such furniture is made using a drill, tape measure, screwdriver, nails, hammer, varnish.

Coffee table do it yourself from scrap materials

If the chipboard is varnished, it will seem that it is made of natural wood.

Basic methods

To make a table with your own hands, you need a block of wood, the diameter of which is in the range of 40-50 cm. The horizontal coating is ground. Then several layers of varnish are applied to the wood. If the substance is dry, the rollers are installed.

Coffee table do it yourself from scrap materials

Drawing of the coffee table.

Another method of making a coffee table involves the use of wood trimming. The support is presented in the form of a strong branch, the shape of which allows you to make a reliable tripod out of it. The table top is made from the saw cut of the trunk (thickness 6 cm, circumference - 50 cm). Each piece of furniture is released from the bark, cleaned and polished. The next step involves fixing the tabletop on the legs with screws. The furniture is varnished.

The latter method, how to make a coffee table with your own hands, involves the use of birch wood trimming, plywood, liquid nails, white grouting, and legs on wheels. The base of the furniture is made of slabs. The box must be made smaller. It will be mounted in the middle of the tabletop. At the bottom of the design put the legs on wheels.

The final stage of making a coffee table provides for its decoration. This will require birch wood and liquid nails. The elements are mounted on a plywood box vertically. In this position, chumps should rise 50 mm above the box. The free space that forms on the surface of the table is filled with saws. The gaps are sealed with a white grout with a spatula. Excess mixture is removed with a damp sponge. When the table is dry, it is varnished.

Using scrap materials

Coffee table do it yourself from scrap materials

A coffee table made of wooden boxes can serve as a place to store things.

A coffee table can be made at home from scrap materials. This will require 2 identical bookshelves and a plywood sheet. The first stage is to prepare the base for the table. The rear walls of the shelves are attached to each other using black metal plates. The latter elements are attached to the bottom and top of the structure.

To make the coffee table move easily around the room, it is recommended to install the wheels on its bottom. A tabletop is made of plywood, which is cut to the size of the shelf. It is screwed to the surface of the last elements. If necessary, the coffee table is painted.

You can make such furniture from the legs of a computer desk, chipboard or plywood. From the last material make the tabletop of a certain shape and size. Then it is strengthened with screws on the leg. The product is treated with stain and varnished.

The original solution is the manufacture of furniture from glass and birch. This will require a thick birch tripod, the height of which is 70-80 cm. Its saw cut down, polished and varnished. To make the tabletop, you need to cut out a glass of a circle of suitable diameter. This element is fixed on a tripod by suction cups or special decorative nails.

Use of seashells

To make a coffee table, under the glass lid of which you can store seashells, you will need:

Coffee table do it yourself from scrap materials

To make a frame to the glass table is better to use a regular plinth.

  • 1 cm thick glass;
  • bamboo or wood;
  • seashells or pebbles;
  • plywood with a thickness of 2-3 cm;
  • twine;
  • metal rods;
  • legs;
  • silicone pads;
  • screws;
  • shells, sand, pebbles.

Of the tools you will need a hammer, tape measure, glue, screwdriver, drill, scissors. Initially, cut 2 pieces of suitable size from glass and wood.

The table top made of glass should be 3 cm on all sides more than a wooden structure.

The plywood blank is inserted into a bamboo frame made from appropriate sticks. The frame is attached to the table top with screws.

The next step involves connecting the legs together. To do this, use metal rods. They give the furniture stability. The legs can be further strengthened with bamboo sticks, which are nailed crosswise under the table top. The next step is to drill 5 holes on top of the legs. Similar work is done at the bottom of the plywood blank. The legs are screwed.

Twine is nailed around the entire perimeter of the tabletop with nails and a hammer. Holes are drilled in the frame. They are necessary for silicone gaskets that will hold the glass. Metal rods and legs are wrapped with twine and varnished.Shells, sand and other sea treasures are placed inside the table top. A glass construction is placed on top. The coffee table is ready to use.

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