Brick chimney with their own hands

One of the most important elements of a heating system is a chimney. If everything is done in accordance with the technology, then the smoke will go up - out, and the heat - will spread around the room. The process of laying a chimney of brick can perfectly perform the master or an experienced builder. If you want to save time and money, a non-specialist can also build a chimney out of a brick with his own hands; it’s enough to follow several recommendations.

Basic requirements for external construction

Brick chimney with their own hands

During the laying of the chimney it is necessary to adhere to certain rules and regulations by which the operation of the heating system will be absolutely safe:

  1. Eliminate the presence of horizontal sections, since the exhaust gases will be deposited on them.
  2. If the roof is flat, the outer part of the chimney should be at least 1 m high.
  3. In cases where the roof has a pitched shape, it is necessary to calculate the distance from the place for the chimney to the ridge, if it is less than 150 cm, then it should rise 50 cm in height, if about 300 cm it is at the same level.

To correctly calculate this parameter, you may need to consult a specialist in order to comply with all fire safety regulations and rules.

Calculate the size and configuration of

Brick chimney with their own hands Layout of the brick chimney

Before you begin laying, you must make some calculations. With this process it is quite possible to cope on their own. With the correct calculation, a high-quality chimney will come out, which means that the amount of fuel for heating will be minimized, all the waste from the combustion will easily come out, and fresh air will circulate in the room.

A properly calculated chimney height parameter will allow you to organize good traction, which means that the combustion process will be of the highest quality and efficient.

Fire safety must be calculated depending on the thickness of the walls: wide - they will heat up for a long time, while one layer of brick will warm up in just an hour.

It is necessary to calculate each parameter individually, depending on the room, roof, and the type of heating system.

Choosing a brick and preparing a solution

Brick chimney with their own hands

The second important preparatory stage is the choice of building material. During the laying of the chimney will need only brick and cement mortar. It is very important to choose the right type of brick. It is worth choosing fire-resistant and as much as possible more qualitative type at which all parties as much as possible smooth and equal. The shape of each element must have identical dimensions.

Then it is necessary to proceed to the selection of components for the solution. The composition should include: sand, clay, water, cement. Each component affects the quality of the chimney: a fine fraction of sand, high-quality cement, clay without impurities. Having similar raw materials, you can independently build any chimney.

The laying process

Brick chimney with their own hands

Chimney masonry tools:

  • Bulgarian (for cutting bricks of a certain size);
  • ruler;
  • marker (for data accuracy).

Before laying the chimney out of a brick, one important point must be taken into account - the mortar layer must be small in order to make a strong and reliable construction. The process of laying is standard - as for the construction of any building: each row must be shifted to half a brick sideways in order to get maximum grip.

When forming a carving and an otter, experts recommend the use of metal rods that need to be built into the brickwork, but at the same time the fittings should not cross the smoke channel. How to make the chimney clogging minimal so that the soot inside practically does not settle on the walls? It is necessary to smooth the walls of the structure with plaster.

Small holes should be left during the construction of the chimney walls so that the cleaning process does not inconvenience.

Build a riser

Brick chimney with their own hands

The riser must be folded in the attic (roof), while it must be made close to the roof. A hole is made directly in it (or the roof is partially disassembled) through which the pipe will be led outside. The height of the riser should be higher than the height of the ridge.

After about 10–15 rows, you need to complete the neck of the chimney, the parameters of which are carried out as desired. At the very end to equip the cap, on top of which you can install a cap or weather vane.

To complete the construction, it is necessary to make fixing and thermal insulation, ensuring the efficient operation of the heating system.

As you can see, you can build a brick chimney yourself, given the recommendations of experts and comply with the technology.To familiarize yourself with visual processes, just look at the special video, which takes into account all the details. If you have questions on the topic, write them in the comments to the article.


After viewing the video, you can familiarize yourself with the technology of masonry brick chimney for the fireplace:


Thanks to these schemes you be able to make high-quality brickwork:

Brick chimney with their own hands Chimney masonry ordering scheme

Brick chimney with their own hands Installation of chimney and brickwork

Brick chimney with their own hands Laying of chimney from brick

Brick chimney with their own hands Installing a chimney in the house

Brick chimney with their own hands Layout chimney in the building


Brick chimney with their own hands Single-wall chimney

Brick chimney with their own hands Grommet Brick chimney

Brick chimney with their own hands Chimney insulation

Brick chimney with their own hands Brick head

Brick chimney with their own hands Chimney collapse due to non-compliance with technology during construction


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