brashirovanie and other ways (video)

The method of artificially aging a tree is gaining popularity. In addition, this method is a common element in the design, through which you can create a unique style of both the furniture itself and the atmosphere of the house.

brashirovanie and other ways (video)

Artificial aging is a rather popular method, as many interior objects decorate such as frames, tabletops, chests and other wooden surfaces.

Brushing products

The essence of the method is as follows. With the help of artificial reproduction of the texture of old wood this effect is achieved. Absolutely any wood species has hard and soft fibers. Over time, the last fibers begin to break down, which gives the old furniture that look. This can be achieved independently, simply by removing this type of fiber. This will require a metal brush.

brashirovanie and other ways (video)

Brushing is a method of removing soft fibers from a tree structure.

Artificial aging of wood is carried out simply. For brushing, the surface of the object should be brushed, processing is carried out along the fibers. Work is carried out to achieve the desired effect, but you should note that in such a matter it is important not to overdo it. Otherwise, the item will not look like an antique item, but as a decrepit item.

Using this method is possible with tree species that have a soft structure, such as, for example, oak, larch, ash, pine and walnut. It makes no sense to use this method if there is a need to make the aging of wood and products made from cherries, beech, maple, pear.

After completing the job, you should strip the product to remove any remaining lint and fibers. Then fix the result, giving the product gloss and appeal. For this purpose, you can use varnish, although this is best suited or patinated. As for the first means, you can choose any, it all depends on the tasks. Patinated will make the surface more spectacular. A dark or contrasting surface looks best when compared with the lighter side. To do this, select a suitable paint, and then cover it with the entire surface. At the end of the painting you need to remove the layer of paint with a cloth, until the product is dry.

The final stage is the use of lacquer, which is applied after treatment with patination or stain. It is recommended to apply two or three layers. To give a gloss, you can rub the product using a soft cloth. The result will be an item that is almost similar to antiques.

Using a dry brush

brashirovanie and other ways (video)

Soft fibers are removed from the fabric of the tree with a metal brush.

The use of this method is suitable both for new furniture and for existing colored . There are several ways in the specified method, so you can complete the procedure completely, but you can get by with using some methods.

The first method involves the creation of traces on the surface of the material, which are inherent to objects used for a long time. In this case, you will need a hammer and a number of other items used in the joinery business. You can use metal chains. These items are necessary to create defects caused by strikes. You can make chips, potholes, or any other signs of a large age of wood.

The next method is to apply base coats. A total of layers can be one or two, it all depends on the desire. Naturally, two layers will look better than one, this should be remembered. Both layers should not cause a sharp contrast, should be either light or dark. The first layer is applied along the fibers, and after it dries, the second layer is applied. Work is carried out carefully.

Aging of a tree can be done with sanding. This will require sandpaper of varying degrees of size. It should start with the smallest, in order to achieve the best result. It is necessary to achieve a result in which the lower layers of paint will protrude a bit, and in some places you can see the base of wood. With a similar goal, you can take fine sand. For the best effect, it is necessary to ensure that abrasion imitates natural aging. Best of all, if they go from the edges. After sanding the surface must be cleaned, which requires a brush or vacuum cleaner.

brashirovanie and other ways (video)

The dry brush method consists in applying paint with a dry brush or sponge.

The next step in this method is to use a dry brush that has sufficient rigidity and a suitable paint color. If light paint was used for the base layer earlier, you need to take black, maroon or brown. If dark paint was chosen for the base layer, in this case, beige, yellow or white will do.Brush need a little dip in the paint, then apply color in one direction with long stripes.

Attention should be paid to avoid crossing or overlapping bands. In addition, one should not strive to color the bottom layer completely, since the brush bristles should make fine individual lines. After completion of work, you need to hold a woven napkin over the paint that has not yet dried. This is necessary to blur the picture, but you can do without it, since saving the picture is quite appropriate.

The final step is to apply the varnish on a dried surface. The application of varnish is carried out in one or two layers. As a result, the desired result will be achieved, and such processing will last a long time.

Additional methods

Artificial aging of wood can be performed in a number of ways. These methods are very time consuming. They require a large amount of time and the same large supply of materials and tools.

But you can do in some other ways that do not need to spend a large amount of their efforts.

brashirovanie and other ways (video)

Patina is a special dye that gives the tree an aged look.

The first method is the most affordable, since it requires only boot cream. Using a brush, rub the cream into the material, while slightly pressing the brush. Movement is carried out along the fibers up and down.

Wax is suitable for wood processing, which will allow you to create an imitation of wear on furniture or other items. First of all, apply a layer of material on the edges and corners of the object, and then paint it. After drying, the waxed wood is rubbed with a cloth to remove paint. After that the surface is coated with varnish.

For the following methods, you must have and protection. We are talking about using two methods: aging the wood with a blowtorch or alkaline cleaning products. In both cases, the treatment is carried out in the open air. The method with the use of a blowtorch includes a brief firing of the edges of the products, creating a darkening effect.

When using cleaning agents, you must take an alkali spray that is used to clean the ovens. The tool is applied to the surface, the wood should become the color of the burnt wood. Excess funds are removed by leaching, and then neutralized with a solution of vinegar. It is necessary to pay attention that it is impossible to use essence for neutralization.

Thus, you can create a unique look for any furniture, having at hand the necessary funds and time. Aging wood can be used not only for furniture, but also for ordinary items used in everyday life.

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