Arbor in the country with their own hands: a plan of action

There is practically no such person who would not like to rest away from the noisy bustle of the metropolis, in the lap of nature. Often this function performs a country site with a cozy gazebo. Here you can taste your favorite dishes, enjoy the beauty of nature and fresh air, chat with friends and relatives. The quality of rest is largely determined by the appearance of this wonderful place. Building a gazebo to give your own hands is usually not associated with difficulties and problems. For a clear organization of this process, you need to choose the layout of the future structure, prepare the necessary fixtures and begin work.

Arbor in the country with their own hands: a plan of action

A gazebo at the cottage is a great place to relax in the fresh air and hang out with your family.

In such a case, it is important to outline a plan of action. Such manipulations will turn rest into a comfortable and enjoyable leisure time. The main points will be as follows:

  • selection of a place suitable for a gazebo;
  • design model selection, layout selection;
  • studying soil features, laying the foundation;
  • construction of the device;
  • installation of the roof;
  • interior decoration works;
  • electricity supply.

At the first stage of the gazebo construction, you should select the most suitable material for the garden. One of the most practical and non-standard design options for the structure is wood. It will delight its beautiful appearance for many years, giving the building a wonderful appearance.

Choice of a suitable place

Arbor in the country with their own hands: a plan of action

Layout of the folding bower with dimensions.

The success of the construction of a gazebo in the country itself is determined by the successful choice of the point. So, the building is not recommended to be erected on the south side, where there will be a lot of sun - for such a purpose shady places will fit. A very picturesque and comfortable point will be under the trees.

Any reservoir located not far from the arbor will decorate the general background, give a coolness. The construction of this structure should be done away from noisy highways. Calm, clean and quiet place will set to rest and peace. We should not forget about the fact that the arbor for giving is obliged to complement the overall look of the whole outdoor composition.

Basic materials and accessories for installation

The structure under consideration can be constructed from almost any material. It can be wood, polycarbonate and other bases. The following factors should be taken into account when planning work:

Arbor in the country with their own hands: a plan of action

A set of tools for building a gazebo.

  1. The foundation of the strength of the structure and its stability is a well-filled foundation and high-quality grinding of the material. So, metal surfaces are treated with solutions that prevent the formation of corrosion, wood - with antiseptics.
  2. A thorough preparation of the site for the construction of a gazebo for summer cottage is needed. The presence of uneven ground on the ground gives rise to its leveling. You can not put the structure at the lowest point, thawed and rainwater will flow here, eroding the foundation. This will lead to an early failure of the structure.
  3. The dimensions of the future gazebo are determined based on the number of guests arriving here. These can be options for a big company feast or a place to meet lovers.
  4. In order for the design to become harmonious, blending into the basic look of all outbuildings, it is important to carefully combine its design, giving it features of general order and unity. You can use the same material for decoration, decorate the area with similar colors, compositions, decorative plan.

As building materials it is useful:

  • crushed stone, sand, cement;
  • piles;
  • boards, 40 * 40 mm beam ;
  • brick, roofing felt;
  • material for roofing (slate, decking, polycarbonate);
  • reinforcement;
  • glue for wooden surfaces;
  • emery cloth;
  • paint, varnish;
  • brushes, gloves, old rags.

Arbor in the country with their own hands: a plan of action

Scheme of preparing the base for the gazebo.

The following tools are used:

  • a drill;
  • a machine for welding;
  • a Bulgarian;
  • screwdriver;
  • large scissors;
  • screwdrivers included;
  • hammer;
  • wood saw;
  • hacksaw for metal surfaces ;
  • shovel;
  • chisel;
  • rope;
  • screws or nails, nuts, screws, drills;
  • metal corners.

The construction of a wood arbor

A summerhouse with its own hands, made of natural breeds, will become the traditional version of outdoor activities. The main advantages of such a structure will be:

  • ease of further maintenance;
  • a long period of operation;
  • ecological cleanliness of the base;
  • reasonable price;
  • combination with other materials: metal, stone, etc.;
  • ease of installation work.

Before building a gazebo for the dacha, it is necessary to estimate the plan and the exact dimensions of the future structure. We should not forget about counting the required amount of building materials. Wooden parts are treated with antiseptics that protect against insect invasion, constant exposure to dampness, smoke and other negative factors.

Arbor in the country with their own hands: a plan of action

Scheme of a non-buried column foundation for an arbor.

Construction of a column foundation.

It is known that builders distinguish 3 ways of building a basement: tape, column and tile types. The columnar construction is distinguished by the absence of difficulties in the device and the stability of the base. The tape version requires substantial investments in material resources and physical strength.

It is necessary to begin the construction of such an arbor by marking its area. A rope and wedges are taken. On the selected area, the top layer of soil is cleared more than 50 cm, after that it is covered with a sand layer of 10 cm and crushed stone of similar height. All these parts are well trampled. The pit is poured with concrete, prepared in the ratio of 1 part of cement to 3 parts of sand and the same amount of gravel. On the poured layer is placed a layer of waterproofing material, roofing material. On it is fixed on top of a brick in 3 or 4 rows. It will protect the bottom of the gazebo from possible rotting. Next one more layer of roofing material is laid.

Construction of the arbor frame.

The skeleton of the structure should be erected in place of the columnar foundation. First you need to assemble the base of the beam. Then put the main supporting elements of wooden slats. The finished frame is sheathed with boards, wicker elements, thick curtains.

Roof trim.

The roof of the gazebo should be covered with roofing material in such a way as in an ordinary residential structure, combining these bases with each other. The slate on the roof of the arbor is nailed. Before laying shingles should be laid on the base plate OSB. The finished building is decorated with any elements in the form of benches, benches, flower beds and other decorative structures.

Construction of a metal arbor

The construction of metal arbors at the country house with its hands is important in view of their luxurious external indicators.

Forged elements are able to elevate any personal plot.

Arbor in the country with their own hands: a plan of action

Mounting scheme for the side racks of the gazebo.

The arbor configuration can have different outlines. The material for this design is a profile tube of small mass, having a strong base. Pre it needs to be painted.

Parts of such a structure are welded or assembled. The last option is very convenient and profitable, its cost is low. The walls of such a building are made out of profile or polycarbonate, which will bring in the construction of a note of lightness and weightlessness, will significantly decorate the gazebo.

The main disadvantage of such a building will be rusting, for this reason the base must be primed and painted.

Polycarbonate pavilions

Today, cellular polycarbonate has entered active use for the construction of various structures. He goes to the manufacture of hinged roofs above the door and gazebos. This material has a number of advantages, such as:

Arbor in the country with their own hands: a plan of action

Arbor roof structure.

  • solid construction;
  • pleasant external indicators;
  • unobstructed penetration of sunlight;
  • foundation strength, flexibility;
  • inability to sustain combustion;
  • absolute cleanliness from an environmental point of view;
  • the invariance of the coating under the influence of temperature fluctuations, chemicals and mechanical actions;
  • affordable cost.

It is possible to assemble a summerhouse from such raw materials in a short time, without experiencing significant difficulties. Taking into account the fact that polycarbonate can acquire various outlines, they can revet the structure of any configuration.

For the construction of the foundation should be determined to the place of the pipe, performing the main role. This is done in the following way: a hole is dug in the designated area, which is necessary for the installation of such elements and the subsequent pouring of the base. The pipes are fixed in these recesses, and they must be located in the center. Further actions are associated with their strengthening by casting with cement and then hardening.

While making the frame, you can use such methods as connecting the separately arranged frame elements, fixing the finished base on the supporting tubes. This construction is erected with the help of bolts and welding. Using simultaneously two results gives excellent strengths.

For the erection of polycarbonate roofing material is necessary to prepare. All the basic design parameters are determined by the wishes of the consumer.The roof should have a sloping slope for the flow of water, a hermetic base, there should be no gaps on it. This will help slats, cuffs, gaskets. In the course of such work, a strong and robust construction is obtained that protects guests from trouble.

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