Wooden ceiling in the bathroom do it yourself

When designing the interior of a bathroom, the focus is usually on the selection of the color range of the tile and the selection of high-quality sanitary ware.

Wooden ceiling in the bathroom do it yourself

The humidity in the bathroom is high, so the ceiling material must be moisture resistant.

In this case, the design of the ceiling most often boils down to such standard options as:

  • rack ceiling (made of plastic, aluminum, steel);
  • painted ;
  • tension.

Meanwhile, you can get away from the hackneyed, standard design options and create a unique, unique design. The ceiling in the bathroom can be decorated with wood. Wood is a natural material that never goes out of fashion. Modern designers often use it in the interior of bathrooms: plumbing from precious wood, accessories and panels for wall cladding. Unusually luxurious in the interior of the bathroom looks wooden ceiling.

Wooden ceiling in the bathroom with their own hands

Wooden ceiling in the bathroom do it yourself

The scheme of the wooden ceiling in the bathroom.

The reason why many do not even consider wood panels, boards and wall paneling as finishing materials, high humidity of the room. Indeed, it is necessary that the ceiling in the bathroom was moisture resistant. And the smaller the size of the room, the more responsibly should be approached to address this issue. Indeed, in a small room, the ceiling cover is more susceptible to negative environmental effects. But, water, in fact, is not so terrible for the wooden elements of decoration.

It is worth remembering at least old ships that were built of wood. Subjected to much more destructive effects of salt waves, wind and sun, the ships withstood not one voyage, and some of these old specimens have survived to the present day. The wood flooring can be used in the bathroom, the main thing is to process it correctly. If the coating is impregnated with special moisture-proof compounds, then you can not be afraid of the fact that the ceiling will become unusable.

For owners of country houses, especially if they are built of wood, the arrangement of bathrooms is considered one of the most crucial stages of interior decoration. To create a harmonious interior, it is necessary that the bathroom be made in the same style as the rest of the house. No matter how trite it may sound, but wood will be the best material for decorating the bathroom ceiling in a wooden house. Also, the tree will be the perfect finishing material for bathrooms, decorated in ethno or in an ecological style.

What should I look for when choosing the finishing elements?

Wooden ceiling in the bathroom do it yourself

The diffuse lighting in the bathroom is more suited to the darker ceiling.

Finishing elements are selected depending on the dimensions of the room. Long boards from 3 to 6 m look very good in spacious bathrooms. In small rooms, neat boards of meter length will be more appropriate. The design of the wooden ceiling - an exciting and creative work. Thanks to the different combinations of boards and panels, it is possible to achieve a unique surface pattern that can not be found anywhere else.

Bathroom lighting is selected based on the texture and color of the wood. Scattered lighting is best used if the interior is dominated by wooden panels of dark colors. When you make a room with a light wood, it is necessary that the lighting be more intense and bright. When choosing ceiling and wall lights, preference should be given to lamps that do not emit large amounts of heat, such as LED or halogen. In order for the wooden coating to last as long as possible, it is necessary to ensure good air circulation in the room. You can, for example, install an additional fan in the hood.

Natural texture, various patterns on cuts, the natural beauty of the material - a wooden ceiling can be a real decoration of the interior.

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