Why are water pipes in the apartment, in a private house buzzing

Often, residents of apartment buildings face the humming of water pipes. This acoustic noise is usually distributed throughout the riser. Where and why does it come from? Is there any way to fix it? From this article, you will learn why water pipes are buzzing in an apartment and a private house, as well as how to eliminate noise.

Causes of hum

Why are water pipes in the apartment, in a private house buzzing

The most common causes of jingle are:

  1. Poor repair. The hum in the apartment is often associated with a loose connection of pipes or poor-quality installation.
  2. Unnecessarily high water pressure. The noise increases after turning off the water in the tap. This acoustic effect can be associated with repair work on the track. In this case, only the management organization can resolve the problem.
  3. Reducing the internal diameter of the pipes. If in a private house for a long time did not carry out repairs of engineering communications, then such a phenomenon as noise is quite understandable. Over time, the pipelines are overgrown with rust and salt, as a result of which their diameter decreases. With all this, the water pressure remains the same, which provokes noise.
  4. Plumbing faults. Noise can be caused by malfunctions of taps and mixers. It can be a broken cock axle box and improperly installed or selected gaskets. In this situation, the noise will be heard in all apartments on the riser. To identify the problem, it is necessary to disconnect the opening taps in each apartment on the riser.

Consider each problem in more detail.

Poor repair

Why are water pipes in the apartment, in a private house buzzing

If you hear a buzz when you open the tap several times a day, it is very likely that someone in the neighborhood repaired in a recent plumbing time. It is even possible that plumbing repair specialists would replace pipes in the basement. Some kind of mistake was made in their work. For example, connections are made unreliable. In this case, leveling the unpleasant buzz is very simple. For this purpose, all installation errors are eliminated.

Another reason for the noise from the aqueduct is that the pipes are mounted close to each other. The thing is that when the water passes through the pipeline, a vibration is created, as a result of which the pipes buzz together. To eliminate noise, simply wrap each pipe in foam insulation.

High internal pressure

Why are water pipes in the apartment, in a private house buzzing

The pressure force is easily determined by the pressure of the water. If you quickly open the taps, then with an overpressure the pipes are buzzing. Excessively high pressure over time will lead to the rupture of pipe joints, and as a result, to the depressurization of the pipeline.

To reduce the loads on the pipeline and eliminate noise, install a valve at the junction with an air chamber that will take on the excess water pressure.

You can make this camera yourself. To do this, take an extra piece of pipe or a special factory silencer. Thus, the load on the pipeline will be significantly reduced and it will last much longer.

If you are unsure that you can do everything yourself, then seek qualified help. In addition, if the water pressure is excessive due to the admixture of air in it, then you will not be able to cope with the problem yourself.

Normal is the pressure of water with a pressure in the mixer - 2 atm. In this case, a dishwasher and a washing machine will work. The boundary limit can be considered the pressure value equal to 6 atm.

Reducing the internal diameter of the pipes

Why are water pipes in the apartment, in a private house buzzing

Due to the reduction in the diameter of the pipes, a reactive water flow is formed from inside, creating vibrations, which are responsible for the hum. How in this case to diagnose? To do this, you must inspect the mixer, after disconnecting it. If you see dirt on the walls, then this is a sign of the overgrowth of the entire system. Impurities in the water are gradually deposited on the end sections of the pipe systems. This means that you can still clean them.

Such blockages occur not only in the steel pipeline, but also in polypropylene, plastic. This is due to the fact that the diameter of the pipe and mixer hoses are different, and this, as a consequence, leads to the formation of plaque.

Such blockages can be eliminated by pneumatic or hydraulic flushing. As a less effective option, mechanical cleaning can also be used.

Flushing is the flow of a continuous, strong stream of water through the water supply system. Circulation and electric pumps are used for flushing. However, it is worth noting that this technique is ineffective when it comes to flushing large diameter pipes. In this case, flushing of individual sections of the pipeline. Water from them goes down, the pipe is disconnected, after which the specialist cleans the inner walls with a thick wire with a brush at the end.

If it is impossible to remove the blockage, disconnect the problem area from the common pipeline and replace it with a new one. Installation of a new pipe is performed using special sealing rubber.

Plumbing faults

Why are water pipes in the apartment, in a private house buzzing

Piping in the pipeline can be caused by faults in the water fittings. To eliminate the problem, turn off the water in the riser and carry out repairs. A malfunction in the mixer is also often the cause of a hum. This may be elementary - worn gasket on the crane of the old sample. The solution is not less banal - to replace the gasket and install the crane in place. If the repair was carried out correctly, then the noise you will no longer hear.

Malfunctions in the work of the axle box crane and the characteristic noise for them occurs only when the half-turn or valve crane of the old model fails.

In single-lever mixers and ball valves there are no gaskets that block the flow of water. And, therefore, they in their structure can not create a hum.

In this article, the most common causes of hum in the water supply system were considered. The information provided here should help you eliminate chatter in the pipes.

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