What water filter to put

It's no secret that the water that we need in everyday life leaves much to be desired. At water treatment plants, local selection of impurities and dirt with complete disinfection takes place. At the exit of them the product complies with all standards and norms. But having reached the consumer through outdated communications, water needs additional filtering.

A variety of filters

What water filter to put A variety of filters

Today, the buyer has a large choice this product. Among them are several main types. In order to properly navigate and select the appropriate option, determine for yourself which water filter to put:

  • the appliance installed under the sink;
  • tap fitting;
  • "jug "or desktop version.

Each of these types has its own characteristics, advantages and disadvantages. Everyone chooses his design, based on the needs and material condition.

In order not to get confused in the assortment of goods and have a clear idea, we will describe each model in detail.

Filter under the sink

What water filter to put The filter system under the sink

It is very convenient when Your filter is mounted under the sink. In this case, dimensional communications, which are unavoidable in this variant, are not striking. Installation is made directly to the water supply system. The required fittings are included in the delivery (rubber hoses, stopcock, fittings).

In this construction there is a device with a membrane device (purification from harmful microorganisms). And also simple execution with one degree of cleaning. You can install such a filter both in a city apartment and in an office space. A very affordable price does not scare the ordinary man in the street.

Crane nozzle

What water filter to put Water filter - nozzle

The second competitor is much cheaper than the above device. It is a small nozzle on the faucet. The body material is usually plastic or plastic (with a metal insert). The fixture is attached with attached brackets.

Such a cleaner can be found in many apartments. Due to its cheapness and ease of use, it enjoys great success with the population. The water from the tap goes purified from the smell of chlorine and rust. It is only time to change the cartridge inside the case. The service life of the replacement element is 3-4 months.

Desktop filter

What water filter to put Desktop water filter

Deserves your attention, desktop an instance. Its design has a parse valve and auxiliary filtering elements. The proposed view is set near the sink. Support can serve as an adjacent surface of the table top. The filter itself is connected to the outer hole of the crane, a hose with a reinforcing braid.

The result of water purification by such a device is very high.

With a capacity of 1.8-2 l / min (average), you get a completely clear liquid. Here there are several types of cleaning: eliminating odor, excess alkali and complete separation of sand. In this version there are models with a separate connection.


What water filter to put

The name speaks for itself. This is a separate small container, similar to a plastic electric kettle (or jug ​​with a handle). The body is divided into two parts, the upper (for filling) and the lower (for collecting purified water). The filter element, as in the second example, is a replaceable cartridge. Currently, you can choose any cassette (cartridge): for soft and hard water, enrichment with fluorine.

Based on the instructions, it is not difficult to make the right choice. The article was about the main and inexpensive devices. They are a good and necessary helper in human life.


In more detail about filtering elements you can see below:


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