Wooden cabinet do-it-yourself: manufacturing features

At all times, a person tried to create beauty and comfort in his apartment. For this he used a variety of methods. Previously, almost all the elements of furniture were made by hand. Now, with the development of technology, a variety of different cabinets, beds, sofas have begun to appear on the market, which are able to bring a zest to any interior. However, the hand-made thing will always be more expensive than the one bought at the store. This also applies to furniture.

Wooden cabinet do-it-yourself: manufacturing features

To install a wooden cabinet, you will need a screwdriver, screws, corners, and furniture plugs.

Making a wooden cabinet with your own hands is quite simple. It will become a real decoration of any hallway (and not only). At the same time its practicality will be on top. It will be possible to put several pairs of shoes into it and hang all the outerwear. About how to build a cabinet with their own hands, and will be discussed further.

Tools and materials

Of course, before you start to make the cabinet with your own hands, you should take care of the availability of all the tools and materials that are useful for work. In this case, you will need:

Wooden cabinet do-it-yourself: manufacturing features

Tools for making wooden furniture.

  • carpentry board;
  • veneer;
  • measuring tools;
  • mirror;
  • plywood;
  • saw;
  • mastic;
  • paint;
  • grinding machine;
  • wooden dowels;
  • metal corners.

Fastening the mirror: features

First you should do a mirror. It will be attached to the carpentry plate. It fits the mirror exactly in the middle. After that, you need to mark up its location. This is done with the help of the most ordinary pencil.

Wooden cabinet do-it-yourself: manufacturing features

The scheme of mounting the mirror to the cabinet door on double-sided furniture tape.

It is very important that the marking is clear, as otherwise the mirror can be set crooked. Mastic will be used to fasten it, so it should immediately be placed clearly in its rightful place. Just move the mirror then hardly succeed.

According to the length and width of the mirror, a picture baguette is marked. After that, all the above elements need to be interconnected. First, the mirror is fixed to the base. For this is used mastic. It is applied to the base with vertical stripes. At the same time it is necessary that she was thoroughly missed. To pre-mount the mirror, you can use regular tape.

It will make work safer. After the mastic is applied on the base, you can press a mirror to it. It is very important that it immediately fall into place. Only after that you can fix the baguette. This is done with white glue. Next baguette can be painted in any color that will be combined with the interior hallway.

Rules for assembling the cabinet

Wooden cabinet do-it-yourself: manufacturing features

The layout of the cabinet with dimensions.

First you need to decide on the size of the cabinet. Best of all, if it is prepared in advance of his drawing, or at least a sketch. Thus it is necessary to take into account the fact that the mirror is already ready for it. Next you need to decide on the material. Plywood is ideal. Its thickness must be at least 15 mm. Otherwise, the design will be non-rigid and unreliable. Wooden dowels are ideal for assembling the cabinet.

Of course, in any closet there must be shelves on which shoes will be put and clothes put. For mounting shelves need to provide special strips. At the same time they must be harmoniously located inside the cabinet. The distance from the bar to the bar can be the same, or it can be different. You can be set to some specific size and place all the elements at this distance from each other. It all depends on the desire and imagination of man.

Only after this can all elements of the cabinet be glued together into a single whole. This is done with white glue. In this case, all the wooden dowels must be as carefully as possible to coat them so that they are well grabbed with the surface. It is worth paying special attention to the butt elements of the structure.

Wooden cabinet do-it-yourself: manufacturing features

Door assembly scheme for the wardrobe.

Everyone saw a standard cupboard located in the hallway of any apartment. Here the design involves the installation of the rear wall. It is best to use plywood, but thinner than that used in the construction of the basic elements of the cabinet. Its thickness can vary from 3 to 6 mm. This will be quite enough to close the view from the back of the structure.

Now it's time to install the shelves. For them, the same plywood is used as in the creation of the cabinet. As noted earlier, the material is strong enough and tough, so the shelves without any problems withstand all the load that will act on them.

The dimensions of the shelves must strictly comply with the parameters of the geometry of the structure.

They should clearly go to their seats. In this case, the variant of the cabinet is considered to be suspended, therefore it is necessary to install steel corners on the back, which will take over the entire load. In this way, you can make an excellent closet for the hallway, which will store all the shoes and outerwear.

Important nuances of making the cabinet

Wooden cabinet do-it-yourself: manufacturing features

Cabinet assembly scheme.

To attach the mirror, you can use not only mastic, but also adhesive tape. It's about double sided tape. It is quite easy to stick to almost any surface. You should not sculpt it on the whole wall. A few lanes will suffice. They perfectly connect the two surfaces together.

For sawing plywood, it’s best to use a jigsaw instead of a regular saw. Fortunately, currently on the market of this tool abound. It is not too expensive, so everyone can afford to buy a jigsaw without any problems for personal use. Saw the plywood to be as neat as possible. The tool should not be strongly pressed, as the material is very sensitive to overloads. It is better to do everything without haste.

Not only wooden dowels, but also ordinary self-tapping screws can be used for fixing cabinet elements. In this case, the work will need an additional tool. This may be an ordinary screwdriver or screwdriver.

However, self-tapping screws may not look very nice when applied to a wooden structure. Their best would be to hide with the help of fake plastic lining. They are ideal for these purposes. They can be selected directly under the color of the cabinet, which will make the design more organic.

The wardrobe can be made not only from plywood, but also from other materials. A plastic locker will look good enough here. In this case, it all depends on the surrounding interior. Of course, the plastic construction will be less rigid, but it is easier to maintain. This advantage also forces many people to make a choice towards such panels.

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