What is better chainsaw or electric saw

Among woodworking tools, chainsaws are among the most common. This is determined by their performance, compactness, relatively low cost of consumable parts. Practically, only an endless toothed chain interacts with the tree, the resource of which is quite high, and only periodic sharpening is required from maintenance.

There are two types of chainsaws - gasoline and electric. The first ones set in motion the saw chain with the help of a 1.5–5 kW two-stroke gasoline engine of air cooling, the second with an electric motor with a power up to 2.5 kW. If we compare the consumption of fuel and electricity, then for gasoline and electric saws, the cash costs for cutting 1 m 3 of the material will be approximately the same.

But to determine what is better than a chainsaw or a power saw, it is necessary based on a set of characteristics, and not just the cost of fuel or electricity. The cost of the purchase, maintenance, ergonomics, maintainability and operating comfort are no less important factors influencing the choice.

What is better chainsaw or electric saw

Design features of electric and gasoline chainsaws

Device for chainsaws

The base unit of the chainsaws is a high-speed engine (12–14,000 rpm ), with a volume of 40 - 60 cm3. A feature of this engine is that gasoline A92 or AI95 mixed with special oil just before filling the tank. If you fill the chainsaw with pure gasoline - the engine will fail several seconds after starting.

With the engine interlocked:

  • centrifugal clutch;
  • driving sprocket;
  • tire;
  • oil chain lubrication pump;
  • brake.

The engine is started by a manual starter (cord). The handle of the chainsaw is equipped with an anti-vibration mechanism and a special inertia protection - if the saw chain is jammed, it can be thrown back strongly, there is a real possibility of injury to the sawyer. The protective arc, in contact with the operator's hand, instantly stops the engine and eliminates the possibility of damage caused by the rotating chain.

Chains for saws are used of several types, for their selection the most frequently used classification is by the step - the distance between the lower teeth that engage with the drive sprocket.

The chain thickness is in the range of 1.3 - 1.6 mm. Chains up to 1.45 mm thick are enough for household and semi-professional saws, chains 1.5–1.6 mm thick are needed for professional ones used for felling.

What is better chainsaw or electric saw

1 . Tire.
2 . Chain.
3 . Inertia brake circuit.
4 . Cylinder cover.

5 . Starter handle.
6 . Safety trigger.
7 . Gas trigger.
8 . Throttle lever.

9 . Rear handle.
10 . Oil tank cover.
11 . Front handle.
12 . Fuel cap.

The device of chain saws

The saw headset of electric saws is similar to a sawmill. But in a power saw, as a rule, there is no clutch, instead a soft start button is provided. In many cases, this is completely inadequate - the idle mode, when the engine is running, but the chain does not move, is more comfortable and safe.

The power of the motor electric saws are much inferior to gasoline - the maximum power does not exceed 2.5 kW. Attempts to create more powerful electric saws were not crowned with success - the engine mass and power consumption increase dramatically, which affects both the convenience of the tool and its cost.

The protective arc, in most cases, is on each power saw and works on the same principle as on the gasoline one. The oil pump is also present - often on electric saws, pumps of the same model are installed as on chainsaws. They provide chain and tire lubrication in all operating conditions. The intensity of the oil depends on the speed of the chain.

It should be noted that one of the main mistakes of electric saw users is hidden here. If in a chainsaw the oil is poured into the pump tank with each fueling, then during operation the chainsaws often forget about this. This leads to rapid wear of the saw headset and frequent replacement of chains and tires.

There is an erroneous opinion that on electric saws the chain and tire wear out faster due to low revolutions. If you pour oil in time, then the resource of the saw headset is the same in both cases. From the magnitude of the speed depends only on performance.

What is better chainsaw or electric saw

1 . Lever.
2 . Electric motor
3 . Cork oil tank.

4 . Inertia brake of the chain
5 . Tire.

6 . Chain.
7 . Tire mounting screw and chain tension.

The difference in power, performance, saw headset and price

Power and performance

As already mentioned, the power of electric saws rarely exceeds 2.5 kW, and chainsaw it can reach 5 - 6 kW. But even a 2.5 kW electric saw cannot match the performance of a gasoline of similar power. The fact is that a power saw with an average load can work continuously for up to 40 minutes, after which it must be turned off for 20 minutes for the motor to cool.

Chainsaws do not have such a problem, if you do not take into account cheap household tools. Semi-professional and industrial such stops do not require and can work 8 hours a day with little or no stopping. The time for refueling with fuel and oil is not counted - this operation takes several minutes. It is worth considering the fact that the oil is poured into electric saws, too.

Chainsaw chain turns are 25 - 30% higher than electric chainsaws. Accordingly, productivity increases as much. Considering the ability of the operator to move quickly with the chainsaw around the construction site or along the board or log, which is difficult for the electric saw to have a cable, the productivity increases even more. If you compare a chainsaw and a power saw of the same power, then the performance of a gasoline is somewhat higher.

Saw headset

Electric and petrol saws are equipped with the same saw headset, with chains of the same pitch and tooth profile. But the length of the tire, and, accordingly, the number of teeth on the chain, differ. Chainsaws are equipped with tires with a length of 35 cm to 1 m, depending on engine power. Electric saws are equipped with tires no more than 0.5 - 0.6 m.

But this parameter is not as important as it may seem. It is correct to compare only saws of the same power, and chainsaws with motors 2.4 - 3 kW rarely have a tire longer than 0.5 m. So, in this parameter, the tools are approximately equal. At logging, where saws with meter tires are required, electric saws do not work, so you should not compare them.

What is better chainsaw or electric saw


When choosing chainsaws and electric saws, price does not play a decisive role. Much more important operational properties. But if you take semi-professional saws, for example, a STIHL 180 chainsaw and a Makita UC4020A electric saw (1.5 and 1.8 kW of comparable power), then the price of a saw is almost 40% lower than a gasoline saw.

Complexity of maintenance and use

Preparation for work and maintenance

Electric saws are more convenient in preparation for work. It is enough to install the saw headset, add oil and plug in the socket. At the same time, most high-quality power saws are equipped with quick-clamping devices, which allow tightening the chain or replacing it in a few minutes.

What is better chainsaw or electric saw

Keyless chain tensioner.

A chainsaw is more difficult with this - semi-professional and professional saws are equipped with traditional clamps on nuts that cannot be disassembled without a key. A chain tightening is performed using a screwdriver or a special hex key. It takes a little longer, but the hold settings are guaranteed tight.

What is better chainsaw or electric saw

Conventional chain tensioner.

The preparation of the fuel mixture for a chainsaw takes several minutes - special tanks with graduations allow you to mix gasoline and oil in a given proportion in any quantity. As a rule, one tank charge lasts 40 to 50 minutes of work. Having prepared 2-3 liters of fuel in the morning, you will be provided with them for the whole working day. Harvest the mixture for the future, for several days should not be, with long-term storage of its properties deteriorate.

Comfort of use

The electric saw does not require a fuel mixture. To start sawing, it is enough to insert the plug into the socket and press the button.

However, if the chainsaws are perfectly balanced and it is very convenient to hold them in your hands, then it is more difficult with electric saws. In addition to the fact that cable interferes quite significantly, they are also produced in two types of motor arrangements - longitudinal and transverse.

Longitudinal saws differ in the location of the axis of rotation of the motor shaft along the direction of the tire. They differ in a small width, but rather long. Although they are perfectly balanced, the cable limits their mobility.

What is better chainsaw or electric saw

The crosscut saws are short, but the engine case jutting out to the left side breaks the balance and requires the operator to make certain efforts to keep the tire in the cutting line. The effort is small, but with prolonged work increases the level of fatigue. The inconvenience of the cable in such saws is felt less.

What is better chainsaw or electric saw


In terms of safety, chainsaws outrun electric ones due to the absence of an electrical cable, which you have to constantly pay attention to. In wet and rainy weather it is impossible to operate electric saws, as well as in damp rooms.

Regarding possible injury to the cutting part - the saws are absolutely identical, you can only be injured if you break the operating rules.

What is better chainsaw or electric saw

Lever for instantly stopping the circuit in the event of a back kick. They are equipped with both electric and gasoline chainsaws.

In the end, it is quite difficult to determine which is better than an electric or chainsaw. It all depends on the specific tasks and operating conditions. Judging by the prevalence and popularity of tools, both types of chainsaws have the right to life and do an excellent job with their tasks. It is only important to buy a quality tool, not cheap fakes.

The suitability of using chain electric and gasoline saws under various conditions

It can be determined which saw is better than electric or benzo, only on the basis of the tasks that it will have to perform. When using a chain saw at home, when you need to cut several logs or make blanks from boards, both options are about the same in terms of usability and performance.

What is better chainsaw or electric saw

But if you have to cut a tree in the garden or clear a hedge, then a chainsaw is much more convenient. It is mobile, lightweight and works in any weather. The radius of use of electric saws is limited by the length of the electric cable. In rainy weather or even with abundant dew, it is not safe to use.

What is better chainsaw or electric saw

When working inside premises, a palm should be given to a power saw if work is done within one or two rooms. The absence of exhaust gases is a significant advantage, as is the noise level. If the sound of an electric saw rarely exceeds 75 dB, then the benzipil even “idles” over 80, and up to 100 - 105 when working. On the street it is quite acceptable, but in a confined space it is very uncomfortable for both the sawyer and the people around him.

The vast majority of electric chainsaws are made for domestic use. Their main purpose is to work on a garden dacha with small amounts of work, as well as during construction and carpentry.

Chainsaws are intended for frequent and prolonged use. They are able to work for a long time in almost any conditions.

Final comparison of chain electric and gasoline saws

What is better chainsaw or electric saw What is better chainsaw or electric saw
Chainsaw Chainsaw
What is better chainsaw or electric saw
What is better chainsaw or electric saw
What is better chainsaw or electric saw
What is better chainsaw or electric saw
Engine power, kW (HP) 1.3 - 1.5 (1.7 - 6.8) -
Power consumption, kW - 1.6 - 2.2
Weight, kg 4.0 - 7.5 3.5 - 6.0
Tire length, cm 30 - 100 30 - 45
Chain brake What is better chainsaw or electric saw What is better chainsaw or electric saw
Design More complex Less complex
Preparation for p Work Difficult for beginners Less difficult
Work in the forest Perfectly fit Not suitable
Work on construction sites and warehouses Depends on conditions Perfectly fit
Work at the cottage Perfectly fit Perfectly fit
Work in small rooms Not suitable Perfectly fit
Service More complex Less complex
Durability Depends on tool quality and correct operation. Depends on the quality of the tool and proper operation.


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