How to fix a sewer pipe leak

Any pipes start to leak sooner or later, since this is directly related to their service life. At the same time, quite often a similar problem concerns sewer pipes, since they most often undergo rapid wear, moreover, a strong unpleasant odor spreads from such a nuisance throughout the living space, which sometimes simply prevents living in it. About that , how to eliminate a sewer pipe leak and what materials for this can be used, we will talk with you further.

First of all, let's start with the fact that you need to carefully examine the condition of your pipes and find the location of the leak, as well as understand its causes.

Main causes of leakage

How to fix a sewer pipe leak Installation of the repair clutch

In most cases, similar problems with pipes are the result of improper operation. A no less frequent cause of leakage is improper installation, where fluid begins to leak at the joints.

The useful life is also important. Agree, nothing lasts forever, and therefore the pipes eventually begin to undergo corrosion, from which small holes are formed, moisture starts to emerge from them.

Depending on the material from which your pipes are made, you will need to choose the right way to fix the problem.

Let's consider the main types of pipes and try to figure out how to eliminate the cause of the problem.

Metal sewer pipes

How to fix a sewer pipe leak Principle of installation of the clamp on a metal pipe

  • Before you get to work, you need to free their inner surface from the accumulated inside of the liquid, but first you must first mark the place of leakage with the help of ordinary chalk itself.
  • The next step is to clean the pipe. To do this, sandpaper to handle the entire surface, then be sure to degrease it.

How to fix a sewer pipe leak Composition for cold welding

  • Purchase cold welding from a store, through which make a small patch on the damaged area.
  • Next, put a rubber sealant on it, which must necessarily cover the entire diameter of the pipe.

How to fix a sewer pipe leak Clamp with rubber seal

  • You must wear a tight clamp on the seal which is tightened by specialized bolts that are included in their package.

How to fix a sewer pipe leak How to eliminate a pipe leak

If your crack has a small size, then you can get rid of the leak simply using welding and rubber for this, which should be fixed with an elastic braid. If your situation is serious enough, then it is best for you to use a specialized repair sleeve, on which a layer of thick rubber is mounted.

Plastic sewer pipes and their repair

How to fix a sewer pipe leak Plastic sewage

Many believe that PVC pipes are not subject to repair, as they are easier to replace, but it is not. Repairing them is not only possible but necessary. Next, you will learn how to eliminate a leak from a plastic pipe.

First of all, as well as in the first case, free sewer pipes from accumulated water. To do this as quickly as possible, use a specialized fitting, which is mounted in the pipeline. Next on the damaged area, you must apply a layer of high-quality glue, which is installed on the patch.

How to fix a sewer pipe leak Installing the patch on the plastic pipe

The patch must necessarily be cut out of the used you pipe, and therefore, after you have done the installation work, do not rush to get rid of the remnants of pipes, since it is for such cases, they may be useful to you.

If you use high-quality glue, then you will not need additional materials to connect the pipes. After solidification, which is necessary for about 1 minute, your leak will be completely eliminated, only it is not recommended to use the pipe immediately, it is best to allow the patch to fix within 3-5 hours after the repair.

What to do if the flow at the junction of the fitting and the pipe itself

How to fix a sewer pipe leak Leaks at the junction

The method described below for solving the leakage problem is suitable only if the water shows through as a result of poor sealing.

  1. Clean at the junction the traces left by the old winding
  2. Apply a layer of high-quality silicone or adhesive. If you do not have either one or the other, you can use ordinary paint. This process is necessary to create a fixing layer for the new winding.
  3. Wrap hemp or linen winding on a layer prepared in advance, you can also use a plastic film.
  4. Soak the whole new winding with the same material that you used to prepare the base. It can be paint or sealant, only you have to be sure that the material you are using is moisture resistant.

How to fix a sewer pipe leak Leakage of plastic pipe

As you can see, it is not that difficult to eliminate a leak from a sewer pipe, therefore, it is not necessary to turn to the masters for solving this problem.


As for the clamps, they can be professional, designed, for example, to repair external sewage pipes, as in this video:


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