What floor to choose: parquet or laminate

Parquet and laminate today are competitors in the market. Some consumers prefer a more economical coating of laminate, and some - natural and environmentally friendly parquet. To determine which is better - a package or laminate, it is necessary to consider all the advantages and disadvantages of both sexes.

Parquet: the king of the interior

What floor to choose: parquet or laminate Parquet in the interior

Parquet is expensive and exclusive coverage. This floor looks very solid. It can be the perfect decoration of almost any interior. However, before buying and installing parquet you need to know some of its features.

Parquet is environmentally friendly, but it can be harmful to health in the process of scraping. The procedure promotes the spread of dust with formaldehyde particles.

  1. What floor to choose: parquet or laminate Scraping parquet Parquet can easily damage both the high humidity and the dry atmosphere in the room. If the house is wet, the floor will simply "rise". At the same time, saving parquet will not work. If the air humidity in the apartment is low (as is often the case in winter), then the parquet will shrink.
  2. Parquet must not only be permanently protected, but also be scrubbed every few years. This is a procedure in which the thinnest top layer is removed from the boards. Parquet can withstand three or four such operations, no more. After all, the most valuable part of the floor is the top layer, made of natural wood.
  3. Natural high-quality parquet is cheap to buy will not work. It is better to buy an expensive laminate than cheap boards. Such a floor will be very expensive.
  4. You should not walk on shoes on the parquet surface. It is especially forbidden to use studs.
  5. Installation of parquet is a long and laborious procedure.

What floor to choose: parquet or laminate Performing a scraping

Everyone knows the advantages of the natural floor. This is its environmental friendliness, aesthetics of natural wood, warmth. Walking on the floor is nice.


What floor to choose: parquet or laminate Floorboards

The floorboard has all the advantages parquet flooring. At the same time, it has another additional advantage - it is easy to lay. The complexity of the installation of such material is reminiscent of laying laminate.

  1. The board does not require grinding or scraping.
  2. The floorboard does not need to be additionally protected with mastics and coatings, like ordinary parquet.
  3. It comes ready-made and ready for installation.

What floor to choose: parquet or laminate Laying parquet boards

The disadvantages of this material are also understandable.

  1. The plank cannot create the same depth as natural parquet.
  2. Create a complex patterned coating with it will not work.
  3. Parquet flooring, just like ordinary parquet, does not tolerate moisture and dryness, as well as various aggressive effects.

Laminate: advantages and disadvantages

What floor to choose: parquet or laminate Laminate in the interior

Laminate can serve from 5 to 25 years depending on quality and cost. This floor, which, as a rule, does not cause any problems.

  1. Laminate is not afraid of moisture and high humidity. Moreover, it can be washed from time to time.
  2. Some types of such floor are so stable that they can withstand very high loads. For example, in shops the laminate floor is regularly exposed not only to wet cleaning: there are constantly visitors in shoes. Laminate is not afraid of dirt and snow.
  3. It is very easy to lay such a floor. It is much easier than installing a linoleum coating.
  4. There are no traces of cigarettes or stains on the laminate.
  5. This floor is virtually silent due to substrates. If after installation the owner hears scratches and knocking, then the floor was installed incorrectly. This is the fault of the master, and not the coating itself.
  6. With the help of laminate you can create very interesting design solutions. The choice of the buyer board of various colors. In the shops you can find laminate with imitation of wood, marble, natural stone. You can also choose a laminate with patterns and patterns.
  7. When choosing materials, you can purchase laminate with different degrees of protection. For example, shops and offices buy coating with a maximum degree of wear resistance. For the house, you can choose more lightweight material.

What floor to choose: parquet or laminate Laying the laminate

In addition to its advantages, the laminate also has disadvantages. True, he has few minuses.

  1. The main disadvantage of this coating is that it is not natural. Despite the fact that wood dust is used in the production of laminate, it is still not wood. It is difficult to compare it with a parquet or a board.
  2. With the purchase of a very cheap coating there is a chance that boards with the same pattern will be included in the kit. After flooring laminate will be like linoleum.

Laminate is rather cold because it is an artificial material.

Problem of choice

What floor to choose: parquet or laminate Laminate floor

Which flooring to choose : parquet or laminate is a matter of taste and preferences of the apartment owners themselves. Someone thinks that laminate with a pattern for natural parquet can replace a real wooden floor. However, it is not.

Laminate flooring is an independent coating that today enjoys great popularity due to its unpretentiousness and durability. It is also bought for the fact that it allows to diversify the interior. The low cost of this material makes it one of the main competitors of the parquet.

What floor to choose: parquet or laminate Parquet

However, the parquet cannot have any rivals. Because it is a classic coating that has such virtues as aesthetics and solidity. Parquet is also a symbol of a certain

If there is an opportunity to install a package and constantly care for it, then this material will constantly please the apartment owner with its impeccable look and bright noble pattern. If the parquet is not yet available, then laminate is one of the best materials in the economy segment. It is so resistant to abrasion and various adverse factors that will please the owners with unpretentiousness. In addition, if the old laminate is worn, it is quite possible to lay it in the country. It can serve for many years.

Choose parquet or laminate? The answer to this question depends largely on how much the owner is willing to spend on floor repair. Also, much depends on the employment of the owner of the apartment. After all, the modern rhythm of life often just leaves no free time. Therefore, people use plastic windows, laminate-based floors and other practical materials.


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