Well under the water with their own hands

A device for an individual water well became popular among owners of private houses. Its presence provides a lot of advantages, the most important of which is the uninterrupted provision of quality water and its use for household and drinking purposes.

As a rule, the drilling process is trusted to qualified specialists. Performance of work requires accuracy, and an error during well installation can lead to structural failure or contamination of the source. But if you can rent equipment, and you have the necessary knowledge, you can make a well under the water with your own hands.

How to choose a site for a well

Well under the water with their own hands Search for a location of water

Of course, drill the mine is needed where there is a closely located water horizon. Therefore, geological research is indispensable. For technical needs will be suitable moisture from the water pipe. Drinking water is taken at a depth of at least 50 m. The quality of the liquid is determined by carrying out appropriate chemical and bacterial analyzes.

A few more conditions must be observed:

  • the water source must be located at a distance of at least 20 m from the septic tank and no closer than 4 m from the house’s structures;
  • the place must be available for vehicle access in case of repair work.

What materials are needed

Well under the water with their own hands Materials for wells

for drilling with your own hands, you will need a slightly modified garden drill with special lengthening knees. On the edges for better passage through the soil are welded additional cutters. This is a good place for files sharply edged around the edges.

In addition, you need:

  • asbestos-cement and plastic pipes as casing;
  • caissons to protect the mine from dirt and freezing in winter, in which additional units: filters, relays and others.

Methods for drilling water wells

Well under the water with their own hands Needle for a downhole

The most convenient for creating a source of water supply is a drill hole or an Abyssinian well. It refers to small-diameter wells, the depth of which does not exceed 20 m. Water is extracted from it using a pumping station or a hand pump. When constructing a well, needles do not need complicated equipment, only a special tip at the end of the pipe and a load to drive a pile into the ground.

Well under the water with their own hands Auger drilling method

Other options:

  1. Auger drilling . A simple and inexpensive way to work with small installations, based on the use of a screw (auger). The disadvantage of this method is the ability to perform only on soft and dry soils.
  2. Rotary method. It consists in using a drill pile with a special shaft with a tip - a chisel rotating inside. The crushed rock is removed from the mine by washing out with drilling fluid. This is the most common way to create a well.
  3. Shock Drilling. This option is very laborious and slow, but also of the highest quality. The wells made by this technology will serve more than 50 years. The aquifer is effectively opened by using a heavy shell to crush rocks. The only drawback is the high price of work.

Well under the water with their own hands Hydraulic Drilling

Well under the water with their own hands Shock Rope drilling

How to make a down hole

Well under the water with their own hands Equipment

First, the upper layer of the soil is auger. Drilling is carried out until the quicksand begins - a mixture of water, sand, earth, and clay.

A spear-shaped tip is lowered into the recess, onto which a pipe with a coupling is pre-screwed.

For the submersion of the structure into the ground, a "hammer head" is used - a special steel bar. Insert a pipe with a collar into the center of the load. Pile driving continues until they reach the water carrier. As the riser penetrates the soil, new sections are screwed to it.

It is checked to achieve the desired level of water. It is periodically poured into the pipe. If it starts to leave quickly, the aquifer is found. The pipe is lowered by another 0.5-1 m. When the water mirror rises a meter above the tip, a washing solution is fed inside under pressure. This will clean the filter from clay and sand.

Additional filtration is created by pouring marble chips or fine gravel into the well. It is necessary to prevent the silting process while using the source.

Outside around the main pipe, the ground should be compacted and concreted so that pollution from above does not fall into clean well water.

A vacuum pump is fixed at the end of the pipe, which will lift the liquid. The first dirty suspension must be pumped out until the clear water goes.

If the well is subsequently used intermittently, then after each shutdown its performance will have to be restored. To do this, flush the filter and remove the stagnant contaminated suspension.

The life of a well may vary. It depends on the intensity of its operation and on the accuracy of the arrangement. The determining factor in the price and quality of a water well is the selected drilling technology and depth of installation.

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After watching the video, you will learn how the well is being drilled under water.


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