How to choose a grout color - tips on choosing a grout color + color chart

Overhaul each does not more than 1 - 2 times during the entire stay in the apartment. That is why it is so important while making any changes, to think through every detail, to choose the appropriate building materials according to the texture and color. This is the main reason for the careful selection of tiles, decor, and grouting for both the bathroom and other rooms.

The choice of grout in modern construction markets is huge. Its color is presented in all different shades and types: from matte to glossy. So, how to choose a grout color for a tile laid in your premises?


How to choose a grout color - tips on choosing a grout color + color chart Methods of selection

The first, traditional way of selecting the color of the grout is as close as possible to the color of the tile, perhaps 1-2 tones darker. The choice depends not only on the background of the tile, but also on the pattern on the tile. The grout is chosen as close as possible to the background color or, if desired, to match the decor on the tile. This ensures the most harmonious perception of the room as a whole.

How to choose a grout color - tips on choosing a grout color + color chart Using contrast grout

The second, recently appeared method is the selection of the contrast color of the grout relation to the tile. There is a specially composed pair of colors that shade each other, contrasting creating a unique impression of the original design. For example:

  • Black - pearl;
  • Beige - cocoa;
  • Olive - graphite;
  • Gray - mahogany.

Such bold combinations of colors look unusual and at the same time spectacular. However, arbitrarily chosen colors based on ordinary contrast can look ridiculous and disharmonious.

Types of grout

How to choose a grout color - tips on choosing a grout color + color chart Types of grout

Not enough to choose a grout color that suits by color to tile. It is important to know the composition of the building material used. This affects the durability of the material used, its characteristics and the color gamut represented. Today the main types of grouting are:

  • Grout made on the basis of cement with the inclusion of various components.
  • Grout made using epoxy resins.
  • Grout in the form of silicone sealants.

Cement grouting is most common in the construction market. With a slight difference in composition, they can be used in various cases for tiles of different quality and color. However, such available cement grout does not tolerate water well and also does not have a large color gamut. They are most often represented in all shades of white and gray.

Epoxy grout is characterized by the fact that it contains a hardener. Thanks to him, the connective building material helps to preserve the color of the grout for a long time, ensuring it and durability of use. Epoxy grouting requires a great deal of application experience, therefore this type of connecting construction material is rarely used in the overhaul of ordinary apartments.

Silicone sealants are most often used during repairs. They are easy to use, while having a huge palette of colors that can fit almost any color tile with a different texture. In addition to the obvious properties, this type of grout is resistant to water; In its composition, it already has protection against mold and mildew, which inevitably appears in the damp atmosphere of the bathroom, toilet and kitchen.

Selection of the color of the paste grout

How to choose a grout color - tips on choosing a grout color + color chart Selection of the color

In order not to To make a wrong choice of grout, you need to follow a few simple rules:

  1. You need to choose a grout either with the tile, or if you have 1 unit of ceramic building material. If it is impossible to choose the only option, it is recommended to purchase 2 grout options. The final choice will be made after a preliminary test on an inconspicuous part of the laid tile.
  2. When selecting the right color, it is important to find a store where the color palette of the connecting building material is most widely represented. Ideal if the store will be placed samples of tiles with applied grout. This will allow you to see the actual color of the joint material when it is applied.
  3. The choice of grout, in case the tile has a pattern, can vary from the background color to the color of the pattern. The color can match any pattern applied to the tile.
  4. When choosing a grout, focus on the area of ​​the room. The larger the bathroom, the darker the color can be. On the contrary, in a small room it is extremely important to use light tones of grout.

If there is no desired color

How to choose a grout color - tips on choosing a grout color + color chart Selecting the desired color

Often There are situations when the desired color grout is not commercially available. In this case, you can independently get the desired shade. To do this, purchased grout white and more saturated colors than the tile.Two colors are mixed to obtain the desired shade. In order to make sure that the resulting grout is applied to the most inconspicuous area of ​​tile joints, and wait for it to dry completely.

You can use a special color scheme. Gradually adding paint to the white grout, you can achieve the desired result. The more concentrated, the stronger and brighter the tone of the composition.

Color table

We recommend using the color table to choose the right Ceresit trowel for your tile or ceramic tile.

How to choose a grout color - tips on choosing a grout color + color chart


We recommend watching a video about the selection and use of trowel paste.


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