Wash basin for giving the hands

In this article we will tell you how to make a wash basin for giving your own hands, consider various options, and also show photos and videos of instructions for creating a street wash basin.

The washbasin should be:

  • simple;
  • multifunctional (so that you can not only wash your hands);
  • comfortable.

If your dacha does not have a washstand then please read this article carefully. In fact, the methods of manufacturing a homemade washstand is more than enough.

From a plastic bottle

Wash basin for giving the hands A washbasin from a plastic bottle

The easiest, budget option. This can be a 1.5-liter bottle or a 5-liter eggplant. First you need to cut the bottom. Then, using a clamp or aluminum wire, fasten on some vertical plane. The role of the dispenser in this case will be played by the cap itself. We collect some water into the container, and it will flow in a thin stream when we slightly open the lid. It turned out the easiest - and nowhere is easier - mounted washbasin. That's all the wisdom of this washstand.

With tap

Wash basin for giving the hands Wash basin with tap

This stationary construction is more complex therefore, for its manufacture you will need to have at least basic knowledge of plumbing. It will be good if in your household there happens to be a small 6-liter plastic (made of soft plastic) can with a wide neck or any other suitable container. This time it is necessary to spend money on the purchase of accessories for the future washstand. Required:

  • sgon;
  • water tap;
  • two rubber gaskets;
  • two nuts;
  • two washers.

Work will not require professional skills. It's simple: a hole is drilled in the bottom of the can under the sgon diameter (the lower the better). We insert the thread into the hole by the side where there are more threads, we put the washers on both sides, and then the gaskets and clamp them with nuts on both sides too. After that, we wind the tap, pre-wound a linen underwrap, which is smeared with a special impregnation, in a clockwise direction and everything is ready, the wash basin is ready.

It will only be necessary to select for it a suitable cabinet or a rack pre-fastened from four wooden bars. Fixing the can on such a structure, pour water. And now you have a more civilized version for a larger volume of liquid in the dacha washstand and, moreover, with a faucet for water supply.

Wash basin for giving the hands Metal washbasin

In this simple version of the washstand, you can do without the boom. For example, take a 10-liter galvanized bucket. We will need:

  • two rubber gaskets;
  • a nut;
  • a brass water tap valve;
  • a drill nozzle.

Wash basin for giving the hands Hoisting crane

The work is simple: we drill a diameter at the bottom of the bucket using the nozzle under the brass faucet. We put a gasket on it and insert it into the finished hole. On the other hand, we also insert the gasket and clamp it with a nut. The top of the sink is ready.

It would be useful to say that the street sink should be equipped with a drain. This may be a conventional tank, where the used water is collected or the finished sink, with a corrugated tube inserted in the drain (from three meters). With the help of such a tube, water can simply be drained into the garden and absorbed into the ground. Some people do not equip drains at all, and water flows directly to the ground. And so that under the feet did not form dirty slurry, (two buckets are enough). As they say, cheap and cheerful.

For a room

Wash basin for giving the hands Washbasins for a room

If we are talking about homemade washstands on the street, it is definitely worth mentioning about the washbasins in the room. The internal washstand is much more complex in design than its street counterparts. It is clear that here you need to take care not only of its functionality, but also of beauty. In other words, it should harmoniously fit into the general surroundings of the dacha simple life. Most likely, this will be the most common type of internal washbasins - "moidodyr". How to make this washstand of wood? We will need boards of 25 * 150 mm.

In vertical blanks, it is necessary to pre-cut recesses (depth 20 mm, width 8 mm). This can be done using a manual router. In horizontal blanks with a conventional hacksaw, thorns are cut out accordingly.

The hacksaw should be sufficiently sharp and with fine teeth. Cloth length: 25-30 cm.

The size of the future washbasin is largely determined by the dimensions of the water tank, which we plan to use for it. It is also important for us to know for sure and the size of the shell, which we will mount on the cabinet. After everything is cut to size and the technological grooves are cut along with the spikes, the wash basin is assembled like a designer.However, it will be better to fasten the junction points with wood screws.

The upper (or lateral) part of the structure has a niche where we should insert the finished water tank.

A 20-liter galvanized tank (width: 490 mm, height: 360 mm, thickness: 140 mm)

Wash basin for giving the hands is better suited for such a washbasin. Assembly of the moydodyr

The bottom of the washstand cabinet is reinforced with laths (20 * 45 mm) at the same distance from each other. The back wall of the upper part of the "moidodyr" is covered with plywood - from 3 mm and fastened with screws. Of course, it is better for such a thing to use moisture-proof plywood in case the water tank leaks, but if there is none, it is not scary.

As for the cabinet door, everything is simple: we glue a square of 3 mm plywood with the aid of PVA glue to the frame of four interconnected small wooden planks on its back side. It remains to embed the lock with a curly handle. All wooden frame "moidodyra" assembled. Now the final touch is polishing, painting the product, and then installing the sink. It will turn out very nice.

Wash basin for giving the hands Homemade washstand in the house

There are a lot of washbasin options and they are all good in themselves. The question is what kind of design you prefer. Much, of course, depends on the functions that you assign to it. Anyway, washstand / washbasin - it is convenient in all respects. And if it is in the country, so much the more. Therefore, we hope that this article was useful for you.


This video is about creating an exclusive washbasin for the garden:

See how you can make a homemade washstand from a five-liter plastic bottle:


Wash basin for giving the hands Decorative device

Wash basin for giving the hands Plastic wash-stand

Wash basin for giving the hands Plastic wash-stand

Wash basin for giving the hands Outdoor wash-basin

Wash basin for giving the hands Wash basin from an old sewing machine

Wash basin for giving the hands The simplest device

Wash basin for giving the hands Heated washstand

Wash basin for giving the hands Simple portable design

Wash basin for giving the hands A tap

Wash basin for giving the hands is inserted in the tank. So you can make a hole without a crown

Wash basin for giving the hands The factory washstand can be fixed anywhere


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