The transfer of the gas pipe in the apartment

Carrying a gas pipe in an apartment is a responsible job that requires certain skills and knowledge, independent performance is not recommended. The invitation to perform professional professionals will cost you dearly, but the safety of your family is worth it.

Description of the re-installation of the gas pipe in the room

The transfer of the gas pipe in the apartment Shut off the cock

Modern apartment is impossible imagine without the presence of all the benefits of civilization. One of them is gas. Carry it into the house and connected to home appliances using gas pipes. They bring blue fuel into the building from the main thoroughfare.

The reasons for the replacement may be different: redevelopment of the room, technical malfunction, inconvenient installation, preventing the installation of new kitchen furniture. A professional master will do the job of transferring the gas pipe quickly, reliably and efficiently.

  1. Before starting, the feed valve closes.
  2. The gas pipeline is blown to remove any remaining gas from the pipe. Unnecessary part is cut off, the resulting hole is carefully brewed.
  3. A hole is drilled in the selected place with an electric drill and a segment of the desired size and diameter is welded to it.
  4. A crane is mounted, a special tape or plain paint is used for sealing.
  5. Fits to a stove or other household appliances, if they are available. This is done using threaded connections. The gas pipeline to the wall is rigidly fixed.
  6. Before fueling, check the welded connection, gas valve, pipe for leaks. This is done using a soap solution. Prepare it with water and soap, then brush over all connections with a brush. If after its application, soap bubbles are formed, this indicates a poorly made compound. It needs to be redone.

The transfer of the gas pipe in the apartment Gas hose

The flexible bellows hose is used to connect gas appliances, its length must not exceed 2 meters. Before calling specialists to replace the pipe, make sure that the hose is not long enough to connect a household appliance.

For working with gas, a specialist must have a special permit, which is confirmed annually.


The transfer of the gas pipe in the apartment Documentation of the transfer

  • In the gas service organization at the place of residence apply for the transfer of the gas pipe. A technician should come to you, who will inspect the location of the upcoming changes, determine whether this is possible in your particular case, make the necessary calculations and make an estimate.
  • After payment of the order at the order of making changes, you will be assigned a day of performance. When contacting the gas organization, check with her that there are certificates for performing such operations.
  • On the appointed day, upon the arrival of specialists, check with them the availability of qualification documents and the date of the last re-certification, if available, allow them to proceed with the work.
  • After the pipe has been moved and installed into place, a statement must be drawn up and a note made on all changes to the gas passport.

Rules for the location of the gas system

The transfer of the gas pipe in the apartment Rules for the location of gas pipes

The gas pipeline must be located so that its inspection, installation and repair is not hampered by the plumbing, sewage pipes, heating system or other structures located in the same room. It is strictly forbidden to install through the ventilation grilles, doorways and windows openings.

Carefully observe all dimensions that are permissible between the gas pipeline and communication lines, power supply.

The gas pipeline into the building is made at a height of 220 cm from the floor line to the contact with the pipe, and if it is covered with a heat-insulating layer, before contact with it.

Brackets, hangers, hooks, clamps are used for fastening. Gas pipes used to transport liquefied gas are mounted at an angle of 3 ° from the system. If you have a metering meter in your room, then the bias should come from it.

The transfer of the gas pipe in the apartment Gas meter

Pipes that supply gas to a room must be painted. To do this, use water-resistant solutions.

It should be well remembered that when performing any work related to gas mains, there is a small percentage of the risk of an accident. Therefore, if the proposed changes are associated with improving the design of the room or improving its ergonomics, then think carefully about whether to make it.

If you have thought out everything well and the transfer is unavoidable, then take precautionary measures, remove all members of your family from the building during the installation work.



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