Installation of a ladder for giving the hands (photo)

The staircase is the most important functional element of the house. This is especially important at the dacha, where in any case you simply cannot do without a ladder. The process of selecting and installing the stairs with your own hands must be taken very seriously, since then it will be very difficult and costly to tinker with the result in material terms.

Installation of a ladder for giving the hands (photo)

In an empty space formed under the steps you can equip a dressing room or simply push some furniture there.

Before you begin to think about how to build a staircase in the country, you need to at least know a little about what kind of stairs there are and what their main features are. As a rule, it is customary to distinguish between 3 main types: marching, screw and on bolets. Already starting from them, designers more and more often come up with more sophisticated and complex varieties. In addition, any cottage can be equipped with the most comfortable installation.

Features of marching structures

So, for a start, we will consider the features of marching ladders. They are considered the most practical and convenient to move. Therefore, if you have people with disabilities in your family, then it is best to install such a structure. At the same time the width, height and length of the steps can be adjusted independently.

A very big plus is the possibility of arranging some small storerooms in the plane of the march. Usually they are arranged under the steps, as the place there still remains empty and empty of nothing. And some even prefer to make a place for wardrobe under the marches!

Installation of a ladder for giving the hands (photo)

Scheme of the wooden stairs.

But such a staircase to give requires a sufficiently large space. Therefore, it is not recommended to mount it in a very small room. Since most often these stairs are made of wood, you need a sufficiently high-quality material, which is very expensive.

Installation begins with bows and bowstrings. They are screwed to the floor with anchors. In this case, the structure will be especially durable if it is supported by one side on the wall. Then you can begin to mount steps and rails.

In fact, the process of installation of marching installations is very complex, since it requires a very accurate calculation of the number of stages and their specific dimensions. Moreover, the calculation of the ladder is done at the design stage, and only then it is possible to purchase materials and begin work.

Spiral Stairs

Spiral designs, or, as they are also called, spiral, are usually made of a metal frame. This staircase has two main functional details: the steps and the carrier rack. The stand is usually made of metal, and the steps are made of metal that is combined with wood, rubber, carpet, or other material lying on the front side.

Installation of a ladder for giving the hands (photo)

Diagram of a revolving wooden staircase with dimensions.

As a rule, this type of ladder is very convenient from the point of view of saving space, and it’s quite simple to build a ladder in the country house with your own hands. This design will take very little space, since the main space will be limited to only steps. And if the ladder is still attached to the wall on one side, this is already an ideal option. So it will be much safer to keep, and it will take even less space. But only the wall must choose the carrier.

The very process of installation of this type of installation begins with a rack device, which is attached with anchors to the floor. They are then screwed to the front of the stage, are regulated and fixed. And after that, the rack is fixed on top, on the next floor. It is also advisable to attach the railing to move as safely as possible.

Perhaps, such a ladder is the easiest to install, since even one person can install it. At the same time, no very serious calculations are required at all, on which reliability will depend. A ladder of such a plan, due to a wide range of decorative types of designs, will suit any interior. But one should also take into account the fact that it is extremely inconvenient to move some pieces of furniture and heavy loads through it.

The design of the staircase on the bridge

The staircase on the bridge is not so popular yet, but every day it becomes more and more interesting. Abroad, such installations are very popular in small houses, where there is no point in putting bulky heavy furniture. And although they seem at first very fragile and not reliable enough, this is far from the case.

Installation of a ladder for giving the hands (photo)

Scheme of a wooden staircase on the bridge.

Ladders on the bolets, which is not difficult to guess from the name, are attached just to the bolts - special steel elements that hold the steps on one side and the other securely screwed to the wall, ceiling or stand. This principle is very similar to spiral staircases. However, the designs on bolets are even more compact and have more subtle details.

The design for giving with your own hands on bolets can also be used absolutely in all interiors. The variety of forms and decorative designs is even wider than that of spiral staircases. In addition, it is very good to make such stairs to order - so you can fully express your imagination in its design. In particular, in the design of railings, which are perhaps the most beautiful element.

The basic rules for mounting the stairs with your own hands

So, the main types of stairs for the dacha that you can install with your own hands are considered. It is also important to take into account some nuances that in any case will be useful to you, whatever design you choose. Reliability and safety of the structure will first of all depend on compliance with these simple rules:

Installation of a ladder for giving the hands (photo)

The installation scheme of the wooden staircase.

  1. It is necessary to install the ladder only on the finished floor. At the same time it is very important that the floor at the installation site is flat, does not have any humps and hollows. Ideally, under the stairs on the floor is an additional coating of concrete or metal, which will provide the perfect installation.
  2. The most important point of the installation is the presence of the risers. Ideally, they should be mandatory for any staircase. But if you carry out installation in the conditions of austerity of resources, then their presence is mandatory only if people or domestic animals move under the stairs. The calculation of the stairs for the dacha in the presence of the risers in this case is somewhat more complicated.
  3. Oddly enough, but another equally important point is the railing. Safety of movement depends on how comfortable they are, which is especially true for older people. Therefore, it is better to prefer smooth in the places of holding the railing, the width of which is not more and not less than the circumference of the palm.

Now, after the ladders have reviewed and considered the 3 basic rules for installation, you can safely choose what suits you best and get to work.

Just remember: the installation of any staircase, especially a flight one, must begin with calculations. And no matter how complex they are.

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