The floor on the balcony do it yourself

When the need arises to repair the floor on the balcony, it is important to know that there are quite a few ways to do this work.

One of the simplest is the call to the house of masters, who will carry out the necessary repairs in the shortest (or not) time. However, this will entail additional costs comparable to the price of the material that is required for this. Therefore, if you want to save money and practice your skills, you can make a floor on the balcony with your own hands. This process is relatively simple from a technological point of view and requires only minimal skills in handling the tool and the tools themselves. About what options for performing the task exist, and will be discussed further.

Task description and action plan

The floor on the balcony do it yourself A major overhaul is needed

First of all, you need to assess the scale of the situation, and based on these considerations, choose a strategy and tactics for further action. In other words, if the floor on the balcony collapsed completely, then the actions will be alone, and if there is a facelift, then others. In any case, you need to be prepared for the fact that you have to work carefully and slowly.

In addition, you need to prepare a set of tools that will be required in any case - a hammer, a screwdriver, a measuring tape, a construction level, and others, depending on the type of work.

In order to make a decision on how to make a balcony floor, it is very useful to familiarize yourself with the options for solving this problem.

Cement screed

The floor on the balcony do it yourself Cement screed

One of the simplest At the same time, the effective options for manufacturing the floor on the balcony is the cement screed. The work can be divided into several stages:

  • First you need to completely empty the room and dismantle the old coating, if it takes place. Most often, if we are talking about such work, you will have to deal with the same cement screed, but made a few decades ago. Armed with a perforator, you need to maximize the base, freeing it from the upper layer of the screed.
  • Then beacons are installed on the base. As these, segments of metal rails of the required length are quite suitable. First you need to determine the height of the future floor, make a markup and prepare a certain amount of sand-cement mixture, which must be spread out along the surface of the balcony with knolls. The bottom line is that these mounds will serve as the basis for the lighthouses, exposed by the already existing marks at the desired height.
  • After installing the beacons, the space between them is filled with a solution (cement and sand are mixed in a 1/3 ratio and diluted with water to the consistency of sour cream) and the mixture is leveled using the rule.
  • When the mixture grabs and acquires sufficient strength to walk on it, the beacons are removed, and the place where they were located is filled with a solution and leveled.

As a result, an even and solid base under any coating is obtained; it can be left as it is.

Bulk floor

The floor on the balcony do it yourself

If the floor needs to be made more beautiful, then the technology of a self-leveling floor will come to the rescue. The filling floor is easy to use and has good performance characteristics. The mixture is diluted with water, stirred and poured onto the base. Uniform distribution of the mixture is carried out using a special needle roller.

Wooden floor

The floor on the balcony do it yourself

Another option for solving this problem is a wooden floor. Its installation is also quite simple.

  1. First, the base is leveled. It is not necessary to achieve perfect equality, but it’s worth getting closer to.
  2. Then the boards (not less than 5 cm thick) are sawn to the required length and laid on the base, leveled in level and attracted by anchors.
  3. Plywood sheets are laid on top of the boards and fastened to the boards with self-tapping screws.
  4. It is important to note that materials from wood must be treated with special antiseptic compounds in order to avoid mold.

The floor on the balcony do it yourself Wooden flooring scheme on the balcony

Finally, you can add that we put the floor on balcony with proper diligence and desire under the force of almost everyone. The room is rarely large areas, and therefore the work can be perceived as a workout and skill skills.

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Under any coverage, good preparation is needed:


The floor on the balcony do it yourself Tiling

The floor on the balcony do it yourself Decking

The floor on the balcony do it yourself Ceramic tile

The floor on the balcony do it yourself Flooring from wood

The floor on the balcony do it yourself Laminate

The floor on the balcony do it yourself Porcelain

The floor on the balcony do it yourself Linoleum

The floor on the balcony do it yourself Decking

The floor on the balcony do it yourself Enclosed wooden floor


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