the choice of wood and the sequence of works, instructions (video)

Traditionally, baths are constructed of wood, since it is this material that best of all keeps heat, warms quickly, has a pleasant structure, aroma, and many healing properties. A log house made of natural wood logs can be built by hand, but there are a number of features that should not be forgotten during work. It concerns the preparation of the material, because the tree dries out over time, shrinks, cracks appear between the crowns. Even during construction, all the joints between the logs must be carefully treated with special insulation.

the choice of wood and the sequence of works, instructions (video)

If the wood for the construction of the log house is harvested independently, then its surface should be cleaned of bark and knots.

Of the peculiarities, it should be noted that after the erection the bath should stand for some time. Only after a complete shrinkage begins installation of window and door frames, as they can twist, and the bath itself will give uneven shrinkage. The roof is also erected after shrinkage, before the frame is covered with plastic wrap for protection from the weather.

Choosing wood for logs

To build a log house with your own hands, you must properly prepare the wood. You can not take the first available logs just because their cost is low. For a bath even the combination of various breeds is allowed. Among the recommended can be noted:

the choice of wood and the sequence of works, instructions (video)

Drawing of a wooden bath.

  1. Larch is a tree that is resistant to moisture, it has a high level of hardness, but also high cost. For example, most of the houses on wooden stilts, which are constantly in the water, are built from larch. In Venice, houses that are about 200 years old were built on such stilts. Experts advise to make lower rims of larch to ensure reliability and hydroprotection for the entire structure.
  2. Pine is used for construction most often. It is easy to handle, dries quickly. It has a very beautiful color and texture, it has a pleasant smell. The cost of this wood is low, baths are usually built from it. Of the advantages it should be noted that such wood is durable, it can withstand loads perfectly, is one of the best building materials.
  3. Aspen has a high level of moisture resistance, for the bath this material is one of the best. The thermal conductivity of the material is low, the building is excellent at keeping heat, it warms up quickly and easily during the heating of the stove. Of the advantages of aspen, it should be noted that over time it becomes more solid and durable, the structure also gains strength. This is an important condition for any building, not just for a bath.

the choice of wood and the sequence of works, instructions (video)

Foundation layout.

It is best to buy wood for the construction of the log house in the spring months, as it is possible to dry the material during this time, and by the summer to begin construction . Drying should be given special attention, as it has a strong influence on the quality of construction. If you take wood with a natural moisture level, then in the process of drying the surface of the logs will be covered with cracks. Therefore, many people prefer to buy material that has already passed drying. In this case, there is no need to spend months waiting for the drying and shrinkage of the structure. It is impossible to purchase logs that have been artificially dried, as they differ in their properties, are no longer suitable for log houses. This must be taken into account when ordering a building material. Otherwise, a log house can cause unpleasant surprises, such as cracks, brittleness, strong distortions and much more. Only atmospheric proper drying, even if it is necessary to carry it out on its own, is applicable to a log house.

The process of assembling a log house Fellings may be different, before starting work, you must select the type of fasteners. There are options "in the bowl," "in the paw." The differences are significant, some types of cuttings are complex.

Work order:

the choice of wood and the sequence of works, instructions (video)

Scheme of fastening the beam to the foundation of the bath.

  1. It is necessary to start the construction of a bath from the foundation, you can use different options, but it is best to use a support-column or ribbon. During the construction of the foundation, it is necessary to foresee what the floor of the bath house will be, how the water will be drained from the steam room. Usually, a special drainage system is immediately constructed, which diverts water from the foundation.
  2. After the base under the bath is ready, it is necessary to waterproof it with roofing material and lay it in several layers. This stage is mandatory, as the logs must be protected.
  3. The first stacked crown is called a salary, it is mounted directly on the foundation with a waterproofing layer. Usually this log is made wider than the others.If during work voids have formed at the foundation, then a rubble stone with ordinary mortar is used for the laying. Next, work is performed on the laying of the remaining crowns, for this purpose, the "butt-head" method is used. This allows you to accurately observe the horizontal installation of walls, and externally turns a beautiful facade wall.
  4. During laying it is necessary to remember that the bath should have windows and doors, it will be harder to cut through them
  5. Different materials are used for the log of logs. This is done in order to avoid drafts, prevent heat loss, make the structure more comfortable and better retain heat during heating. Previously, moss was used for a caulking iron, but today a large number of various tape materials are being produced, which are literally hammered between the crowns with a narrow spatula. Carried caulking iron several times: the first - immediately after construction, the second - after the shrinkage of the structure. This simple method allows to condense the building, eliminate heat loss.

the choice of wood and the sequence of works, instructions (video)

Sealing scheme for cracks and crevices.

During laying all the logs between themselves can be fastened with special dowels, this is taken into account even when planning. We should not forget that every 3-4 rows of crowns should be coated with antiseptic and waterproofing mastic, they will protect the wood from the negative effect of moisture during use of the bath.

To install the door, 2 crowns are used, they are placed under the bottom, and 5 crowns are installed at the top. All of them must be solid. When the log house is ready, its shrinkage has occurred, it is necessary to proceed with the installation of the frame for the roof of the building. For this, the roof system is mounted, the lathing, after which the selected type of roofing material is fixed. In this capacity, ordinary tile, slate, metal tile or bituminous soft coatings can be used.

Finishing work

A bathhouse from a log house is outwardly particularly attractive, the tree itself no longer needs finishing. Only internal walls and floors can be decorated, but shrinkage is also important, since the structure in the process of drying wood gradually compacted and sags a little. Therefore, windows and doors are installed only upon completion of this process. A similar rule applies to finishing work, which begins after the completion of shrinkage. Usually, a wooden bath outside can’t do anything; its appearance is attractive in itself.

Inside, you can use natural wooden wall paneling, which fits perfectly with the overall style of the building.

The use of tile is allowed for the washing compartment, but otherwise no decorative materials are used. The roof of a bath can be covered with a metal tile. Paint the walls is not recommended, you can use only those paints that are designed for saunas and baths, although this option is not the best.

A bath is a structure that is best constructed from natural wood. The best recognized constructions of natural logs, which have healing properties. When heated, wood begins to emit not only a pleasant and delicate aroma, but also numerous substances that are healing.

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