some simple rules, schemes (photo and video)

Lining today is one of the most popular finishing materials. It is made from either natural wood or plastic. The first type of lining is more expensive and in demand, it is made from various wood species, the specificity of which is interconnected with the cost of the material. To clap a room with clapboard is quite simple.

some simple rules, schemes (photo and video)

When choosing a wall panel for finishing a room, you must ensure that there are no cracks, knots or curvatures on it.

A few simple rules

Finishing a room with clapboard will not cause serious difficulties for the novice master if he tries to adhere to the rules. Plastic lining is purchased and installed immediately, and with wooden can cause problems.

some simple rules, schemes (photo and video)

Winging installation diagram.

Only dried material is used for exterior and interior decoration. It is this that must be purchased for the forthcoming works. If, out of ignorance (or due to the fact that the seller did not provide full information about the product) purchased a raw lining, you will have to be patient and dry it.

How long will the wood dry? About 2-3 months. Crude lining costs, as a rule, cheaper than dried ones, because many owners of houses and apartments prefer the following way to save money: they buy raw wood in late spring and early summer, until September-August it is heard naturally without using special equipment, and then when the material is ready, finish reading.

New economical, eco-friendly, aesthetic decoration of the room

Experts usually recommend to choose the lining, which is made of pine. Wood panels are made from various tree species, but pine is, by its aesthetic qualities and technological characteristics, most suitable for those who take the first steps in construction and repair work.

some simple rules, schemes (photo and video)

Laying pattern for wall lining.

Special attention is paid to the materials of which the walls are made. Their specificity determines the selection of fasteners for plastic and wooden lining.

The bearing qualities of the walls are an important question. If the building is old, it is better to use plastic lining to finish the room - it is much lighter than the one made of wood.

Kleimers for fixing lining to the base are selected taking into account 2 factors: the technical and operational specifics of the walls and the material from which the lining is made. Small studs or staples is enough for fastening the slats. It will be necessary to pick up and the tool for the implementation of this operation. A small stapler or hammer is perfect for solving the problem.

To warm or not to warm?

It is considered to be: in order to upholster a room with clapboard, it is necessary to warm the walls. Is it so? Some experts in the construction and finishing works give a positive answer, others deny. Property owners, who have already encountered the problem of how to properly upholster a room with clapboard, are sure: the insulation of the room must be fulfilled, since it will significantly increase the level of comfort in it.

some simple rules, schemes (photo and video)

Clapboard mounting scheme.

Another important question is whether or not to install a support frame. If the house is wooden, the slats are directly attached to its surface, in this case, preparatory work is not needed. If the walls are stone, the crate will have to be installed. In the installation of the frame has its own tricks and secrets. The size of the bearing element depends on the width of the insulation, if it is used in the upholstery of a wooden or plastic strip.

If you have to mount the supporting structure to the supporting wall of wood, then in this case it is enough to use ordinary screws. For concrete or brick walls only dowels are suitable.

Racks for future construction must be positioned correctly - they must be perpendicular to the plastic or wooden lining bars. Vertical and horizontal mounting is possible, but for beginners in finishing work it is better to limit one type of installation of the slats.

For the upholstery of a room, clapboard will also require a building level - with its use, it is easier to align the elements of the supporting frame so that they are on the same plane.

some simple rules, schemes (photo and video)

Winging scheme.

The main common mistake of many newcomers to the construction and finishing works is the desire to reduce costs for the purchase of uneven bars on the batten. Miser pays twice. The best way is to use a more expensive solid timber, which will increase the service life of the supporting frame and the finishing coating attached to it.

As soon as the area of ​​the room is measured, the required number of boards is cut for it.There is another nuance here: even the most experienced craftsmen acquire building and finishing materials with a small margin, because during work, the slats and components for them may suffer or the amount of material required will be somewhat more than originally planned.

How to fix correctly?

The choice of mounting of the wall panel is decided, as a rule, depending on the aesthetic preferences of the owner of the property.

For this work, in addition to lining, the following tools and materials are required:

some simple rules, schemes (photo and video)

Wall cladding with wooden clapboard.

  • punch;
  • jigsaw;
  • tapping screws;
  • screwdriver;
  • hammer;
  • level;
  • triangle;
  • vapor barrier;
  • internal corners (for the ceiling, door and window openings);
  • external corners (for processing slopes );
  • facing plate;
  • special hangers;
  • self-tapping screws and dowels;
  • mineral wool;
  • stapler and staples.

Kleimer fastening is considered to be the simplest and most optimal; when used, plastic or wooden paneling will not be subjected to mechanical damage. With the help of a stapler you can perform hidden fixation.

You can try to apply and fastening nails, which is made on the basis of this principle. However, it must be remembered: this type of installation, in violation of its technology or lack of building and assembly skills, can lead to material damage. So that the last type of fastener does not have a negative impact on the appearance of the wall paneling, a dobital box is used, with whose help the nail heads are inserted.

Before the start of the installation, the wooden panel should be placed in the room where it will be located later.

The rack is acclimatized for approximately 48 hours. First, the markup is applied, then the lathing is fastened (if there is a need for it), and then the wall paneling itself. When clapping a room with a clapboard, it is very important to put the first board correctly.

The point is not about any particular construction sign, but that, based on the location of the first element, others will be attached. There is an important nuance: clapboard always upholster a room from the corner. The most difficult part of the work - facing window and door slopes - it will require maximum patience, attention, time.

When the installation of wooden wall paneling is completed, the finishing work will not be finished yet. In order for the construction to last as long as possible, it is necessary to thoroughly process it and prepare it for further operation. Do not neglect the use of special fire-fighting compositions, they will protect the house or apartment from harm.

Between the paint and varnish used as a finishing coating, the choice is usually made in favor of the latter, since it does not cover the natural, unique pattern of wood. Plastic lining, of course, such processing is not required. And for wood it is necessary to purchase high-quality paint and varnish products, whose shelf life has not expired.

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  • some simple rules, schemes (photo and video)

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