Repair of wooden floors in the apartment: features (video)

A natural wood floor is strong and sure to cover. But over time, under the influence of external factors, such a base is subject to noticeable deformations. As a result, cracks and decaying patches appear in the floorboards. Under the influence of heavy furniture they form scratches, traces of dents, the convergence of a layer of paint. Corroded coating requires periodic restoration.

Repair of wooden floors in the apartment: features (video)

Wooden plank floor device options.

Repair of a wooden floor in an apartment should be started by studying the nature of the base itself and establishing the level of destruction. In order to avoid waste of money and forces, it is necessary to decide on certain actions. There are situations in which the restoration work is unnecessary. For example, this can be observed if significant defects in the form of rot, damage to the base by pests are not detected in time.

The presence of intense damage indicates a complete replacement of the floor in the apartment. To do this, you must remove the plank flooring, baseboards, old logs. Often, with this change communications, electrical wiring, floor heating. Of course, such work will be associated with significant material costs, temporary relocation to a different place of residence and removal of furniture.

The presence of minor damage to the base gives reason to repair the wooden floor. Even a beginner, who is at least a little aware of joinery work, can carry out such a move. Any of the damaged flooring has its own flaws, inherent only to him. You can learn more about them below.

Imperfections of the wooden covering, which need to be corrected

Repair of wooden floors in the apartment: features (video)

Layout of the closing board for repairing wooden floor.

There are a large number of invisible flaws that are invisible to the naked eye. Water leads to such consequences, it gets through the cracks inside the material, thereby causing the inner surface to rot. External breed indicators remain unchanged. To detect such planes, you can knock on the base with a hammer. A dull blow may indicate the presence of putrefactive processes in wood. Broken boards can be removed by putting similar material in their place. The following defects can be considered as visible defects:

  • excessively overdried surface;
  • bending of boards;
  • bending of floorboards;
  • sticking nails;
  • skewing the base;
  • the presence of cracks;
  • layer looseness, roughness;
  • there are significant gaps between the boards;
  • squeak is heard when moving.

The listed surface deformations can be eliminated. For this, the old, completely unsuitable for further use, floorboards are removed.

Freeing the surface from the baseboard

Repair of wooden floors in the apartment: features (video)

Repairing wooden floor.

Repair of wooden floors in the apartment is certainly associated with the dismantling of the plinth. It opens with a crowbar, a nail puller, a shovel in this order:

  • the plinth fortified by the fourth sector of the log is disconnected with the help of a nail puller; for this, the blade and a small scrap are taken;
  • to prevent breakage of the bar, it is disconnected gradually, from one edge to another;
  • the process of detaching the fillets is carried out in the opposite direction, this element should be moved immediately;
  • wooden pegs are used as a protective element for the floor and walls.

After getting rid of the plinth, you need to disassemble the damaged strips. Attention should be paid to their surface. Damage to the board says it is completely replaced with a new sample. Fresh board is placed on the layer of roofing material. If the new and the old base is different in thickness, it is important to make a groove at the point of contact, which is then inserted into place, later it must be puttied.

Change of individual elements

Repair of wooden floors in the apartment: features (video)

The process of eliminating the squeak on the wooden floor.

Old planks that have a straight edge can be easily restored. Repair of such a plan is done using tools such as:

  • hammer;
  • saw;
  • wooden fragments;
  • crowbar;
  • pencil.

If the floor of the boards is made by joining parts, you can check for the presence or presence of pipes or communications here.After this, the following actions are carried out:

  • there are points of underground placement of beams under the base;
  • a cutting line is marked in its middle;
  • scrap, the lever is fixed on the wood;
  • a raised board allows you to fix elements under it in the form of a cube, concentrating it in a certain position; >
  • to eliminate the whole bar, it is necessary to carry out further sawing - thus, the entire floorboard is removed; fixed to the supporting components in the form of bars.

Eliminate the squeak of floorboards

Repair of wooden floors in the apartment: features (video)

Eliminate the squeak by tamping wedges.

Repair of a wooden floor can be carried out without complete disassembly of the base in case of minor defects on the surface. Such facts can be creaking sounds produced while walking on the surface. Such manifestations can be observed in cases where the installation was used strips of different dimensions or incorrect lag. What can be done in this case? To do this, use several methods of eliminating the squeak:

  1. Blowing pegs into the gap between the boards. This will help secure the moving parts of the structure.
  2. Often resort to drilling holes with a diameter of 1 mm at the points of maximum squeak. If the sound vibrations come from under the lag, then the hole is poured with cement mortar, diluted in equal shares. It is necessary to wait for the surface to dry completely. Now you can make a cork out of wood, soak it in glue and hammer it into the finished doorway with a hammer. At this point, the base is trimmed and leveled.
  3. Talc is poured in the gap between the boards.
  4. The presence of creaking sounds coming from loose nails gives grounds for repairs. For this you need to get rid of unnecessary fasteners. Further actions are associated with nailing in the base of new products under a slight bias. They take elongated nails.

The presence of cracks on the previous floor gives an opportunity to change the floor in the apartment.

Screws are screwed into the cracking points. The appeared gaps should be plastered with putty. Through holes are cleaned with a twine made on the basis of glue. It is fixed in the void that appears. You need to wait for it to dry completely. The point of the restoration should be covered with putty.

The deflections of the wooden floor can be observed in places where the lag is too rare. In this case, dismantle the old base. It rises, and old lags appear to the survey. The presence of external defects gives rise to their replacement. If the board is not able to withstand the weight of support, you should resort to the help of additional lag.

Leveling measures

Repair of wooden floors in the apartment: features (video)

Leveling plan for wood flooring.

The presence of an ugly surface on the floor of the wooden floors, the presence of visible flaws and irregularity indicates the need for their leveling. As soon as the main work on the installation of new boards is completed, all the gaps and openings are sealed, pegs are hammered, the base is processed with the help of technical devices or manually. You can use the plane in the right places, observing accuracy. They grind out the uneven surface of wooden floors. However, do not be too zealous by clicking on the tool.

A cycler is often used to level the base. Before carrying out the main work, care should be taken to clean the floor, it must be swept or vacuumed. Former paint coatings can be removed with any type of white spirit solvent.

After this, the cyclic machine is connected to the network. To grind a covering it is necessary from an angular zone. The machine is placed with a slope, it should be moved diagonally in the room. Machined lines must intersect. For better performance of the apparatus, it is slightly pulled towards itself, which will help avoid its penetration into the base.

Repair of wooden floors in the apartment: features (video)

Parquet device layout.

Usually they start work by passing through one diagonal line, grinding it with emery paper, followed by processing from another angle. After this, the skin is changed to a fine-grained base, the scraping is done in a horizontal plane, parallel to the plinths. To improve the quality of work, the device needs regular cleaning. After finishing the processing horizontally, the coating is then polished along the fiber, while changing the grain of the paper, following the principle of reduction.Initially, activities are carried out with the use of medium-grain paper, later this coefficient decreases. To treat the area of ​​corners and heating devices, you can take a scraper.

Scrubbing of a wooden floor should be carried out carefully, observing all safety standards. To prevent dust from entering the respiratory organs, it is necessary to put on a respirator and close the door to the room.

Varnishing: features

Starting to complete the repair of wooden floors, you can apply varnish on the surface. Finding the one you need is not difficult: there are various water-based samples, with components of acrylic, polyurethane resin.

Each of the layers is applied gradually. To achieve perfect surface gloss, it is necessary to cover the floor 3 times.

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