Rack ceiling do it yourself - mounting rack ceiling

The rack ceiling is an ideal material for rooms such as a bathroom and a kitchen, as well as a bathroom. It will instantly transform the space and give the situation the effect of novelty. True, it is quite capricious, so you have to understand a bit about the features of the rack structures. A person who has ever dealt with steel rails can easily install a slatted ceiling with his own hands, because he already knows how to handle such material.

Design Features

Rack ceiling do it yourself - mounting rack ceiling Construction

The rack ceiling consists of:

  • rails (panels);
  • profiles;
  • corners.

Work stages:

  1. First, the so-called wall ceiling is mounted. The peculiarity of its installation is that it should be at a distance of at least 13 to 15 cm from the ceiling surface. If the ceiling is already very low, then it is better to refuse steel panels. Because as a result of their installation, it will become even lower.
  2. When the wall ceiling is installed, installation of hangers can be started. They are mounted at a distance of more than a meter from each other. Installation is carried out using anchors.
  3. Then the load rails are installed.
  4. At the last stage, the rails are fastened. Interestingly, the installation of panels is the simplest and easiest of all stages. There can be only one difficulty here - the slats need to be measured out. Sometimes they have to be cut to size.

Where to buy batten ceilings

Rack ceiling do it yourself - mounting rack ceiling Options

Purchase of slatted ceilings can be a problem if a person does not know how to work on pre-order.

Slatted ceilings are practically absent in stores (this situation was observed at the time of this writing). To purchase such a structure, you must first make accurate measurements and send the order to the company that implements them. You can also buy these ceilings on the Internet. Regardless of where the purchase will be made, the master needs to know the exact amount of materials needed.

Some companies accept the blueprints and may themselves recommend the necessary set of slatted ceilings.

Another way out is to order the installation of a rack construction from professionals. This, of course, is much more expensive. But the owner of the apartment will not have any problems.

Advantages of slatted ceilings

Rack ceiling do it yourself - mounting rack ceiling Advantages

Installing a slatted ceiling with your own hands in the last time has become very relevant. First of all, this is due to the fact that the panels can perfectly protect the ceiling surface from moisture and condensation. Therefore, they are simply indispensable in rooms like the bathroom and kitchen.

Normal coating can lose its original properties very quickly. So, the paint, one of the cheapest ceiling coatings, starts to bulge and crack due to moisture. Ordinary tiles may fall. And the slats will last indefinitely, without losing their qualities and properties.

The abundance of colors and shades of slatted ceilings allows you to create a unique design in the rooms. One of the most interesting solutions in the interior is the installation of rails of different colors. For example, you can alternate panels of two colors. It is quite possible, it is necessary only at the time of ordering the material to indicate which colors of panels are needed.

Types of slatted ceilings

Rack ceiling do it yourself - mounting rack ceiling Types

Rack ceilings are divided into several varieties. So, they may have differences in texture:

  • gloss or matte;
  • smooth or perforated;
  • imitating leather, wood and other natural materials.

In addition, they can be:

  • gapless;
  • open;
  • closed.

The division to open, closed and gapless talks about how the panels are arranged on the ceiling. They can overlap each other, and then the ceiling is called closed. The construction without gaps means that the slats will fit snugly together. But in open rack ceilings slats have gaps.

How to install

Rack ceiling do it yourself - mounting rack ceiling Installing To install the slatted ceiling, you will need the following tools:

  • punch and drill;
  • level;
  • tape measure;
  • metal shears;
  • marker;
  • knife;
  • ruler;
  • dowels and screws.

Installation of the rack ceiling

Rack ceiling do it yourself - mounting rack ceiling Installation of suspended ceilings

  1. First you need to set the mark on which the rack ceiling will be located. To do this, you must select one of the corners and measure in this way the location of the frame. The ceiling should be at a distance of about 13 cm from this point.
  2. With the help of the level it is necessary to take measurements and make marks around the perimeter of the room. The measurement step must be no more than 1 meter.
  3. The next step is the installation of the corner profile.It is necessary to cut a piece of the profile of the required size, to make holes in it (if there are none), and then attach the profile to the wall and mark the location of the holes on its surface. Then in the marked places on the wall are made recesses. They install the dowels, and then using self-tapping screws produce installation profile. All these actions are produced on the other walls. When the profile is installed around the perimeter, you can proceed to the next step.
  4. Next is the installation of tires. They are mounted and measured in the same way as the profiles, only the distance when mounting the mountings is different.
  5. After that, you can proceed to the installation of the panels. They simply snap onto the carrier tires.

How to install spotlights

Rack ceiling do it yourself - mounting rack ceiling Assembling the lamp

Before how to install a slatted ceiling, it is necessary to deal with the light in the room. Most often under the rack designs put spotlights. They are pre-assembled, while during installation of the panels they need to make holes for the light.

Rack ceiling do it yourself - mounting rack ceiling Assembling suspended railing ceiling Lamps are installed in the following order:

  1. It is necessary to turn off the power supply in the apartment. To do this, turn the switch in the switchboard.
  2. It is necessary to mark the location of the light sources.
  3. When installing, you need to wear glasses, because this work is quite unsafe for the eyes.
  4. Next, you need to do the road bars and lead the cable from the shield to the place where the lamp will be installed. In the case of rail and suspended ceilings, it is possible to do without internal wiring. You can place the wires in the sleeves and boxes. This, however, will require additional installation work. If the installation of boxes does not cause any special difficulties, then you can choose this option.
  5. When wiring, leave some loose cable. This is necessary in case you need to extend the wire.
  6. The lamp body is also connected to the wire.
  7. Then the chassis is mounted after installing the ceiling with clips. If the ceiling is not lath and not suspended, then the casing is installed in a hole pre-drilled in the ceiling.
  8. After installing the case, the lamp itself is mounted. The process is carried out according to the instructions attached to the product. In fact, the installation of the lamp is very simple.

When installing lighting, the most important thing is to follow all security measures.

If you don’t want to install spotlights under a slatted ceiling, you can make other lighting. In this case, do not even have to cut a hole in the slats.

Wall lights can be supplied. If the slatted ceiling is installed in the living room, then the wall lighting combines perfectly with the floor lamps. Original look and various corner lamps. When installing the light should approach the design of the apartment with imagination. It is known that the lighting can transform the interior.

It is important to know:

  • puttying of the ceiling and walls with your own hands;
  • how to make a drywall ceiling with your own hands;
  • how to hang a chandelier on a concrete ceiling.


We also recommend watching the following video footage of the installation of slatted ceilings:


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