manufacturing features (photo and video)

Many of the apartments in old buildings are very small, and they often lack space for household items. Therefore, the owners begin to construct all kinds of mezzanines, built-in wardrobes on the balconies and loggias, to look for a place for arranging additional economic compartments. And in this regard, the idea arises to make a closet in the toilet with his own hands.

manufacturing features (photo and video)

The locker layout for the toilet.

Since in the old apartments the toilet is usually located close to the hallway, kitchen and bathroom, not only detergents and other household items can be stored in such a closet, but even stocks of canned cans. The toilet does not freeze, unlike the balcony.

Built-in closets in the toilet are most conveniently located in a niche above the flush side. In this place it will fit perfectly into the design, will not interfere and will hide the communication pipes.

What may be needed for the manufacture of the cabinet?

To perform the work, you will need the following materials and tools:

manufacturing features (photo and video)

Tools for making toilet locker.

  • sheet chipboard;
  • wooden blocks with a section of 30x30 mm;
  • electric drill and saw;
  • hammer;
  • screwdriver set;
  • pencil and ruler;
  • hinged hinges and fittings.

It is necessary to start the manufacture of the cabinet from a framework for which a bar of 30x30 mm is used. Assembling the base of the cabinet is necessary taking into account the space for shelves and doors. For the manufacture of doors used refined chipboard and pick up any color. Sometimes, in order to save, they use simple smooth chipboard and later paste it with self-adhesive film. If laminated material is used, it is recommended that all dimensions be clearly and correctly marked before sawing.

It is not difficult to make such a construction, since a toilet cabinet consists of several shelves hidden behind doors hinged on hinges. The length of the bars is selected based on the number of shelves, weight, pressure on the shelves. Depending on the load on the shelves, the frame can be made of metal corners. It is easier to work with a wooden block.

Principles of manufacturing the locker When working, you will need to follow certain rules:

manufacturing features (photo and video)

Installation scheme of the shelves of the locker.

  1. Before starting work, it is recommended to draw a small circuit diagram. In the drawing it is necessary to reflect every detail: the number of shelves, the size of the loops and the distance between them.
  2. Cut the bars in size and attach them to the walls with an electric drill and screws. Bars will play the role of support for the shelves. Doors fasten to them.
  3. The dimensions of the shelves are measured, and only after careful measurements can they be cut into blanks. The shelves are stacked on the bars, and to increase their strength, they can be fixed with screws. Next, the doorway is measured, and door blanks are cut to measure. At the same time, it is necessary to take into account how they will open (on one side or two).
  4. Next, the markings for the hinges are made on the doors. They screwed. It is important to consider how reliable the hinges are. Because of the ease of installation, piano hinges can be used, as they can withstand any load.
  5. Toilet - a place where there is high humidity and condensate often accumulates, therefore, to avoid the formation of fungi and mold, it is recommended to treat wood elements with an antiseptic agent.
  6. Finishing and decoration are at the discretion of the owner. So, many of the cabinet doors are glued over with laminated paper or self-adhesive wallpaper. Using these materials, you can use wallpaper that mimic various natural breeds.
  7. When decorating, do not forget about the handles. They can be mounted for any taste: symmetrically or not.

The bottom of the cabinet can be used as a shelf. The middle shelf should not be fixed, since in the future it can be pulled out and used this place, for example, to install a boiler or some other equipment.

Wardrobe from rolling shutters: features of manufacturing

manufacturing features (photo and video)

Wardrobe assembly scheme for the toilet.

Such a cabinet is most often arranged in order to conceal plumbing communications. A built-in closet with roller blinds is the best option, since when opening such doors will be easy to open and will not interfere.

Making a cabinet with rolling shutters is the most convenient way to hide a niche with communications.

This design provides easy access to water meters, and also simplifies system repair in the event of an accident.

Usually the roller blinds in the toilet are installed during the repair, after the plumbing communications are replaced. It is possible to make installation of this design and it will not take a lot of time. In this regard, the installation can be done independently.

Work consists of installing guide profiles and installing the shutters themselves. The only difficulty may be skewed canvas. But to avoid this problem, you just need to be careful and follow the markup accurately.

This design is convenient not only for quick access to communications, but also performs several useful functions. Due to their appearance, they can be combined with various finishing of the bathroom, they can be selected by color, ordered under any style. On the blinds, you can put any pattern or pattern that will give them originality.

Behind the construction of roller shutters, you can mount shelves for storing household items or preservation.

The advantages of installing shutters in bathrooms:

  • density of closing the structure, which prevents drafts;
  • noise and heat insulation increase;
  • water noise in sewage systems are muffled and it will not be heard in the bathroom and other rooms;
  • the design is made of environmentally friendly material that does not require special care;
  • , and on it fungi and a mold are not formed, that considerably prolongs the term of operation.

With modern finishing roller shutters for sanitary facilities are the best option for masking sewage and sanitary pipes in the toilet. With their help, the sanitary room can be given an interior look, to facilitate the work during the next repair.

Of course, you can make the design of the locker to order or entrust this business to a specialist who will correctly and quickly perform this work. But still, it is much more pleasant to make a wardrobe on your own, as you can do not only a convenient and practical locker with your own hands, but also get a lot of impressions and pleasures from the work done. In addition, there may be an incentive to construct new, useful items for the house.

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