Country gazebos do it yourself (photo and video)

Perhaps the only place for a modern person where you can be in nature every week is a summer cottage. On it you can break a small garden, plant flowers. It is in silence, far from the noise of the city, you can fully relax and gain strength. The most favorite place in the country is a gazebo. If the house is a rather complicated structure, it is quite possible to build summer houses with your own hands, and in a short time.

Country gazebos do it yourself (photo and video)

A summerhouse at the cottage is a favorite place of all family members where you can get together for a cup of tea or enjoy the fresh air.

Starting independent construction

Before you start building a gazebo in the country, you need to prepare. First of all, the design of the future structure should be developed or a drawing should be made. This will allow you to correctly calculate the required materials and avoid unnecessary financial costs.

Country gazebos do it yourself (photo and video)

Drawing of a tree arbor.

There are many layouts of arbors, you need to choose the one that is suitable for a particular suburban area. After that you should do the following:

  • determination of the site for construction;
  • purchase of building materials;
  • soil analysis for groundwater and other features;
  • building the foundation;
  • assembling the arbor;
  • roofing work;
  • finishing and laying the lighting.

Place for building and studying the soil

The preferred place for installing a gazebo in the summer cottage will be a shaded part of it. In the shaded arbor will not be hot in sunny weather. In addition, the noise of the foliage acts in a peaceful way on the human nervous system. If the suburban area has an uneven terrain, then a good place to place an arbor will be a hill. Due to this heavy rainfall, melting snow will not be able to cause damage to the structure.

Country gazebos do it yourself (photo and video)

Scheme of the foundation for a gazebo.

Most often the gazebo is one of the central parts of the entire suburban development. And when planning all the other elements of the ensemble, its location is decisive. Around it, decorative, possibly multi-tiered flower beds, small fountains can be broken, a brazier can be built. Therefore, the convenience and rationality of placing the rest depends on how correct the chosen place for the gazebo will be.

After the place is determined, it is necessary to conduct a study of the ground on which the gazebo will be installed. This analysis can determine the need for a foundation device. If the groundwater is located high enough, then the foundation must be deepened to a minimum of 50 cm. Printed piles may also be suitable. This will increase the reliability and durability of the structure. If the soil is saturated with moisture and the groundwater constantly arrives, more detailed research will be needed. For these purposes, it is better to involve a specialist.

Materials and tools

The purchase of materials depends on the selected layout. Arbor can be made of bars, which are sheathed with plywood, boards, logs and bricks. Forged items can successfully fit.

If the gazebo is built of wood, the following materials and tools will be needed:

Country gazebos do it yourself (photo and video)

Wooden flooring device for gazebos.

  • shovel;
  • cement, sand, fine crushed stone;
  • asbestos-cement pipes;
  • concrete mixer or capacity for mixing the mortar;
  • bars 150x150 mm;
  • planking boards. You can use plywood sheets or OSB boards, which are then trimmed with a decorative board;
  • electric jigsaw or fine teeth;
  • antiseptics, stain, varnish for finishing works;
  • self-tapping screws , anchor bolts;
  • screwdriver and hammer;
  • roofing materials, such as soft tiles.

It is desirable that all construction materials are prepared before construction begins. This will speed up the process. The number of building materials depends on the shape, size of the gazebo and is calculated according to the drawing.

Construction of arbors

The place for construction must be marked.

This can be done with the help of a tape measure, pegs and a rope. Once the contours are outlined, topsoil is removed along with vegetation. Next, you need to dig holes to a depth of 50 cm, which will serve as a pile foundation. At the bottom of the pit lay a pillow of sand and rubble. Moreover, each layer must be compacted. Next, install asbestos-cement pipes.

Country gazebos do it yourself (photo and video)

Scheme of mounting the side racks of the arbor.

Prepare a concrete mortar, which consists of cement, sand and fine gravel. These components are mixed in proportions of 1: 3: 2 and water is added until a thin solution is obtained. The resulting mixture is filled with a funnel pipe. The free space around the pipe is filled with soil, slightly tamping in the process. Pipes must be placed vertically to prevent the structure from being skewed in the future.

After the solution hardens, construction can continue. Roofing material is laid on the foundation pillars, which will protect the bars of the gazebo base from moisture. Bars on piles secure with anchor bolts, and among themselves - with screws. When laying the bars it is necessary to follow the horizontal. This is done using a building level. When the harness is ready, it must be treated with an antiseptic solution. This will protect the tree from decay and prolong the life of the gazebo.

Next, in the corners fix vertical racks. This can be done with the help of long screws and strings, which allow you to fix the rack in a strictly vertical position. When all the corner bars have taken their place, they trim. For these purposes, you can use plywood, OSB sheets. This will greatly facilitate and accelerate the process of construction.

Country gazebos do it yourself (photo and video)

Arbor gable roof scheme.

But an arbor will look more beautiful and more harmonious if a board is used for covering walls. It is cut into the necessary lengths and fixed on the screws to the posts. To rain flowed and to give additional decoration to the whole structure, the boards can be fixed with an overlap. And you need to start from the bottom. All work is being done outside.

One of the spans between the bars is not sutured. This will be the entrance to the gazebo. The boards themselves can be polished, as long as the texture and design of the wood is preserved. All boards should be treated with antiseptic, and cuts - several times. After all the crate is made, it is covered with stain. Moreover, an increase in the number of layers leads to a darkening of the original tree structure. After the stain is absorbed, the arbor can be varnished. To increase the service life of wood, it is better to use varnish, which is used to cover yachts. It possesses the increased characteristics of moisture resistance. Varnish can be coated several times. Particular attention is paid to the joints and connections.

Practical recommendations

Depending on the shape of the pergola (rectangle, hexagon), the structure of the roof will depend. The roof is collected from the bars, connecting in such a way that there is a possibility of runoff of water during rain and snow during its melting. To do this, most often make a few triangular frame parts, which, gathering their narrow tops, form a roof. The roof can be sheathed with boards, as well as the walls of the arbor, overlap. Boards should be treated with antifungal and antiseptic composition. Alternatively, plywood can be used, which is mounted on the frame. Then a flexible tile is mounted on top.

The floor for the gazebo can be boards or plywood sheets laid on logs. Lags, which are made of timber, are fixed to the lower strapping on the screws. For reliability in the joints, additional metal corners are screwed. So that the floor does not bend and could withstand a load of several people for a long time, the distance between the lags should not exceed 50 cm.

The floorboard or several layers of plywood are placed tightly on the lags. In this case, the boards should abut tightly enough, and the joints of plywood sheets 1 row do not intersect with the joints 2 rows. The floor must be varnished.

When the arbor itself is built, it is possible to conduct electricity, to equip the space around it. For electricity wiring, the cable is placed in a special sleeve that will prevent moisture from entering. Interior details, such as a table, chairs, armchairs, can be wicker. This will add harmony and complete the ensemble.

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