Polyurethane floor do it yourself - making a polyurethane floor

The development of production technologies has allowed the emergence of a variety of materials used during construction and repair work. Due to this, new variants of implementation of seemingly clear and familiar tasks appear. For example, recently technology, the so-called self-leveling floors, has gained some popularity. As one of the variants of such a method of solving the problem, we can mention a mixture based on polyurethane. How to make a polyurethane floor with their own hands, will be discussed further. Immediately it is necessary to make a reservation that, in principle, the work is not so difficult, however, in this case there are features that require separate detailed consideration.

Material description

Polyurethane floor do it yourself - making a polyurethane floor A two-component polyurethane compound

Before proceeding directly to Considering the process, it is necessary to talk a little about what a polyurethane floor is, since the perception of the nuances of the upcoming works directly depends on an understanding of this issue.

Polyurethane floor is called one of the types of self-leveling floor. On the market you can find both ready-made liquid mixtures, and dry versions that require additional preparation. "Works" self-leveling floor, oddly enough, due to the gravity of the planet. The bottom line is that, as is known from the school course of physics, the fluid takes the form of the vessel in which it is placed, while under the influence of the force of attraction it is distributed evenly and its surface is always even and perfectly horizontal. In the case under consideration, a room acts as a vessel, and due to its fluidity, the self-leveling floor is evenly distributed over the entire surface area, forming the most even and uniform coating. Among the indisputable advantages of the polyurethane floor can be distinguished:

  • Excellent resistance to external influences. Here it is necessary to additionally mention that we are talking not only about the mechanical strength of the coating, but also about the fact that it will successfully resist chemicals and moisture.
  • A very long service life of the coating follows directly from the combination of the above properties.
  • Among other things, it is worth remembering that in terms of mounting the self-leveling floor is extremely simple and work can be done independently.
  • Well, another advantage of polyurethane is its chemical neutrality and non-toxicity. Such a floor can be safely used in premises of any type, both residential and industrial.
  • It is worth highlighting the attractive appearance of the self-leveling floor. You can find options on the market, both completely transparent and filled with color schemes, which, in combination with a perfectly flat surface and seamlessness, makes the polyurethane floor very aesthetic.

Polyurethane self-leveling floors have one major drawback - the price of the material is quite high, which in combination with the cost of services gives a decent estimate. To some extent, this minus and leveled independent work.

Production of the self-leveling floor

Polyurethane floor do it yourself - making a polyurethane floor Making the mix

Before starting the description the manufacturing process of the self-leveling floor should be noted that all work must be carried out in stages, each of which must be given separate attention.

Leveling the floor

Polyurethane floor do it yourself - making a polyurethane floor

Preparing for it is one of the main steps in any case. In the case of the manufacture of polyurethane floor we are talking about the fact that one of the main conditions for its use is the maximum flatness of the base. In this regard, it is precisely the reduction of the coated surface to the proper state that should be given the most attention. First of all, we are talking about the need to measure the floor plane. If the difference in surface heights is more than 1.5 cm per m 2 , then the need for its leveling is obvious.

Irregularities can be smoothed with the help of the floor mixture itself, but this will entail additional material consumption, which is highly undesirable at its cost. To level the surface of the floor, you can make a concrete tie, after solidification of which the surface is primed.

In addition, you need to find the top point of the floor surface. For these purposes it is most convenient to use a laser level. The highest point of the surface is necessary not only as a guideline for the total thickness of the mixture, but also in order to determine the place of commencement of work.

Filling the floor

Polyurethane floor do it yourself - making a polyurethane floor

You can pour the floor on the prepared base. To do this, first of all it is necessary to prepare the mixture. If a ready-made version is used, then the mixture must be mixed well using a special nozzle-mixer installed on the perforator. If the work is done with a dry mixture, then it should be prepared in accordance with the instructions. Most often it is about simple dilution with water and adding a plasticizer.

Polyurethane floor do it yourself - making a polyurethane floor Surface alignment

Next, you can fill the floor. Pour the mixture gently and evenly. No need to try to immediately cover the entire surface. The polyurethane floor, due to its fluidity, is distributed by itself, but in order to remove air bubbles from the mixture, it is necessary to use a special roller, which needs to roll the surface. You can add that in order to be able to move around the room, you can use special paint races - needle attachments on shoes that will not only prevent the integrity of the coating, but also contribute to the removal of air from the mixture. In this way, the entire area of ​​the floor is covered, after which the mixture must be left to harden. This is usually from a day to several.

Consider in advance the color of the self-leveling floor and purchase material in one batch, since the shades may differ.

In principle, the answer to the question of how to make a self-leveling polyurethane floor can be considered as data. As can be seen from the above material, the work can hardly be considered difficult, so their independent conduct is quite appropriate in most cases. With proper work, the result will be a perfectly flat surface, which, in addition to aesthetics, will also have excellent performance characteristics.


In this video, you will be able to see the process of applying polyurethane polo, and behind the scenes hear explanations about how to properly perform this or that operation:


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