Shelves in the steam room with their own hands: recommendations for the device, care

In order to have a full-fledged rest in the steam room, you will definitely need high-quality shelves that allow you to relax in the bath, raise your spirits and gain strength. However, when constructing shelves, all requirements for the manufacture and installation of wooden shelves must be met.

Shelves in the steam room with their own hands: recommendations for the device, care

The shelves in the steam room should be made of high-quality moisture-resistant wood.

This type of construction will be subjected to a harsh microclimate of the steam room, which will require the selection of appropriate wood to make all the products. Shelves do not require much effort in their manufacture.

Recommendations for the design of shelves for baths

It is possible to install shelves in the amount of two elements in the bath, one of which is a support stand made with the use of a thick bar. Another element will be, respectively, the seat. This design will be a standard shelf. Its support column will consist of two beams, which are installed according to the size of the width of the bench. They are connected with jumpers every 0.5 m. You can make shelves with a special wooden frame, which will take longer than making ordinary shelves in the steam room with your own hands.

Shelves in the steam room with their own hands: recommendations for the device, care

The height of the ceiling and the regiments for the family steam room.

The support should have a frame on which you need to fill a row of thin boards, getting a gap between them up to 2 cm. When making a seat, the slope is taken into account, which should provide the best water flow. The main difficulty in the manufacture of shelves for a bath is the selection of the fastener. Safety precautions are required here, since a visitor to the bath may get burned by hot metal from screws or nails if in contact with them.

Choosing the right shelf sizes implies knowing the following key points:

  • when making shelves for a bath, take into account their standard sizes, which should be from 40 to 60 cm;
  • if the minimum length of the bench is about 1.5 m, then the top shelf or step is more spacious, that is, about 90 cm;
  • if the shelf length is 90 cm, then this is the best option for the seat, and for lying with bent and legs extended provide shelves 150 cm long and more than 180 cm;
  • if the bench is 95 cm long, this will allow you to sit on it, stretching out both legs and lifting them up.

To determine the height of the shelves, the person’s lying or sitting position is used. This is taken into account before making shelves. Therefore, the upper shelf and the ceiling should be 1.2 m apart. This distance should allow you to enjoy the inhalation of hot air.

The upper shelf is usually set at the same level as the door at the top of the heater. Between the individual tiers of the shelves, it is possible to provide a distance of about 60 cm. The shelves and benches in the bath may have a different shape, they can be given the look of beds with an emphasis for the head, to provide for a backrest.

How to arrange the shelves in the bath?

Shelves in the steam room with their own hands: recommendations for the device, care

Options for regiments in the bath.

Shelves are usually located along walls where windows are not provided. The distance from the floor to the shelf can be about 2-3 tiers. Often the shelves or benches for the steam rooms are made in the form of steps, with an increase in which the temperature in the steam room also increases. This is provided for visitors with different preferences to the temperature level in the steam room. On the shelf below the lowest temperature, and on the top - the highest.

If the bath room is more spacious, this type of shelving will be ideal. If the choice is stopped on the location of the shelves in the form of the letter "G", then the lower and upper shelves must be placed near the same wall, and the middle one is placed on the opposite side.

The "coupe" option provides for only two shelves, adjacent to the same wall, belonging to the upper and lower levels. The design of the shelf can be convenient in terms of fixing near the wall after raising the shelf. It will be the ideal choice, allowing economical use of the bath room. You can equip the collapsible design of shelves, as this allows you to disassemble the shelves for subsequent drying on the street.

How to choose the right wood for the manufacture of shelves?

The surface of the shelves must be perfect because the body of a person, its skin, comes into contact with it. For the manufacture of shelves for a bath provides a special scheme, which involves the selection of a suitable material. The tree should have the following characteristics:

  1. Low thermal conductivity.
  2. High density fiber structure.
  3. Lack of tar substances in large quantities.
  4. Moisture resistance.
  5. Heat Resistance.

Shelves in the steam room with their own hands: recommendations for the device, care

Schemes of shelves for a bath.

Three basic wood species can be considered, which are most often used for the manufacture of steam shelves: aspen, linden, abachi.

Linden wood has many important properties that are ideal for the manufacture of shelves in the bath. Through the use of linden in the bath is the release of unobtrusive aroma, which has a healing effect. This type of tree is easy to process, since it has no flaws and knots. It not only heats up slowly, but does not crack. In the bath will not remain any stains of sweat on the surface of the shelves of lime.

Linden wood can not only improve your well-being, but also give any visitor a bath a positive energy and recuperate. Acquisition of linden in the stores of building materials is not associated with large expenditures, since the price of lime boards is affordable. The only drawback of this breed is the loss of the boards of the primary color and darkening of the surface of the board.

If you use aspen, its effect on the body will be healing, like linden.

Shelves in the steam room with their own hands: recommendations for the device, care

Step-by-step process of making the shelves for the steam room.

Aspen is recommended for use on shelves. Aspen shelves will create an environment of satisfaction with relief, calming anxiety. This type of material is popular, like linden. The invisible process of internal decay of boards represents the disadvantage of this tree species.

The use of African wood species called abashi allows you to provide a fresh look of the bath shelves. Abashi has various useful characteristics. This breed is heat and moisture resistant. Since it heats up very slowly, the regiment of the abashi will not allow to burn yourself. The tree has increased endurance, many different positive qualities make this breed inaccessible due to its high price.

How to make shelves for a bath?

For making beautiful shelves, you can use boards with rounded edges. The product itself should not be shaky and creaky. To make it easy and convenient to ventilate the room, it is better to open the shelves below. For the manufacture of shelves used flooring from the boards, taking into account the gap, which can be left equal to 20 mm.

Shelves in the steam room with their own hands: recommendations for the device, care

Design of two-tier regiments in the steam room.

You can take a different number of boards for shelves at the top and bottom, for example, take 7 pieces upstairs and only 3 downwards. Special oak wedges are used to connect all the constituent elements of the shelves. They should be driven into the prepared holes provided at the joints. If self-tapping screws are used as fasteners, they are inserted from the back side of the product or recessed into the board.

The lower shelf must be made mobile, which makes it easier to care for and air the bath. The bottom shape of the shelf may resemble a triangle having sides from two adjacent walls. The use of this form of shelves saves more space and allows for a more compact arrangement.

The shelves are located at different levels, and the space between them remains open, but you can also make the backs by blocking all the holes between the steps. Be sure to provide air vents. Coniferous boards can be used to create a curative atmosphere in the bath.

How is shelving treated to protect?

Untreated wood is not protected by special chemistry, so it can quickly become unusable. This is due to the presence of moist air in the bath. The first signs of this violation of the useful functions of the tree are associated with the appearance of mold and rot. Therefore, you should think over all preventive measures before using wood.

Shelves in the steam room with their own hands: recommendations for the device, care

The layout of the regiments and the attack in the sauna room.

It is strictly forbidden to use for the coating of shelves in the bath of various chemical agents, for example, varnish or drying oil, which contribute to the release of a sharp unpleasant odor. Steam emanating from such agents is the causative agent of an allergic reaction.

For steam rooms, natural impregnation is obtained, which is created using natural oils that contribute to the creation of a protective film. This composition is able to withstand moisture with maximum efficiency, protecting the shelves from damage. This type of impregnation is used to cover the benches, and the floor is covered with a reinforced mixture that is not capable of emitting an unpleasant odor and dangerous for health couples.

Proper care of the shelves

The bath should always be kept clean, so care must be taken to ensure that the interior of the steam room is hygienic. Due to high temperatures, the steam room can completely get rid of germs and bacteria, but the dirt must be removed. Since a sufficient amount of sweat is secreted from the human body, it is periodically washed off the shelves in the steam room.

When cleaning the shelves, do not use modern cleaning products. Purity in the steam room should be directed solely with the use of soap. If pollution is strong, then mechanical cleaning of wood with abrasive material is organized.

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