Paint of a bar: choice of a paint and varnish covering

Paint the walls of the beam acts as an excellent protection of the material and improve its original natural external data. This solution is the most budget and affordable among others. In order for the wood to not be afraid of external aggressive influences, the work must be performed correctly.

Paint of a bar: choice of a paint and varnish covering

Painting a house from a bar consists of the following steps: surface preparation, priming with antiseptics and surface painting.

If you want to emphasize the aesthetics of glued laminated timber, it is better to use linseed oil, wax or oil, but such solutions are not able to protect the wood, so they are best used only indoors.

If it is intended to use the room immediately after painting, then it is better to apply water-based varnishes. There is another alternative - synthetic varnishes, which have a persistent odor and do not dry so soon. Sometimes glued laminated timber needs not only to refine its original look, but also to eliminate minor flaws in the form of cracks that can be disguised by applying mastic. It is the one that is made on a wax basis that can make the walls of the bar velvety.

Tools and materials

  • sealant;
  • mastic;
  • sandpaper;
  • brush, roller or spray gun.

External painting

Painting walls from a bar is creating a barrier between the material and the environment.

Paint of a bar: choice of a paint and varnish covering

Synthetic brushes for painting timber keep their shape better and do not leave hairs.

Paint coatings for glued laminated timber may have a transparent or matte texture. The first version of the formulations is called the lessiruyuschim, the second - opaque. The painting process using such varnishes can be performed using one of several tools, among which are: a brush, a spray, a spray gun or a roller.

The range of coatings for laminated veneer lumber today is so large that it is extremely difficult to choose the right composition, it is important to initially decide on the tasks that need to be solved after staining.

Despite the fact that the glued laminated timber is a fairly high-quality material, it needs protection from moisture, from penetration of which the impregnation of the ends of the timber can be protected with a sealant, this procedure will clog the pores of the wood, which will repel moisture. In addition, glued laminated timber must be protected from mold and fungi. An antiseptic primer can help combat these wood pests.

Sometimes the owners of the house have a question about returning the lost external gloss to the surface of the timber, then decorative painting helps, which involves carrying out several stages, among them: impregnation, priming, removing cracks, painting with varnishes or enamels.

Choice of paintwork

Paint of a bar: choice of a paint and varnish covering

The bar is grinded with a grinder with a special nozzle.

In order for the facade of a house built from a bar to be aesthetic and protected from negative factors, you should choose a suitable composition for staining. Below are the characteristics of coatings from different manufacturers that can help with the selection.

So, the German manufacturer Zobel represents the compositions for the timber, which are environmentally friendly, perfectly adhere to wood and have an insignificant cost.

These compounds are also chosen because they are water based and do not have an unpleasant odor. After applying these varnishes for a long time, they are able to retain the original color, but they also have the disadvantage of the need to periodically update the coating every 5 years.

Paint of a bar: choice of a paint and varnish covering

A spray device for painting a bar.

But the compositions of the German manufacturer Osmo, by contrast, have a very high cost, but they have a lot of additional qualities that deserve attention, among them: ease of application and subsequent elimination if necessary. These paints are oil-based, environmentally friendly and able to keep the color well, keeping the texture of wood.

If you want to save money, you may also prefer the varnishes of the Finnish manufacturer Tikkurila; it is often impractical to spend money on external painting of log houses, since most of the coatings need to be updated again after 5 years.

The Russian manufacturer of Thermics does not represent a large assortment for painting laminated veneer lumber, moreover, the varnishes of this manufacturer require even more frequent (once every 3 years) updates.

Technology of dyeing laminated veneer lumber

Paint of a bar: choice of a paint and varnish covering

Varnish variants with natural color shades.

If you decide to paint a house built of laminated veneer lumber, then you should know that the work must begin with sanding the surface, which is necessary even for factory-treated wood.Easy polishing will save the surface from various dirt and eliminate microcracks. This procedure should be carried out and when painting the timber inside the house, polishing will make the adhesion of materials of higher quality.

After that, you can proceed to the treatment of the ends of the bar with a sealant. Then comes the turn of antiseptics and priming. The primer should be allowed to dry, only after that you can proceed to painting, during which you will apply about 3 layers of varnish or paint. Each subsequent layer should be applied only after the previous one has dried.

The surface of the walls in the house after 3 months should be examined for the presence of new gaps, as for the facade of the building, if the painting was done outside. If the cracks could be found, then there is a need to re-seal. In place of the new gaps should be applied sealant. Processing are subject and trim at home.

You should start painting the house only in the warm season, when the minimum temperature is + 5 °. You can not give the house an updated look and in a period of high humidity when it snows or rains.

Pricing costs for the staining of the timber

Paint of a bar: choice of a paint and varnish covering

Optimal scheme of tree protection.

If you decide that you can not paint the house yourself, you can use the help of professionals. The cost of work in this case will depend on several factors, including: the amount of work, determined by the dimensions of the house; work crew qualifications; cost of formulations used for dyeing; type of work required.

If we take into account the average cost of similar and related painting services, we can distinguish the sanding of walls from glued laminated timber, the price for which will be about 110-160 rubles, but the antiseptic will cost 70-80 rubles per 1 m 2 , staining of timber in 1 layer will cost 80-100 rubles per 1 m 2 . For the initial cleaning of the pile from the base of the walls, the team will take 30-50 rubles per 1 m 2 . Grinding and sealing the area of ​​the ends of the timber costs 350-400 rubles per linear meter. If it is necessary to dismantle, paint, and then install the casings in place, the owners will have to pay 150-160 rubles per linear meter, balconies, fences and terraces from the bar also sometimes need to be painted, it costs about 600-800 rubles per linear meter.

Many owners want to protect and impart freshness to a log house, you should not save on this, such a structure has an impressive cost and will be used for a long time. Therefore, one should not acquire cheap non-durable composition, which is not capable of prolonging the vital activity of wood, because it is more exposed to other materials than other materials. If you do not have the skills, perhaps you should not even take on the job yourself, you need to take the help of specialists.

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