How to measure mosquito net - measurements and installation of mosquito net

Why do you need to measure the mosquito tag? Cut off a piece, and fastened with buttons on the frame. And if the window is plastic? As a rule, this protective device is ordered with the window, but what if you don’t think about it right away? In this case, it is important to know how to measure the mosquito net, because it depends on whether it fits in size.

There are no ready-made grids for sale, as each window is made by individual sizes.

The article will focus not on a simple grid, but on a mosquito with a strong frame. You will also learn a lot about installing mosquito nets on doors and windows.

Grid for metal-plastic window

How to measure mosquito net - measurements and installation of mosquito net

You shouldn’t talk about the purpose of the grid, because even a child knows everything about it, but how to ensure that it fulfills its role in full, they do not know everything. The point is that the wrong choice can lead to some problems, namely:

  • Incorrect measurements will lead to the fact that the grid on the plastic window will be large or small. In the first case, it will be difficult to install, and in the second - there will be cracks through which various insects will freely enter the room. If more can still be adjusted in size, then the small one will have to be replaced.
  • The mesh size of the grid should promote good air exchange, but at the same time avoid insects. Any deviation will lead to undesirable results.
  • Fastenings must be of high quality so that the grid fits snugly to the window and the wind cannot break it.


How to measure mosquito net - measurements and installation of mosquito net Gauge Measurement

To order the grid on the plastic window, you need to know the size of the window opening opening sash. It is also important to think in advance how to install it - outside or inside the frame. This is an important point, as the sizes of the grids will be different. Although measurements with an accuracy of up to a millimeter are not needed with an external mount, still (to avoid unnecessary problems), certain parameters must be followed.

Other types of grids can be installed on the windows, but then it is better to get a representative of the manufacturer to take measurements.

How to measure mosquito net - measurements and installation of mosquito net Methods of fastening

There is also one option for the grid, for the purchase or manufacturing of which it is necessary to perform measurements correctly, this is a mosquito net with velcro. In this case, you need not the size of the window opening, and the frame. Such a grid is fixed on the front side of the window, so it is precisely this that should be measured.

How to measure mosquito net - measurements and installation of mosquito net Mosquito net with velcro

If there is a sewing machine, this kind of net can be made at home conditions. For this you need:

  1. Sewing machine.
  2. Durable thread, matched to the color of the acquired mesh.
  3. Grid.
  4. Adhesive tape sticky tape.
  5. Ironing board (or table).
  6. Iron.

First you need to buy supplies. As for the mesh, its dimensions should be somewhat larger than the available frame dimensions around the window opening. Now we can begin to manufacture the product we need.

For example, the size of the finished mesh will be 100 * 50 cm. In this case, the web blank should have an allowance of about 1.5-2 cm. If you make an allowance of 2 cm, then the resulting blank will have dimensions 104 * 54 see Next in order:

  • The seam allowance is bending on each side of the grid (in our case, 2 cm).
  • The mesh is quite rigid, therefore, in order to fix it in this position, the curved parts need to be ironed through a thin fabric that is not afraid of high temperature.
  • Now we cut the velcro into 4 parts (2 pieces of 100 mm each, and 2 pieces of 50 mm each) and disconnect.
  • Sew on velcro (without adhesive base) starting from the top of the grid, stitching it along the edge. The same procedure is repeated on the other side, then the side parts are sheathed.
  • The finished mesh should be attached to the place where it will be fixed, looking at how well it is made. If there are distortions, then with a simple pencil it is necessary to note its position on the frame.
  • A portion of the adhesive tape with a sticky backing needs to be glued to the window so that when the grid is installed there is no misalignment and both parts of the attached fastener are securely connected.

If you do not have the skills to work with a sewing machine, then you need to stick out the adhesive tape manually - this way it will not move under the sewing machine foot.

If all the work is done carefully, then this homemade net cannot be distinguished from the one that was sewn to order.

Grid for a wooden window

How to measure mosquito net - measurements and installation of mosquito net A grid on a wooden window

Modern wooden windows differ from metal-plastic materials only in their manufacture. Therefore, the grid for them will be the same as described above.

What if you have ordinary wooden windows installed? To fix the buttons or bead, no one will be the grid to the frame. In principle, the mesh with velcro or in a frame made of aluminum can also be installed. If you want to tinker, you can make a mosquito net on a wooden frame. Measurements are performed in the same way as for the velcro mesh.

For a long time, such a product is not enough, since the tree can warp, and the slats will have to be painted often, for which the grid will have to be removed, and there are no guarantees that it can be reused. In addition, it is necessary to fasten the grid frame to the window frame with self-tapping screws or reinvent the mount.

Mosquito Net for Door

How to measure mosquito net - measurements and installation of mosquito net Door Mesh

What As for the door mesh, there are several options:

  1. Standard mosquito door, made of profile.
  2. The door to the sliding loggia.
  3. Grid-Pleated.
  4. Rolling door.
  5. Grid on magnets.
  6. Homemade wooden door.

If you wish, you can also fasten the mesh on the velcro to the door. The question is, will it be convenient to use it later?

The most common option is a frame door. Its opening is performed in the opposite direction from the main door, and it is held by furniture magnets. To order this product requires data light opening. This method of removing the size is better because, even without knowing the width of the profile used, you will be exactly sure that the internal dimensions of the grid and the doorway will be the same. When ordering a product, it is imperative to clarify what exactly was measured, and what you indicate the internal size of the future frame of the anti-mosquito door.

Cheaper doors are assembled from a window profile. Over time, they may twist or sag.

Sliding structure

How to measure mosquito net - measurements and installation of mosquito net Sliding grids

If sliding balcony are installed the door then the grid should be the same. There are standard sliding nets, and there are pleated nets. Immediately, it is worth noting that this type of netting does not apply to cheap ones, and it’s very difficult for an inexperienced person to assemble them. Therefore, it is better for a specialist to perform measurements and install. This is exactly the case when the desire to save can lead to additional costs spent on rework.

When choosing a sliding grid, please note that it will require a lot of space, whereas the pleated mesh will fit in a relatively small opening.

Roll mosquito net

How to measure mosquito net - measurements and installation of mosquito net

If you are interested in the roll mosquito net, then you need to know some of the features of mounting this product and using it. Installation is carried out outside the frame, which must be taken into account when performing measurements. There are no particular difficulties with its installation, but it is necessary to take into account the factor that, due to the specific design of such a door, it is not intended for frequent use, and this is not a matter of the mechanism itself, but of convenience. Imagine that every time you need to go out to the balcony, you will need to lift the grid, and then lower it. For this reason, such devices are installed on rarely used doors or on windows.

This grid does not need to be removed for the winter, as it, when folded, fits in the box above the door.

Grid on magnets

How to measure mosquito net - measurements and installation of mosquito net Anti-mosquito door mesh magic mesh

Recently, there was such an innovation as a grid on magnets, which is very convenient to use. The principle of operation of this bisexual grid is based on the attraction of magnets attached to the inner edges. With a slight movement of the hand or another part of the body, the sash is moved apart and, after passing through a person or an animal, they immediately close.

The size of such grids is indicated on the package. In order not to be mistaken, it is necessary to measure not the lumen, but the door frame. With such data, you can select the appropriate grid. Since it often comes in length with a margin, during installation it must be adjusted so that the edges do not cling to the floor or threshold, otherwise it will not be able to close.

How to measure mosquito net - measurements and installation of mosquito net Close all moves for mosquitoes

In the article we tried to make the maximum possible review of the grids and describe, how to perform measurements for them. If you want to add something, leave a comment at the end of the article.


This video describes how to measure the window correctly, so that later, using these dimensions, order a suitable mosquito net:

See how correctly measure and independently make a mosquito net for a metal-plastic window:


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