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Crafts made from wood with their own hands. Is it real? Quite, because wood is one of the most beautiful, textured, supple natural materials. From any part of it is possible to do something. It is a pleasure to work with him, he is a source of inspiration for many craftsmen, as well as home craftsmen. Many wood species, which are wonderfully combined with each other and connected, make it possible to obtain a product of unusual texture and color. Wood crafts can decorate any interior or become its main part.

original solutions (photo and video)

Making wooden crafts can be a hobby for the whole family.

Some features

In addition, even the house itself can be made of wood. This frame structure, and the house of timber. Moreover, such a building, with the observance of technology and properly selected source building material, will last more than a dozen years. Such large-scale things, like furniture of any complexity and design for rooms of the most diverse purposes, are also made of wood.

original solutions (photo and video)

Wooden table with their own hands.

But wood crafts will decorate a city apartment in a high-rise building. This natural material is able to revive the interior, to give it lightness and exclusivity. Indeed, in itself, the tree is initially warm.

Crafts with their own hands always convey the mood of the master, because he puts his soul. Among the things you can do yourself are: watches, shelves of the most different directions, coasters of any size, small and large stools, a cot and toys for the baby, and much more.

The most accessible occupation that can unite a family is crafts made from wood with their own hands. Even the smallest can participate and help. They can be charged to make a small coaster of branches. For its manufacture will require a dense fabric, branches of any tree of approximately the same thickness, so that in the future the product will turn out even, glue. An adult can be cut into twig segments, then you should be shown how to properly glue the twig to the fabric and give it to the baby so that he can continue to work.

What to do quickly?

original solutions (photo and video)

Wooden toy scheme made from dolphins.

Wood is a material that can be used all. For example, from the rhizomes you can build an extraordinary and original coat hanger.

  1. To do this, you must first clean the root of dirt and other impurities. In this process, the processes can not be cut off, because of them can turn out great hooks.
  2. After it has dried, you can proceed to further work. Namely, clean the affected areas with sandpaper and then process the entire root. This will provide a smooth surface, but retain the texture and texture of the source material.
  3. After all the formed dust has been removed, you can cover the root with a protective solution that will protect it from corrosion in the future.
  4. Then the product is coated with several layers of varnish. Handmade wooden craftwork is completed and can be attached to the wall.

In addition, branches can be used to build an unusual lamp. To do this, it is enough to glue the branches in the shape of a ball. You will need an inflatable ball, branches of a suitable size and glue. For these crafts, PVA glue is best suited.

  1. The ball is inflated to the required size.
  2. A venture is carefully wrapped around it so that a circle can form, but the ball inside would not be damaged.
  3. After finishing work, you must wait until the glue hardens and the lampshade acquires some rigidity. The ball is blown off and gently pulled out in such a way as not to damage the branches.

The finished product can be varnished directly on the branches, this will add elasticity, or be pre-painted. At the same time it is possible to use balloon paint. It can be sprayed with a uniform layer, but do it away from all objects, so as not to stain them. After drying the paint, you can use a clear or matt lacquer. This lampshade can be turned on only if an economical light bulb is inserted into the cartridge that does not heat up.

Original solutions: recommendations

original solutions (photo and video)

Characteristics of wood species.

If the interior of the room is completely made in a rustic style, then wooden crafts will look in it harmoniously. In addition, to maintain this design, you can make some of the furniture using wood. For example, making a coffee table from wooden logs.

For this you need:

  • logs or chocks, which can be from different tree species;
  • wire or twine;
  • glue and glass canvas used as a worktop.

The use of different wood species makes it possible to obtain cuts of uneven color.In this configuration, the table can be different, for example, 1 large leg, which will be almost the same size with a tabletop or 2 medium-sized legs, placed at the corners. In any case, for a start, it is necessary that all blanks be the same size in height. They can be leveled using a saw or electric jigsaw.

After all logs have the same height, they are assembled in such a way as to obtain the desired shape and size of the leg. In this process, it is important that you get a pretty strong bundle, that is, the distance between logs or chocks should be minimal. This will give rigidity to the future leg. Fasten central blanks with glue.

All logs should be leveled in height before fixing. When the required thickness is typed, the resulting leg tied with twine or wire. It will be not only a tightening element, but also a decorative part of the coffee table. After the legs are ready and the glue has stiffened, you can install a glass worktop upstairs. The transparency of the glass allows you to observe the beauty of the wood cuts.

In addition, cuts from trees of various species 5–10 mm thick can serve as a wall trim in a country house. To do this, cut the prepared trees into necessary parts and stick them to the wall using liquid nails. If the workpieces are of different thickness, this will give the wall additional volume.

Unusual wood crafts

Among the many household and industrial objects that can be made of wood, you can also make some unusual wood crafts.

These include, for example, a wooden clock. They are entirely made of wood, including the mechanism. The only element used for them is the glass that closes the dial and is mounted in the case. The uniqueness of these watches is that they are made of different types of wood, which is required for the reliability of elements, such as gear mechanism.

All elements are handled manually, polished carefully.

original solutions (photo and video)

A bike made of wood can serve for a long time, if you protect the wheels with rubber, from rapid wear.

This is necessary so that when the mechanism is working, the gears do not cling to each other, but enter into the hitch between themselves smoothly and gently. If all the wooden blanks that are used to perform this unique thing, then the clock can go regularly for a long time.

Another fairly unique wooden crafts can be vehicles. A bicycle, which is completely made of wood, is able to move along the street for a long time, especially if the wheels are protected by rubber from rapid wear. All elements, including the chain can be made of wood. Plywood sheets are used for the wheels, and bars are used for the remaining parts. All elements are carefully polished and fitted to each other, which will allow the bike to move.

A tree can serve as a beautiful finish for a device like a moped. The result is a very unusual model. It is made of various types of wood, which allows you to get a beautiful combination of colors and textures of the skin Wooden blanks can be used to make the steering wheel, seats and all other parts of the moped.

An unusual craft can be called such items as a computer mouse, a telephone, and a computer itself. In this case, of course, the electronics are made in the usual way. Extraordinary is their framing. Thus, a keyboard for a computer can be built into the table, and the monitor body is made entirely of wood.

Even the elements of clothing are made of wood. This applies not only to buttons and other decorative items. For example, a tie, it is made of wooden slats and elastic. Plank, after giving it the appropriate shape, cut into equal parts. After this, it is necessary to drill holes through which the gum is passed.

But there are also more complex wooden crafts that need experience or a certain skill. However, one should not be afraid of his absence. It is necessary to try, and then wood crafts with their own hands will become a real masterpiece.

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