Mounting rafters to Mauerla do it yourself

In order for the erected roof to be reliable, a very strong roof system is required, which is the supporting structure of the roof. Fastening the connections of individual elements affects both the safety of the roof and its characteristics. A prerequisite for a strong roof is the correct attachment of rafters to the mauerlat. If during the construction of the truss system to make mistakes, then in this case, everything can lead to early destruction of the roof of the house. That is why it is very important to follow the rules and requirements of SNiP, which regulate the arrangement of roofs.

Mounting rafters to Mauerla do it yourself

Knots of fastening of rafter system.

What is the Mauerlat

Mauerlat is the so-called foundation for the construction of the roof. This is because it allows not only to securely fix the rafters, but to evenly distribute the weight of the whole structure around the perimeter of the walls of the building. Fastening rafters can be carried out using various methods, however, it should be borne in mind that if not properly installed, a distortion occurs.

Mounting rafters to Mauerla do it yourself

Types of mounting rafters to the power plate.

The Mauerlat is mounted directly below the rafters themselves. To do this, use either a bar or a log with a cut side. Thus rafters to the mauerlat allow you to evenly distribute the load on the upper part of the walls of the house. In total, the attachment of rafters to the mauerlat performs 2 main functions: to withstand temporary and permanent loads. The seismic phenomena are temporary, and the constant pressure of the weight of the roofing structure is on the support.

In order to perform the mounting of rafters in a quality manner, it is necessary to acquire exclusively high-quality fastening units. All flashes should be very clear and tight to each other. In addition, you can not use a variety of substrates and pads. All this violates the attachment of rafters to the power plate. Such parts can be deformed and fall out of the overall structure due to large loads. All attachments of rafters to the power plate are performed exclusively with the help of metal plates, brackets, nails and bolts. Bolts and nuts require the presence of washers. Such elements will allow the nuts not to crash into the wood of rafters and mauerlat.

Rules for fixing rafters

Mounting rafters to Mauerla do it yourself

The mounting scheme of the power plate to the wall of blocks.

There are only a few basic, very important rules for attaching rafters to a power plate, the failure to comply with which may lead to early destruction or misalignment of the roof. Here are the main ones:

  1. All rafters need to be fixed exclusively on metal corners or plates. Many people ignore this recommendation, while its non-compliance leads to the fact that all attachments begin to penetrate deeper and deeper into the structure of the tree. That is why you need to purchase these plates in advance.
  2. As for the installation of the timber, for this purpose it is best to use special truss fasteners and bolts instead of self-tapping screws and nails.
  3. Before directly attaching the rafters to the mauerlat, it is necessary to fill in special saddles, which will further ensure tight joining of wooden elements to each other.
  4. To make the gaps identical, apply templates. In that case, if the slope angle of the slopes is different, then the templates, respectively, must be made different for each of the slopes. On average, the gash depth should be 1/4 the width of a rafter foot. If you do not have templates at hand, you will have to constantly take measurements and make sure that the files are made correctly.
  5. When installing, you must use only high-quality fasteners. You can not save on materials, since later this will lead to the fact that the design of the roof will not be durable. Zapily for rafters must be done very carefully, without haste, in order not to use inserts and other additional elements.
  6. If a wooden house is being built, then a sliding fastener is used. Such technology of installation is necessary for connection both with a mauerlat, and with lateral logs. To create sliding fasteners, special “slides” are used. In this case, their use is mandatory.

All fasteners must be very durable in order to withstand even the strongest wind loads. Otherwise, it will be able to tear down the roof.

Methods of attaching rafters

Mounting rafters to Mauerla do it yourself

Attachment of rafters to the power plate.

Total exists two basic methods of fastening: rigid and sliding.

Hard - such fasteners of rafters to the power plate are required when inclined rafters are fastened, since If this happens, the leg very tightly seated on the basis for this type of attachment should not be provided to any effort:. moving, twisting, turning, etc...To achieve this effect, you can do one of the following:

  • make a cut on the rafter leg;
  • patch the retaining bar on the rafter.

In order to cut the cutter to the mauerlat, you must first cut the cutout on each truss foot using a template. Then each rafter is inserted into the mauerlat with a saddle and fastened with nails. This method is used in any construction and provides a rigid connection.

As for the second method, its implementation is carried out with the help of a meter bar, which is stitched to the truss leg. Metal corners are used for fastening, which prevent the lines from moving in different directions.

Sliding - such fastenings are used in cases when a house is built from a bar or log, in other words, when a house is made of wood. Subsequently, the tree changes its physical properties, and it begins to shrink and dry. The whole structure of the building begins to settle. Rafters also tend to shrink, so in this case it is not possible to make solid fasteners.

In order to prevent deformation of the building, the attachment of rafters is provided with free movement.

Today, manufacturers of fasteners produce special elements for this purpose, called skids. In addition, metal corners with oblong holes for fasteners can be used.

Materials and tools for fastening

  • metal corners;
  • brackets;
  • wire ties;
  • cant;
  • rafters;
  • bolts with nuts;
  • jigsaw;
  • screwdrivers;
  • drill;
  • wrench.

How to create a horse of a truss pair with your own hands

Mounting rafters to Mauerla do it yourself

The mounting scheme of the power plate to the armored belt.

A total of three main methods are used:

  1. Butt-joint. Using this scheme, the upper part of the truss leg is cut at the same angle that the slope has. After that, they are connected. For a more accurate angle of inclination, it is desirable to use a ready-made template. Long nails are used for fixation.
  2. On the ridge girder. This method is similar to the previous one. It differs only in the fact that in this method there is a ridge beam. This design is very reliable, but in some circumstances it requires the installation of additional supports. This greatly reduces the functionality of such a room as an attic. Thus, this design is not suitable for those who plan to make another insulated room from the attic. The main advantage of this method is that the construction does not require any template.
  3. Overlap. With this method, the upper joint of the rafter legs is overlapped with the lower.

How to attach the rafter to the power plate

With the help of the sequential installation scheme described below, it will be possible to fix the rafters to the power plate. Sequence:

  1. First of all, you need to put the main plate itself. This is a timber that will serve as a support for the whole rafter construction. Mauerlat must be laid over the walls on a concrete belt. The studs are made of galvanized metal in increments of 120 cm. The diameter of the studs is 10 mm.
  2. If you plan to make a heated attic, then under the mauerlat a layer of thermal insulation is installed.
  3. The beam must be laid near the studs, after which you need to determine the places for drilling holes. Mauerlat is worn on studs, while the protrusion should remain at 20-30 mm. With the help of nuts with large washers, the mauerlat is fixed.
  4. After installing the power plate, you can proceed to the mounting of the rafters on the support beam. It is fixed using galvanized steel brackets and brackets.
  5. In the same way, the rafters are connected to the ridge bar.

The studs are used for the connection: for Ondulin - with a diameter of 8 mm, for a cement-sandy roof - 10-12 mm.

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