Protection of wood from rotting and moisture: treatment from inside and outside

Wood is a material of organic origin. Therefore, fungi often infect these materials. If you are building a house of wood, other structures of this material (fence, arbor), you need to remember that the tree needs special protection. If a tree is affected by rottenness, it turns this material into dust for a few years. Protecting wood from decay is the most important task. This will help keep the house.

Protection of wood from rotting and moisture: treatment from inside and outside

Wood destruction factors.

Why wood pulp is rotting

  1. Fungi, the spores of which get into the wood material, provoke the beginning of rotting.
  2. Conditions that contribute to this process:
  • sharp temperature drops from low values ​​to heat,
  • excessive air moistening above 79%;
  • increased moisture content of wood material up to 15-20%;
  • freezing of structures made of wood;
  • lack of optimal air circulation.

How to preserve the beauty and durability of a wooden house for a long time?

In the conditions of the Russian wet and marshy climate with sharp temperature drops, the tree quickly decays and collapses. In the heat it shrinks, in the rain - swells. Therefore, you need to protect it from snow, rain and frost. Protection of wood material should be started during lumber drying, transportation and storage. Freshly sawn trees have numerous enemies in the form of fungi and other damaging factors. There are various ways to protect the wood from rotting.

Protection of wood from rotting and moisture: treatment from inside and outside

Table of use and effectiveness of wood preservatives.

What tasks need to be put to protect the wood:

  1. The longest service life of wood, since repeated protection of wood from decay after several years of operation often becomes impossible due to closeness or inaccessibility of structural elements.
  2. Treated wood should not evaporate harmful substances into the surrounding air.
  3. This protection against rotting wood should be economical and easy.

We struggle against decay during storage of sawn timber and in the production process

  1. Freshly cut trees have high humidity values ​​up to 82%. For this reason, the tree should be dried by "staying out" for a year.
  2. The following are a number of comprehensive measures for the bioconservation of wood.

Protection against rotting with folk remedies:

  1. Dry wood material is impregnated with hot resin both outside and the internal structures of the building.
  2. By firing, the tree is protected from rot damage.

Lumber treatment with antiseptic method

Protection of wood from rotting and moisture: treatment from inside and outside

Wood antiseptic impregnation scheme.

Chemical protective agents can be used to protect the tree from rotting.

In order to prevent cracks on the end saw cuts, apply the composition "BIO-TOR". This processing of sawed trees can be done in the forest, even before removing the bark from the tree.

During the construction process, it is necessary to process all end surfaces of the house with this compound. If the cracks at the ends have already appeared, the treatment with the “BIO-TOR” compound can reduce their depth and number. After this treatment, a colorless film is formed on the surface of the tree - a polymer membrane. Therefore, the evaporation of moisture from the side and end surfaces of the wood occurs uniformly. In this case, no cracking occurs.

For the treatment of fresh materials, which will be dried in atmospheric conditions, and sanded wood, the bioprep-BIOS trans-antiseptic is used. It is intended for processing wood of high humidity up to 80%. This composition is a concentrate from which the working solution is prepared. The wood is treated with a roller, brush or soaked in special impregnating baths. The wood is not painted with this solution. Therefore, the possibility of its subsequent decorative processing remains.

How to protect a tree outside a house

If wooden surfaces are exposed to the open air or are constantly affected by dampness from the ground or foundation, the wood material requires enhanced, long-term protection from damage.

Protection of wood from rotting and moisture: treatment from inside and outside

Acrylic antiseptics are water-based, so they are well absorbed, dry quickly, and do not have a strong odor.

For the treatment of wood material for the purpose of protection, there are many means. It is possible to process a facade the Finnish antiseptic "Spil Decor". It is designed specifically to protect homes in the cold climatic conditions of our country. This compound creates a very dense waterproof film that protects the wood from rotting, but allows it to breathe.

To protect the tree from moisture, an antiseptic for impregnation "Biosept-ultra" is suitable. The manufacturer guarantees the protection of wood in the processing of such a composition up to 35 years.The composition of the wood surface is painted in a greenish tone, but this is not an obstacle for further processing. However, it must be remembered that the wood material should not be exposed to moisture during the week after being treated with this compound so that the protective components are securely fixed in the material.

In the conditions of the Russian climate, Lignofix wood preservative may be effective. It well protects wood material from mold and fungi. It is easy to apply. It is produced in a concentrated form. The working solution can be diluted immediately before use.

An excellent composition that protects against rotting is SENEZH. This substance penetrates deep into the wood where the chemical reaction takes place. As a result, the wood material is firmly bound to the protective substance. It does not form a film and dries for 2-3 hours. This tool has a unique property: it stops the already started rotting of the tree.

How to protect the tree from decay from inside the house

The wooden structure must be protected from decay not only from the outside, but also from the inside.

Matt Assa varnish for walls and ceilings protects wood material from damage. At the same time, it has a very economical consumption: 1 liter per 10-12 square meters. meters If you want to make natural wood floors in your house, then they require special protection. Sand, small particles of dirt spoil the wooden floor.

Lacquer "Unica Super" has high wear resistance. It is so resistant to moisture and abrasion that they can even cover the deck of a yacht. This varnish can withstand even significant fluctuations in temperature. And it is ideal even for unheated rooms.

How to maintain the natural color of wood? This can be done simply by covering the tree with clear varnish, and individual elements with a dark stain. But if you want a different shade, then with the help of varnish you can polish any shade of wood.

How to protect the wood from the sauna from rotting. Here the tree is exposed to humidity and dry hot air. In this case, the Finnish agent "SUPI sauna" is suitable for processing materials and protection against rotting. It is suitable for processing walls and ceilings in the steam room, in the washing room, as it can withstand temperatures up to 150 degrees.

When people build a house, they dream to keep it for a long time. Therefore, it is not possible to save money on protecting the house from rotting. It is necessary to apply correct and timely measures in order to protect yourself from material damage, financial losses and frustration.

Wood surfaces must be treated with special chemicals.

At the same time, you need to choose the right protection methods.

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