instrument setup and security measures (video)

Often there are situations in the household or during repairs when a screwdriver is simply necessary. This hand-held power tool is designed for tightening and loosening various fasteners (screws, screws, etc.).

instrument setup and security measures (video)

Screwdriver circuit.

Not every owner knows how to use a screwdriver, despite the high demand for this tool in the household. There is nothing difficult in working with a screwdriver, however, to obtain the best result from its use, it is recommended to follow certain rules.

Features and varieties of the tool

The screwdriver can operate on battery or mains. The type of operation of the tool can be different, in this connection it is customary to single out such types of it:

  • drill / driver;
  • wrench;
  • battery screwdriver;
  • ordinary screwdriver.

instrument setup and security measures (video)

According to the type of work, the screwdrivers are divided into several types: screwdriver, drill-screwdriver, wrench and cordless screwdriver.

The principles of operation of each of these tools are similar, the difference between them lies in the functions for which they are intended.

The drill / screwdriver additionally allows you to drill a hole, and the usual one is designed only for working with fasteners. The wrench is designed to work with bolts and nuts, and a rechargeable screwdriver - for tightening and unscrewing fasteners with cross-shaped caps. The last device has the lowest power of all.

The screwdriver is indispensable if you need to make a suspended ceiling, install drywall or sheet insulation. The absence of this device greatly complicates the work, during which it is necessary to twist a lot of screws or other fasteners. And in everyday life, when you need to screw or unscrew 1 screw, it is much easier and faster to do this with a screwdriver.

Device Setup and Design Features

The design of the tool is quite simple. In the plastic housing enclosed engine and gear mechanism, which drives a bit located at the end of the device. The design also provides for the inclusion of a toggle switch, switch direction and speed, diode lights, regulator torque.

instrument setup and security measures (video)

Before the work of the screwdriver, you need to find a nozzle that will fit the size of the cap of the screw or screw.

The working principle of the tool is as simple as its design. The nozzle, fixed in the cartridge, is driven by a shaft, which begins to move from the engine through the gearbox. Before working with a screwdriver, you need to check whether the battery is charged and whether the nozzle is installed, which is necessary.

To install the required nozzle, you need to fit it according to the size of the attachment cap and insert it into the magnetic holder of the cartridge. To do this, the cartridge and coupling must be removed from the device. After installing the necessary bits, the cartridge is re-attached to the tool body.

Next, you need to set the optimal bit rotation speed. This can be done using a special regulator. The required mode is set on the used device before its operation. You can also switch the direction of movement of the bits.

Before using a screwdriver, you need to adjust the depth of the fastening element. Over time, it may be necessary to replace the magnetic holder in the cartridge. To replace the magnetic holder, the cartridge and the coupling are removed, the magnetic holder, and another one is installed in its place. After that, the chuck with the clutch is installed back into the body of the screwdriver.

Safety measures for using the screwdriver

Use the tool only after making all the necessary settings. To get started, you need to connect the device to the network or connect a battery to it. After that, you can turn on the screwdriver and perform the actions for which it is intended, that is, tighten or unscrew the fasteners. Compliance with the rules of operation allows you to extend the tool life and get a better result in a shorter period.

Adjusting the movement of the bits is strictly prohibited during the work of the screwdriver. Care should be taken to ensure that no moisture gets on the instrument or inside its body. It is strongly recommended to use the device only in case of sufficient lighting. In addition, if the tool is mains, then the electrical network should work without voltage drops.

The contact of the screwdriver and grounded objects is strictly prohibited. If this happens, the wizard can strike with electricity. Do not allow the device to overheat due to continuous non-stop operation. If the screwdriver does not give rest, then it can burn.Instructions for the tool should be studied in detail before using it. Do not work with a screwdriver, if it revealed any malfunctions.

It is advisable to wear special protective clothing while working.

Thus, despite the simplicity of the design and principle of operation of the device, not every beginner master knows how to use a screwdriver correctly in order to prolong its service life. Compliance with some simple rules of operation will ensure the safety of the master, the safety of the device and the excellent quality of the result.

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