materials, tools, stages (photo and video)

If the newly acquired housing got old interior doors made of wood with perennial layers of paint, then do not rush to immediately get rid of them. In this situation, only well-performed restoration can give the door a new life.

materials, tools, stages (photo and video)

It is recommended to paint a wooden door with varnish or transparent paint in order to preserve the wood pattern.

If you decide to repair the old wooden doors with your own hands, then the information below will be useful.

Do-it-yourself door repair: instructions on steps

To make an updated door with your own hands, you will have to remove the existing layers of paint and varnish coatings, putty for the defective places, polish it and then paint it. For painting you should prepare a white enamel with a matte shade and color scheme with the desired shade.

Materials and tools for repair

  • drill with a set of drills;
  • a handsaw with medium-sized teeth;
  • sandpaper of varying degrees of graininess;
  • construction hair dryer (paint remover);
  • wood filler;
  • white enamel;
  • brushes.

materials, tools, stages (photo and video)

Tools for the restoration of a wooden door.

Repair is carried out both in the workshop and in the open air. The second option is preferable, since a lot of dust is generated when processing the structure. Sequence of actions:

  1. Door preparation. First of all, the door is removed from the hinges and laid on a flat surface. They remove all sorts of upholstery to the door took its original appearance.
  2. Remove the previous layers of paint and varnish. To remove the old coatings, you must use a building hairdryer. Please note: purchase a hairdryer at the average price of a regular model, since the principle of operation for all hair dryers, including expensive ones, is the same. Manipulations with the similar device are carried out attentively and carefully enough, since it is able to heat the material within 6000 ºС. Therefore, they try not to bend over the heated object. Work is carried out as follows: heat up some of the area of ​​the old coating and remove it with a special spatula that comes with a hairdryer. In order to prevent overheating and the failure of the hair dryer, every quarter of an hour pause for 5 minutes. In difficult places and at the corners, heightened caution so as not to damage the tree structure with a sharp trowel.
  3. Manufacturing ground surface. After removal of the main thickness of the paint go to grinding to rough. Here it is important to understand that the main purpose of grinding works is the removal of the remaining islands of paint from the door surface.
  4. Elimination of defective states. Defects well masks putty on wood. After it dries, the surface is polished with medium-grained sandpaper. For greater productivity, use a tree with attached sandpaper. In order to eliminate the leaving of prints on the surface, they are ground along the fibers. When planning the application of a clear lacquer coating, sanding should be carried out as carefully as possible, since all the surface imperfections will shine through the varnish quite well. Upon completion of grinding, the surface is moistened in order to lift up the fine pile in a similar way and remove it with fine grain paper (nulls).

Door Coloring. The penultimate stage of hand-made restoration production of room doors is their coloring. Painting done in 2 sets. First, the door is covered with matte enamel with a white tint. Then she tinted composition Belinka. Paint with a haze effect acquire any, but not excessively liquid. Before painting the surface is rubbed with a slightly damp cloth, eliminating dust. Paint is applied with a brush in accordance with the direction of the fibers once. After drying, the surface is treated with fine-grain sandpaper to make it smooth and get rid of dust.

Toning is the final step of the restoration action. To do this, use the compositions Belinka Lasur or TorLasur. The difference between these paints is in price, and also the last paint creates a slightly more gloss. Work with paint carefully, because the wateriness of the composition can easily form smudges. Paint is applied with an ordinary brush. The number of layers is determined by the intention to obtain a certain color saturation. After each layer waiting for the drying of the coloring composition (about 6-12 hours). Then also processed nulevochek. Sometimes two layers is enough.

The process of manufacturing an updated door completes the installation of the handles.

Restoration of a wooden door is a simple process. The main thing is to prepare everything you need.

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  • materials, tools, stages (photo and video)

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