Installing dormer windows do it yourself

The desire to increase the floor space of the living space made the attic a very popular premise. The space, which was a dark cold attic, due to alteration and insulation becomes a full-fledged room, its lighting can provide not only the windows on the gable, but also on the slopes of the roof. Installation of such a light source is quite complicated, but, wanting to save money, homeowners who have little experience with construction tools, tend to do it themselves. Proper selection and installation of dormer windows with their own hands in compliance with technological standards will provide high-quality insulation and no leakage.

Basic installation rules

Installing dormer windows do it yourself Between the rafters

  1. Roof window hardware performed not to the crate of the roof, but to the rafters.
  2. The distance from the window opening to the rafters should not be less than 3 cm.
  3. The lower part of the window should preferably be placed on a horizontal beam.
  4. The sash of the roof window is worn after the installation of its box.
  5. Required insulation of the window structure.
  6. Proper installation increases illumination by 40%.
  7. The tightness of the window is of paramount importance, since it accounts for a high load from precipitation.
  8. The window salary is selected in accordance with the type of roofing.

Installing dormer windows do it yourself Installation of a salary

Types of windows

A window in the attic can be placed vertically, with the obligatory device of a separate roof, and obliquely - in the slope of the roof. As a material for window frames can be used solid wood, plastic or aluminum.

Installing dormer windows do it yourself Balcony dormer window

  • Rectangular windows for mansards are available with a swing frame, blank construction it is made under the individual order.
  • The construction of an inclined and vertical window allows both to open onto a balcony when opening both.
  • Composite window: its upper part is movable, and the lower one is deaf, it serves to increase the illumination area.

Installing dormer windows do it yourself Vertical roof windows

When the roof slopes are very steep and cannot be viewed through the roof windows neighborhood, under them are vertical structures.

What does the bundle include

Installing dormer windows do it yourself Grade

The window arrangement for the attic is more complicated than usual, its design includes:

  • Roller blinds or awnings used to provide exterior darkening.
  • Salary, protecting the window structure from the effects of precipitation.
  • A frame and a double-glazed window filled with an inert gas.
  • Compactor used for waterproofing.
  • Internal slopes.
  • Drainage Chute.

Choice of place for window construction

Installing dormer windows do it yourself It is important where to set

The specificity of the attic window requires some considerations: the width of the structure should be less than the span between the rafters, if you want to get more light, you need to install several windows. The height of the installation should provide the ability to control the sash with a handle, its average value is 80-130 cm.

Installing a window opening above the radiator will eliminate the appearance of ice.

The angle of inclination of the slopes also influences the placement of the windows, on the flat roof they are located higher.


Installing dormer windows do it yourself Installation of the window

Before you install the roof window, you must mark up the space for it. It is produced from inside the premises. 3 cm from the rafters, the lower limit of the window is outlined, an additional 9 cm is deposited for a roof with a high profile and 6 cm for a flat one. Noting the upper limit corresponding to the height of the model, mark up another 7 cm. The waterproofing sheet is cut with a margin of 20 cm and wrapped inside. If the roofing is already installed, it must be cut off, the crate is also removed.

In some cases, you can install as follows:

Installing dormer windows do it yourself On the

Installing dormer windows do it yourself On the additional bars

A bar oriented horizontally is nailed in the lower part of the aperture, and a bar parallel to the crate is in the upper part.

A factory drainage gutter for sediment discharge is mounted above the upper bar, it is installed at a slight angle. If such an element is not included, its role can be performed by the construction of a waterproofing strip.

Installing dormer windows do it yourself Installation scheme of Velux roof windows

In order not to damage the glass and fittings during installation It is recommended to remove the sash. Next, the frame is mounted according to the manufacturer's instructions. The brackets supplied are inserted into the drilled holes. A strip of mineral wool is attached to the upper part of the frame with a stapler for insulation. A strip of insulation is also attached to the assembly bar at the bottom of the structure.The frame is installed in the opening and is fastened to the corners with self-tapping screws. The upper fastener is not fully tightened, leaving room for alignment.

Installing dormer windows do it yourself Installing a waterproofing apron

Now the sash returns to its place and checks the uniformity of the gap from all sides of the fit. Making sure that the sash is installed correctly, we securely fasten the screws in the upper part, and remove the glass again. The left parts of the waterproofing are fastened under the window seal with staples; a waterproof apron unfolds around the window, the top of which is inserted under the gutter.

Installation of salary

The installation of parts of the salary begins with the installation of a corrugated apron under the window. After that, the side elements are fixed, which need to be inserted into the lower part to click. Finishes the process of the upper pad. All parts are attached to the frame with screws and tightly joined to each other. Next, fit the roofing material.

Installing dormer windows do it yourself Installing the sash

The time has come for the final installation of the sash in place, the roof window is installed.


Watch the training video on installing a Velux roof window:


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