What screwdriver to choose - recommendations

In the arsenal of the home wizard, you can always find the tools you need for small jobs. Some have more complex units, which include various machines, welding machine, motor-drill and other equipment. About sets of screwdrivers and say no. A tool called a screwdriver has long since replaced a conventional screwdriver. It allows you to wrap a large number of screws and screws without much violence against your own hands. With this tool you can even drill holes that are small in diameter.

What screwdriver to choose - recommendations

Screwdriver device.

What kind of screwdriver should I buy for my home? A good screwdriver is not very easy to choose. The stores have a huge number of various models from different manufacturers. Almost every product can be used when hanging shelves, when installing doors. Without it, it is difficult to do when installing the cladding inside and outside the house. So, choose a screwdriver.

Tools with batteries

When choosing a battery option, you must pay particular attention to the battery. It can be nickel metal hydride, lithium ion and nickel cadmium.

What screwdriver to choose - recommendations

Comparison scheme for nickel-kamidium and lithium screwdriver batteries.

Nickel-cadmium batteries contain significant amounts of cadmium, which is a toxic substance that causes allergic reactions. The battery is able to withstand up to 1000 charge cycles, but with each subsequent charge the battery capacity decreases. A nickel-metal hydride battery can be charged and discharged 500 times, but it stands out for its low weight. The most reliable and durable battery should recognize lithium-ion. It has great power, its capacity practically does not decrease over time.

An important parameter is the amount of torque. For use in domestic conditions, 10-15 Nm is sufficient. In professional tool models it reaches 130 Nm.

The next factor is rotational speed. For tightening screws and screws 400-500 turns will be enough. For more serious repairs in the house takes up to 1500 revolutions per minute.

Power Tools

What screwdriver to choose - recommendations

Varieties of bits for the screwdriver.

Cordless screwdrivers are very convenient to use. They have no wires, easily transferred from place to place. But during long-term storage batteries, the cost of which is equal to half the cost of the tool itself, fail. Therefore, in some cases it makes sense to buy a good screwdriver for the house, powered by an electrical network. It weighs more, is limited in mobility, costs a little more, but does not create problems with storage and recharging of batteries.

The tool should rest well in the hand, all the keys and the switch on its body are easy to press, the center of gravity should be in the handle. This tool can work for a long time without getting tired.

Choosing a tool for home

When choosing the right tool in the house, you need to decide on what it will be needed for and in what works you will most often use. If most of the time he will take his place in the workshop, and he will have to work occasionally, then it is enough to purchase an inexpensive model. To perform a significant amount of work you will need a more serious tool and more expensive.

Preference should be given to models with different attachments and a spare battery. Well, if the kit includes a special case-case in which you can store the nozzle and the tool itself. A quality screwdriver must have a certificate and warranty documents. For use in everyday life you can buy cheap, but quality products from Black. Decker or Interskol. The set of cordless screwdrivers includes a pulsed or transformer charger.

What screwdriver to choose - recommendations

Diagram of the nozzles for the screwdriver.

Some models have a backlit work area. This additional feature can be very useful in some situations. These useful features include an indicator that shows the battery charge level.

Screwdrivers are equipped with different types of engines. Motors without brushes have some advantages over brush engines:

  • they are notable for smooth operation;
  • their life is much longer;
  • they produce less noise during operation;
  • the engine does not need maintenance.

However, they:

  • have a slightly larger weight and size;
  • are more expensive.

If you decide to buy a product with a brush motor, you need to purchase a device that provides easy and easy access to the brushes so that you can change them yourself.

To facilitate the selection of products of this kind, brief technical characteristics of some popular models should be given:

What screwdriver to choose - recommendations

The Kress AB120Set screwdriver has 2 rotation speeds also torque adjustment.

  1. Casals VZD 12 RM-2. Model for home use. It has 2 speeds of rotation of the working shaft, keyless chuck, nickel-cadmium rechargeable battery. Torque - 9 Nm. Battery voltage - 12 V, capacity - 1.5 A / h. Included is an extra battery. The product has the functions of reverse, drilling and fixing the working spindle. Weight - 1.6 kg.
  2. Hitachi DS12DVF3. A tool from the class of professional equipment. The screwdriver is equipped with main and spare batteries. Has a device for smooth adjustment of revolutions, reverse. The speed of rotation of the working shaft - up to 1200 revolutions. Weight 1.7 kg.
  3. Kress AB120Set. It has excellent quality. It has 2 rotational speeds, 2 nickel-cadmium batteries, torque control. Tool weight 1.7 kg.
  4. Makita BHP442RFE. Includes 2 lithium-ion batteries. Multifunctional professional device. It can work for a long time without recharging, which lasts only 22 minutes.
  5. Bosch GSR 10.8-2-LI. Ultra-compact device performs many functions, has a long service life, unsurpassed quality. The minus should be considered a large number of fakes made in China under the famous brand.
  6. DeWALT DCF815S2. The tool has the highest quality of all components and parts. The rotation speed of the working shaft reaches 2400 rpm. There is a speed control function. Able to work in intensive mode for a long time. The battery charges in 40 minutes. The weight of the instrument is only 1 kg.

Selecting a screwdriver for home use is not as easy as it may seem to an inexperienced person.

The range of these devices in stores is very large.

A tool with a warranty period established by the manufacturer should be chosen. If the kit includes all kinds of nozzles, it is better to abandon the white and yellow products. Preference should be given to bits of blued steel, which is black. It is good if an extra battery and a briefcase for storing and carrying tools are included in the battery screwdriver kit.

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