How to wash the shower from soap stains and lime scale at home

The shower cabin has become an excellent alternative option for the overall bath. Due to its compact size, many prefer to install it. However, on all surfaces after water procedures, stains, traces of foam and soap, as well as rust and mold, are formed. The reason for this is bad water, as well as the reluctance to conduct periodic cleansing.

Naturally, sooner or later, every housewife thinks about how to wash the shower stall from soap stains and lime scale in the home. For this purpose, you can purchase a variety of household chemical goods at the hardware store, but you should competently clean the shower stall.

Choosing detergent and materials

How to wash the shower from soap stains and lime scale at home Choosing a tool and tool

The easiest buy a special detergent that is intended for washing shower cubicles. It is important to remember that the cleaning itself can not be done with any available materials and objects. So, the list of prohibited items includes:

  • hard sponges;
  • metal brushes;
  • abrasives;
  • microfibers.

All of the above can damage the surface, after which traces will remain. Before you clean the shower stall, it is important not only to select the appropriate household chemicals, but also to prepare the right tools:

  • silicone or rubber scrapers;
  • synthetic sponges;
  • cloth wipes;
  • other types of non-rigid materials and accessories.

After the materials are selected, you can proceed to the consideration of chemical cleaners. They can be divided into the following categories:

  • pasty (creamy);
  • gel;
  • foam;
  • liquid;
  • spray guns.

How to wash the shower from soap stains and lime scale at home Chemicals

The specified cleaning agents for shower cabins can be found in any household store chemistry or supermarket. When using each of them, in particular, spray guns, you need to take care of their protection. Manufacturers recommend the use of respirators for respiratory protection and special glasses. It is especially important to comply with these recommendations during the cleaning inside the shower stall.

When purchasing chemicals, it is also important to read the information on the label. It is here that the composition, as well as recommendations on the frequency of use. The last indicator will indicate the intensity of cleaning:

  • one group of products is designed to prevent the occurrence of pollution;
  • the second group is cleaners for a radical fight against various types of pollution.

Sprayers are considered the most popular because their use is several times simpler and more convenient: just spray the product onto the surface and wipe it all with a dry and soft cloth.


How to wash the shower from soap stains and lime scale at home

Shower enclosures combine the following materials:

  • glass and plastic - walls and doors of the cabin ;
  • acrylic, enamel, stone (natural and artificial), ceramics - tray, walls;
  • chrome steel - mixers, shower, shower fittings;
  • aluminum (painted) - frames and guides.

Each of these materials requires a separate approach to purification. Caring for them should be carefully, choosing the right detergents.


How to wash the shower from soap stains and lime scale at home Wall Cleaning

Most often, the walls of shower enclosures are made of plastic or tempered glass, but options are made of polystyrene. To care for them is quite simple, since they are not much different from mirrors and glasses on the windows. That is why, if you need to get rid of soap stains on the cab stack, it is enough to purchase tools for cleaning mirrors and windows. At the same time, it is important to note that plastic has one negative property: over time, it darkens, since dust and plaque are constantly clogged in the porous structure. To clean it, it is permissible to use a rubber or polyurethane scraper, and a synthetic dish sponge is also suitable.


How to wash the shower from soap stains and lime scale at home My pallet

This part of the cabin also needs careful maintenance . Acrylic, from which, in fact, is made pan for shower, has all the advantages: ease of installation, low weight and attractive appearance. At the same time, it is most susceptible to deformation, in particular, scratches and erosion due to the use of too aggressive chemistry.

There are also shower stall models with enamelled trays. This option, in addition to affordable prices, has another great advantage - ease of care. The coating does not absorb moisture and bloom. Suitable for cleansing:

  • gels;
  • sprays;
  • powders.


Cleaning the tile from soap or shampoo is as easy as cleaning the enamel pallets. Absolutely any means will do. At the same time, special attention should be paid to the seams between the tiles, since it is here that a fungus and mold can form. They must be thoroughly cleaned with tile cleaners.

Chrome steel

How to wash the shower from soap stains and lime scale at home If the shower is covered with limescale

Various are made of it elements, or rather shower accessories, for example, handles and hinges. They quickly become covered with bloom and if improperly cleaned, scratches may appear on the surfaces. Pick up products suitable for mirrors or plastic.

Painted aluminum

Because of the painted surface, this material is quite whimsical. Household chemicals, which was chosen for cleaning, should not be part of the abrasive substances. This will preserve the integrity of the colored layer.

Going to the household chemicals store, check out the assortment of products that are specifically for acrylic, aluminum, glass, plastic and tiles.

Affordable alternative to household chemicals

How to wash the shower from soap stains and lime scale at home Vinegar applied with a spray bottle

Naturally, you can go to the store and buy a special tool for washing the shower. But sometimes their high cost forces the consumer to consider alternative cleansing options at home. As it turns out, such methods are sufficient, but it is important to carefully understand them.

  1. To clean the faucets, mirrors and glasses, you need to mix water and vodka in a 2: 1 ratio. In the resulting solution, moisten a cloth, wipe contaminated surfaces, and then wipe dry.
  2. The metal elements and the acrylic tray can be washed with a simple toothpaste. It is enough to apply a thin layer to a certain area, and rinse thoroughly with running water.
  3. To solve the problem with rust, it is enough to use table vinegar, which is sprayed onto the surface with a spray bottle, left for 30 minutes and then washed well.
  4. Getting rid of mold and mildew will also be helped by a simple remedy: a mixture of citric acid (30 g) and soda (20 g), which is dissolved in a glass of warm water. Apply spray. In addition, leave the door of the booth always ajar - this will prevent the development of a dispute.

When washing the booth with folk remedies, remember your safety, in particular, the skin of your hands. Use rubber gloves.

As you can see, there are a lot of cleaning methods. Suitable as special tools that are sold in the store, and improvised: soda, citric acid and toothpaste. After cleaning it is necessary to wipe dry all surfaces to avoid lime deposits.


Test of limescale products:

This is how the shower cabin is cleaned:


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