The amount of lumber in the cube: calculations of materials

Every woodworker knows the value of lumber calculation skills. During its acquisition, it is always necessary to study in detail what is written, since many sellers use computer programs for the calculation, and they often provide incorrect information, which then results in overlays, including financial ones.

The amount of lumber in the cube: calculations of materials

Table of calculation of the cubic capacity of logs.

What is a cubature?

To calculate the amount of lumber in a cube, you need to note in advance that the stereometric figure here takes place only as a mathematical value, but not in physical plan. That is, the measured wood can be in the form of 5 bars with a cross section of 200 * 200 mm and a length of 5 m, and its volume will be 1 cu.

A whole complex of materials usually gets into cubes: edged and unedged board, bar, bar and rake. Some manufacturers may offer additional options, but this is quite rare.

Among all materials, calculations of unedged boards stand out, since it does not have 3 standard indicators (length, width, height), but 4 (length, width from below, width from above, height), because of which the width indicator used in averaged form. The height is also not always indicated, so it is often necessary to further clarify.

Almost always the amount of sawn timber in a cube looks like this:

Material name Dimensions 1 copy. (VSD) mm Volume 1 sp. m³ Area 1 pc. m² How much is 1 m³, ind. How much goes to 10 m³, ind.
Edged board 15 * 150 * 6000 0.0135 0.9 74.074 740.741
Edged board 25 * 180 * 5000 0.0225 0.9 44.444 444.444
Unedged board 20 * 130 * 4500 0,0108 0.585 92.593 925.926
Unedged board 25 * 150 * 6000 0.0225 0.9 44.444 444.444
Lumber 200 * 200 * 5000 0.2 1 5 50
Lumber 100 * 100 * 7000 0.07 0.7 14.286 142.857
Bar 25 * 40 * 3000 0.003 0.12 333.333 3333.333
Bar 40 * 40 * 4000 0.0064 0.16 156.25 1562 5
Rake 20 * 50 * 3000 0.003 0.15 333.333 3333.333
Rake 23 * 50 * 2000 0.0023 0.1 434.783 4347.826

The amount of lumber in the cube: calculations of materials

Table for the calculation of edged boards.

Despite the fact that initially all data in cubic meters are specified in millimeters, they need to be converted to meters and only then begin to calculate the number. Each of these points has its own meaning:

  1. Dimensions. This indicator is most important for the client, as only certain material is suitable for certain actions.
  2. Volume. An intermediate indicator that helps to evaluate the future acquisition, and it is from him that the whole further calculation of the cube comes.
  3. Area. The indicator is usually necessary for installation and finishing works, as it is necessary to close a strictly defined area, and the volume does not matter at all.
  4. Number of copies per volume. Each time it is calculated individually, because a small error can initially play a cruel joke during large-scale purchases.

All sawn timber is considered fairly easily by school mathematical formulas (V = abc and S = ab).

The most important thing is not to hurry, thanks to which after some time it will not be necessary to make serious calculations on the calculator for calculations, and you will be able to calculate everything in your head.

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