How to replace the switch in the apartment yourself

The switch may require replacement for a variety of reasons. Sometimes the box just breaks down or wears out. To spend the whole complex of works independently, a lot of time is not required. It is known that replacing an old switch with a new one takes no more than 20 minutes even for an unprepared person. However, before you begin work, you must take precautions. In the article we will tell how to replace the light switch in the apartment with your own hands, consider the variants of single-key and two-key switches.


How to replace the switch in the apartment yourself De-energize the apartment

If you can, it is better to use for switch replacement services electrician. Self-replacement of the switch can be dangerous.

How to replace the switch in the apartment yourself Where to install

  1. Before you replace the switch yourself, you must first remove the light bulb and check if the switch is really to blame. After all, it often happens that just blows the cartridge.
  2. It is also necessary to establish that there is light in other areas of the apartment.
  3. If it is precisely determined that a particular switch is faulty, then it must be removed. However, before this, you first have to completely de-energize the apartment. Turning off the switch, you should make sure that there is no voltage on the line. After that, you need to tell your loved ones that they do not turn on the light and turn off the switch. People who are indoors should be aware that they are working with electricity.


How to replace the switch in the apartment yourself Dismantling the old

  1. First cleaned switch keys. This is usually done simply: you just need to pry them and carefully remove them.
  2. Double keys should be removed one by one.
  3. After the keys have been removed, remove the outer part of the box, which serves as a decoration for the switch. It is usually dismantled as easily as the keys themselves. It is enough to pry it with a screwdriver and pull it towards you.
  4. After removing the decorative part, the master will see the screws with which the switch itself is screwed. Use a screwdriver to unscrew the screws.
  5. The switch is removed from the opening.
  6. After dismantling the switch, the master will see the wiring. They must also be disconnected. It is important to remember in what order and in what places they were installed.
  7. Wires should be insulated. After all the manipulations are completed, you can even turn on the switch. Wires in this state are not dangerous.

Since it is necessary to insulate the wires anyway, it is better to use different electrical tape for these purposes, then the wires are never messed up.

Choosing a new switch

How to replace the switch in the apartment yourself Disassembling a new

  1. How to replace the switch in the apartment yourself Choice When buying a new switch, you should have an old one close at hand. This ensures that the box is perfect for the opening.
  2. If you plan to connect a touch light switch, then there will be no problems with that either. The main thing is that it is the same size as the old switch.
  3. Before you install the light switch, you must de-energize the apartment again.
  4. The connection of the light switch is made in the reverse order of that used for dismantling.
  5. First you need to disassemble the new device. First, the keys are removed, then the outer stroke.
  6. Wires need to be fixed in a switch on the place where they were located in the old. In the western circuit breakers works clamping system.
  7. The block is installed in the sub-socket opening. After that, it must be carefully fastened with screws.
  8. A box is installed on top of the switch, which serves as a decorative element.
  9. After that you need to set the switch keys.

How to replace the switch in the apartment yourself Connection

When the work is completed, you can check whether the installation was done correctly. To do this, turn on the switch and start electricity. In case of any faults, it is better to quickly disconnect the system.

In the same way as a simple switch, sensor systems and switches with LEDs are installed.


The following video will help you understand switch replacement technology:


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