How to insert glass into the interior door

A door with glass can decorate the interior. It visually expands the size of the room. Therefore, it is not surprising that most people choose glazed constructions in apartments, preferring them to ordinary deaf ones. Glass replacement is not a complicated procedure. It can be made completely independently. Sometimes you need to replace the old worn stained glass. In some cases it is necessary to glaze a blank door. This will require a bit more time and effort.

How to replace broken glass

How to insert glass into the interior door Change the broken glass

How to insert glass into the interior door Triplex

If the installation of glass in the interior door is made in the nursery, the issue of security is particularly relevant. A good option to replace the glass - triplex. This is a sandwich construction: several glasses are combined with an adhesive film. Crashed, triplex does not scatter into fragments. All pieces remain in the film.

  1. To replace broken glass, you must first carefully remove the old one. At the preparatory work at the wizard will take more time than the installation. Often, when the doors are old, the beadings have not changed in them for a long time. The dismantling of the fragments remaining in the door will be problematic in this case. It is necessary to remove the old beadings and pick up new ones. Another necessary stage - measurements. In order to set the glass quality, it is necessary to precisely measure it out in width and height. If it is a little longer in the future, then it will have to be customized, cutting off the excess. But if in short, it is really a problem. Because such a workpiece can simply fall out of the opening.
  2. The choice of glass is not only a matter of taste. It is also important to take into account its strength characteristics. The best option for the door - tempered glass. It is very durable, and when broken, it leaves practically safe shards.
  3. When the preparatory work is completed, the glass and new beadings are ready, you just need to install it. It is easy and does not take much time. 90% of the quality of work depends on the correct measurements.

Installation in a blank door

First of all, you will need to make an opening for the glazing. For this you have to learn a few simple rules.

Fastening strips can be installed either on glue or using screws. The first option is more aesthetic.

  1. How to insert glass into the interior door Deaf door The glass door can not be glazed, you have to buy a new one. But the shield is quite suitable for such works.
  2. When planning the opening, it is important to remember that the indents from the sides must be at least 15-16 cm. Otherwise, the structure may be destroyed. Bottom is usually an indent of at least 40 cm, and at the top - about 10 cm.
  3. You need to buy fastening strips. They are of two types: flat and with a selected quarter.
  4. When purchasing glass, one must take into account not only its size and design. It is better if it is tempered or triplex. However, for very small openings, a simple window will do. The question is rather in the strength and safety of the material.
  5. The shape of the opening can be plain rectangular or figured. Beginners should start with a simple form. If it is complex, then it is transferred to the door leaf, overlaid with a pattern or stencil. Before applying the markup, the fabric is removed from the hinges. A good moment in order to carry out upgrades is the work to fix various problems with it. Glass can be a way to update the old canvas and give the door a new life.
  6. When the shape is drawn, it is necessary to determine its angles. Corner places are drilled with a drill. It is important not to press on the canvas, because it can crack.
  7. Cut out the desired shape with a jigsaw at the drilled corners.
  8. The finished opening can be reinforced with side panels. This is necessary if there is a filler inside the door or it is hollow.
  9. Much depends on the accuracy of the wizard at all stages of work, from marking up to installation.
  10. How to insert glass into the interior door Fasten the bead After preparing the opening, you must install the pre-cut fixing strips.
  11. First, the bar is set only on one side of the web. Then the glass is mounted in the opening, which is fixed by the other strips.
  12. After installation, it remains only to give the door a beautiful look by painting the slats.


How to insert glass into the interior door

Glass can be decorated with various patterns to your own taste. Sometimes there are several inserts in the interior door. It is necessary to perform such work taking into account the same requirements as for the installation of simple glass. You can make the original door by installing a stained glass window in it. However, such a procedure requires experience.


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