How to remove the mosquito net - dismantling the mosquito net

If it is necessary to clean the windows or carry out repairs, the mosquito net must be removed. Considering the fact that the grids differ in fastening method, size and construction, it is necessary to know how to remove them.

Such protection has a large sail area and it will be very difficult to hold it at the time of bad weather.

Remove the frame construction

How to remove the mosquito net - dismantling the mosquito net Frame grid

The classic version of the frame The mesh is made in the form of a quadrangular frame, most often in the form of a square or rectangle. Fastening to the window is carried out in several ways:

  • With the use of plungers.
  • Fastening on hooks.
  • On special pockets and Z-shaped holders.

Due to the wide variety of designs of mosquito nets, there can be no standard way to remove this device from a plastic window.

Consider the types of grids and how to dismantle them.

Fixing on the holders and pockets

How to remove the mosquito net - dismantling the mosquito net Holders and pockets

Difficulties when removing with these details almost not felt, since the fastening elements are very similar. The handles located on the frame lift it up to the stop and move the lower frame area away from the window so that it passes near the fasteners when it is lowered. The mesh is slowly removed from the fasteners. Now you need to take the frame and expand horizontally. In this form it will be convenient to bring it into the room for storage or cleaning.

First of all, it is important to check whether the handles are securely fastened. Otherwise, they suddenly, at the most inappropriate time, can break off, which will cause the grid to fall, and it will need to be repaired.

Remove the frame on the hooks

How to remove the mosquito net - dismantling the mosquito net Hooks

This method of fixation involves hooks mounted on the frame itself. The frame is attached to the inner area. Thus, when mounted on hooks, you can remove the net as described above. But if the mount is made with metal hooks, it is necessary to take into account some of the nuances that will cope with the removal.

How to remove the mosquito net - dismantling the mosquito net Fastening on rotary hooks

For this method of fastening, the grid is installed so that its central part is slightly recessed in the window opening - it must be designed for this purpose. Each hook is fastened with one screw, thanks to which the hook can be turned if necessary. For dismantling, loosen the screws slightly, and gently turn the hooks inwards. In this case, the hooks located below do not need to be touched. After completing the procedure, the upper edge of the structure can be easily pushed out, the frame can be lifted upwards and removed from the window opening.

If the hooks are taut to the side, you must still loosen the screw. Otherwise, the rubber seal can be torn.

Dismantling the mesh on the plungers

How to remove the mosquito net - dismantling the mosquito net Plunger mounting

While fixing mosquito net plungers can be considered such a fastening the most reliable option, dismantling fixed thus it will be more difficult. To do this, first of all, two plungers are simultaneously pulled out of the lower profile. Further, slightly pushing the design, the upper plungers pull down. The work is easier to perform with an assistant who will hold the frame so that it does not fall.

In some cases, plunger fittings without additional effort out of the holes along with the grid.

Removing the sliding structure

How to remove the mosquito net - dismantling the mosquito net Sliding structure

Most often this fastener method is used on compartment windows. The frame must be removed from the guide rail, on which the movement. To properly dismantle the moving frame, it is lifted and removed from the rails, and then pushed aside, lowered and removed.

If there is a pleated or sliding mosquito door located on a loggia or balcony, it can be removed in the same way.

About the roll grid

How to remove the mosquito net - dismantling the mosquito net Roll grid

At the heart of the roll designs lies the roller shutter mechanism. His work is carried out similarly to the work of a sliding grid. To remove it, it is necessary to dismantle the entire mechanism, including the guides. The work is not easy to perform, as the mechanism is mounted outside. During unscrewing screws, you need to keep the entire structure, so that it does not fall. It is much easier to dismantle the grid from the balcony, but this is not always possible.

Dismantling the winter period is not required.

We have tried to explain the material as clearly as possible so that you can use this article as if it were instructions.


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