How to pull a pipe out of a well

The organization of individual water supply is a vital task in the construction of a country house and occurs before each owner. In recent years, the drilling of a well in the garden plot is gaining more and more popularity, since it provides constant access to spring water. However, over time, there comes a time when it is necessary to carry out repair work or replace the casing. Reasons for this can be very diverse: depletion of the source, the negative effects of water on the pipe material, the formation of clogging, etc. Therefore, some of the owners are faced with the question of how to pull the pipe out of the well.


How to pull a pipe out of a well

In order to quickly pull out the casing, it is necessary to eliminate the possible appearance of a number of problems:

  • Insufficient thrust force. Efforts to remove the pipe may not be enough to complete its exit from the wellbore. Therefore, it is better to prepare in advance special equipment and devices, and if necessary, order special equipment.
  • High friction on the ground. Corrupted landscape can not always get rid of. The pipe will be hard to get out of the ground, because over the years it has become attached to the soil. To reduce this value, it will be necessary to moisten all around the tubular space with copious amounts of water. However, such a decision may deform the walls of the mine, which will subsequently lead to their collapse and the drilling of a new well.
  • Frame fragility. To pull out an asbestos-cement pipe in some cases is an almost impossible task. The presented material does not have the required moduli of elasticity and inertia, which during disassembly will lead to the fact that the pipe walls simply burst and fragments fall off.

It is important to remember that asbestos dust provokes the appearance of malignant tumors in the respiratory organs and the development of oncological diseases.


How to pull a pipe out of a well

The casing extraction procedure includes the following sequence of actions:

  1. Weight assessment. For this purpose, it is necessary to measure the depth of the shaft, the diameter of the pipe, the thickness of its walls and determine the material. Then, in accordance with the obtained values, it is worthwhile to find the mass of the running meter of the product in the directory. The resulting number should be multiplied by the depth of the mine. Depending on this indicator, a winch should be selected with an appropriate thrust force. If the total mass of the pipe passes several tons, then you can immediately order special equipment to extract it, otherwise you can try to pull out the old pipe with a winch with your own hands.
  2. Land preparation activities. Along the perimeter of the tip it is necessary to dig a hole with a depth of at least 1 m. Then pour water into the resulting trench until it stops soaking. This procedure will minimize the rate of friction on the ground. Then, using a vibration generator or a simple electric motor with a yoke on the pulley, try to loosen the casing in the ground.
  3. Weld on the pipe of the auxiliary segment. To simplify the extraction procedure, it will be necessary to fix a metal bar with a cross-section of at least 15 mm to the edge of the pipe using a welding machine.

Equipment for extraction

How to pull a pipe out of a well

When removing the pipe, along with all the basic mechanisms, you will need to prepare accessories. So, in the option of taking out the winch should get a solid retaining flooring. For the construction of the latter will need:

  • a bar with a cross section of not less than 100 * 100;
  • steel bars or beams.

In this embodiment, the extraction is carried out by means of a specially assembled hydraulic mechanism, which includes a winch, special clamps and elevators. The end of the movable cable of the winch is attached to the auxiliary elements tightly fixed on the pipe and gradual fishing is carried out from the ground. As the column leaves, the coupling devices move as close as possible to the surface of the earth.

The use of the winch method should be carried out after all the preparatory work. Gradually removing the pipe, it should be fixed with a special clamp located on the prepared support or the locking mechanism of the winch.

Along with a winch, the method of extracting a pipe with a jack often finds its application.

How to pull a pipe out of a well Winch for extracting

In most cases, this technology involves several simple steps. The first of these is the arrangement of the mouth of the mine. To do this, you need:

  • a mechanism for lifting;
  • a bar or metal beams;
  • a swivel clamp;
  • a welding machine.

A firm base should be assembled in the selected area, after which a jack should be installed.Then, its lifting platforms are brought under the fastenings of the elevator with the clamps and the fishing of the column is carried out.

For greater efficiency, several lifting mechanisms should be used, since uniform pressure on each side will significantly speed up the extraction process, as well as prevent distortions and deformation of the pipe.

How to pull a pipe out of a well Removing the pipe

To get the most out of the planned event, it’s worthwhile to try additional devices that are closely included in the everyday life of the masters of this area. One such device is a safety liner. It consists of two inverted T-shaped supports, which are interconnected by four parallel beams. Bases are installed on the prepared area by donning through the top of the column. Then, a collar or an elevator is put on the cut of the pipe, which are placed on the welded upper transverse beams of the substrate and are tightened. This ensures reliable fixation of the pipe.

This device can be used with both a winch and a jack. Its use will help to avoid unintentional breakdowns of the pipe back inside the mine and remove a significant load from the main lifting mechanisms.

Alternative exit way

How to pull a pipe out of a well

All work on the casing extraction is to a certain extent a costly and laborious process that is not always crowned with success. Therefore, the masters of drilling have long been practiced replacing the column without dismantling the old frame.

The basis of such work is the introduction of a polymer pipe with external boundaries as close as possible to the internal diameter of the old pipe. The whole procedure is quite simple and includes:

  • pumping out water from the well;
  • treating the walls of the old pipe with special compositions that prevent its destruction;
  • threaded installation polymer "liner", while in the lower section of the pipe holes are drilled for access of water, which are wrapped with special filter fabrics.

After all the work is completed, the owner of the upgraded well will only have to resume the source, filling the alluvium with sand along the perimeter of the pipe.


The video shows the technology of lifting the pipe from the well using a winch:

And in this video, you can see how to pull a fallen pump from well:


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