How to break a concrete wall - the dismantling of the concrete wall

After a long stay in the same setting, some tenants suddenly realize that the layout of their usual habitat can be significantly improved. Taking into account the fact that a serious redevelopment of a dwelling involves the removal or transfer of existing wall partitions - it is necessary to resort (as a last resort) to their demolition. However, you should be aware that such an event can be held only with the permission of the relevant authorities (Municipal Housing Inspections), which monitor compliance with building codes.

It is also necessary to remember that the demolition of some wall partitions can affect the strength and reliability of the supporting structures of the whole house, which can lead to unpredictable consequences. That is why, before breaking the concrete wall, you will definitely need to consult with the construction specialists.

Tool selection

How to break a concrete wall - the dismantling of the concrete wall Using a puncher for a concrete wall

Scrapping walls the owners of an apartment most often experience a situation in which there is a need to combine a toilet and a bathroom, for example, or to transform two adjacent rooms into one big one (scrapping interior partitions). All such applicants should immediately be warned that touching the bearing walls of a residential building is not recommended. You can easily distinguish them from other types of wall structures, as they are usually much thicker than others.

How to break a concrete wall - the dismantling of the concrete wall Demolition of concrete partitions

In the event that permission to redevelop and demolish the wall has already been received, all you have to do is choose the method of breaking . Most often, the following three methods of breaking wall partitions are practiced:

  • with a jackhammer;
  • with a grinder;
  • with a powerful rotary hammer.

It should be understood that the correctness of the work carried out and the degree of inconvenience associated with cluttering and dusting of rooms will depend on the right choice of tool.

When a wall is demolished between two rooms, it cannot be removed as a single piece. "Disassemble" the wall should be in parts, even if it is made of plasterboard. That is, in any case, it should be cut off in small pieces of arbitrary size.

Methods for breaking concrete walls

How to break a concrete wall - the dismantling of the concrete wall Marking the wall into parts

  1. The experience of this kind of work convincingly shows that it is possible to cut a concrete wall with the help of an ordinary grinder. To do this, the tool should be equipped with a special disc for work "on concrete", after which you can proceed to sawing off pieces of the wall. Experts recommend to pre-mark the pier in separate squares and then start cutting it into pieces.
  2. How to break a concrete wall - the dismantling of the concrete wall Dismantling concrete partitions In addition, you can also use a traditional jackhammer. Unfortunately, you will have to encounter large cluttering and dusting of the room, since breaking the concrete wall and at the same time maintaining order and cleanliness while working with this tool will not succeed. This method of breaking the wall is acceptable only if you are not living in an apartment yet.
  3. Achieving the desired result is also possible with the help of a high-power punch equipped with a special chisel, which is installed in place of the tip (drill).
  4. With the same perforator, you can simply punch through holes through all the lines of the markings on the wall in the form of squares, and then with the help of a sledgehammer break apart (beat out) individual pieces.

How to break a concrete wall - the dismantling of the concrete wall Jackhammer

The latter method is most preferable in the case of repair in the already inhabited indoors, since in this case the scale of littering and dusting of the apartment is minimal.

Regardless of the method you choose to break, be careful and do not forget about communications hidden in the walls, which must be dismantled beforehand.

You should also worry in advance about the sufficient number of construction sacks that you will need to remove waste waste.


How to break a concrete wall and avoid problems with the law, see the following video:


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