Decorating the bathroom with PVC panels with their own hands and high quality + Video

It is no secret that repairs in such an important room as the bathroom was always in last place and never differed in simplicity. Most likely, this is due to the fact that the bathroom itself is a rather narrow room, and there are many communications in it, which makes decoration difficult. Do not forget about the wet air, which literally "hangs" in such a room. And this may mean that humidity will contribute to the development of fungal mold with the wrong choice of materials for repair.

Decorating the bathroom with PVC panels with their own hands and high quality + Video

As a matter of fact, all these factors should be considered when choosing materials for bathroom repair. And this is especially important for those who plan to carry out repair work on their own, without the help of specialists. And one of the important conditions that the material for the decoration of bathroom walls should have is its moisture resistance at a more or less similar price.

Therefore, the finishing of the bathroom with PVC panels is becoming more and more popular. Such panels can be called almost ideal material in order to veneer the walls, even where there is high humidity. Such panels are made of PVC with a sufficient stiffness coefficient, which naturally affects the strength of the panels themselves.

The advantages of PVC panels and the determination of their quality

Of course, PVC panels have a number of advantages over other materials that are used for finishing. That is why the bathroom is finished with PVC panels without any problems and is the most practical. So, the advantages of PVC panels include:

+ There is a large selection of colors and shades.

+ Moisture resistance. Water has no harmful effect on such panels, therefore no mold is formed on PVC panels.

+ Accessibility and quick installation. All wall cladding works can be easily performed independently. Moreover, even without having relevant experience in this matter.

+ Under PVC panels, bathroom communications are perfectly hidden

+ If necessary, you can additionally warm the bathroom, or put noise insulation on its walls.

+ Easy to operate

+ Relatively low cost

+ Replacing a damaged panel is done in minutes away.

As regards the range of plastic panels, now there is indeed a very large selection. But, on what principle to choose PVC panels, so that they really were of high quality? When choosing panels, be sure to pay attention to the following:

1. By the number of stiffeners in the panel. That is, the more such edges there are, the stronger the material will be.

2. Stiffeners shall not be deformed or damaged. If this is the case, it means that the panels were stored incorrectly.

3. The front of the panel should be evenly colored. The drawing should be clear and not have smeared edges.

4. Panel dimensions across the entire length and width should be the same.

When purchasing a panel, it is strongly recommended to purchase those panels that belong to the same lot.

Video: How to choose plastic panels

Required tools and materials

If the panels are already purchased, the next step is to choose the right tool which will be required for mounting panels. From the tool for these purposes you will need:

  • - a drill or perforator;
  • - a hacksaw or electric jigsaw;
  • - a screwdriver;
  • - construction stapler;
  • - tape measure and level.

In principle, the walls in the bathroom are finished with PVC panels in one of two well-known ways: on the batten or on the wall with gluing the panels with liquid nails. Therefore, if the choice is made in favor of liquid nails, then it is necessary to take care of their acquisition.

Now you need to calculate the right amount of materials. In principle, such a calculation is done quickly and simply. For this you need to know the size of the bathroom. Knowing the dimensions of the panel, its length and width, you can easily find out the number of panels needed for repair. That is, if the width of the panel is 0.25 m, the length is 2.7 m, then the area of ​​the panel will be 0.75 square meters. m. To find out the number of panels, the area of ​​the bathroom should be divided by the area of ​​the panels. See the article: How to calculate the area of ​​a room, floor, ceiling and walls; it will help you calculate the area of ​​rooms of any geometric shapes.

Preparatory work

Finishing a bathroom with PVC panels with your own hands begins with the preparatory work. At the first stage of implementation of which it is necessary to free the room from unwanted things as much as possible. Next, you should remove the tile, if any, in the bathroom and put it in the trash.

If the installation of the panels will be carried out on liquid nails, the walls should be leveled as much as possible using cement mortar and putty.Although it will be much better if the walls sheathe moisture-resistant plasterboard. In principle, if the unevenness of the walls is small, then you should not align them. After all, plastic panels are flexible and can smooth uneven walls. However, it is desirable to cover the walls before mounting the panels with a special antifungal compound.

If the panels are to be installed on the batten, then it must first be installed on the walls. If there is a lathing, then the alignment of the walls is not needed, because the panels in this case are not adjacent to the wall, but to the lathing.

Stages of installation of PVC panels

After completion of the preparatory work, if the installation of panels will be carried out on the batten, the next stage will consist of the selection and installation of the batten itself. Due to the fact that there is a lot of moisture in the bathroom, the crate is best used not from wood, but plastic or made from a special metal profile. Although, as an option, suitable and wooden crate, which is desirable to pre-paint.

The installation of the batten should be carried out taking into account the following rules:

1. Neighboring rails should be 50 cm apart.

2. The battens should be perpendicular to the position of the PVC panels.

3. If the walls are uneven, the crate should be installed with a constant level control. If bumps occur, they can be compensated using wooden or plastic linings.

4. All elements of the battens should be located at the beginning and at the end of the surface to be finished.

Decorating the bathroom with PVC panels with their own hands and high quality + Video


After installation of the batten, you can begin to install PVC panels. I must say that the installation of plastic panels in the bathroom is performed with the following algorithm:

1. From the angle from which the installation of the panels will be carried out, the profile, called the starting one, should be strengthened with screws or a stapler.

Decorating the bathroom with PVC panels with their own hands and high quality + Video

In the image you can observe various types of profiles that are used when installing PVC panels in certain cases.

2. In the lower corner of the profile should bring the fastening shelf panel. It must be remembered that the wide shelf should be directed towards the direction of movement during installation. After installing the panel, it is necessary to fasten it to the crate either with screws or a stapler.

Decorating the bathroom with PVC panels with their own hands and high quality + Video

3. Installation of all subsequent panels is done in the same way.

4. In the process of connecting the panels, it is necessary to ensure that the connection is tight and would not have gaps, and the surface joints would be barely distinguishable.

5. In places where doorways, windows, etc. are located, the panels must be installed using special starting corners. How they look look at the image above.

6. The final stage involves the installation of baseboards, which are necessary in order to hide the compensation gaps of the panels.

7. If separate panels form joints, i.e., the coating is not seamless, these joints should be covered with a sealant, for example silicone. But if the panels are of high quality, and the crate is made exactly, then this should not happen.

From all of the above, we can conclude that it is not very difficult to mount PVC panels yourself. With their help, the bathroom is finished with PVC panels. And the cost of this large forces and means not needed.

In order to learn more about the rules of installation of plastic panels, read our special article - How to fix plastic panels to the ceiling or wall correctly and without errors in which all processes are considered as detailed as possible. In addition, look at the video below, which shows in great detail the process of mounting plastic panels in the bathroom.

Video: Bathroom finishing with PVC panels


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