How to make lighting the facade of the house

Facade lighting emphasizes the architecture and design of the house, highlights the individual elements. In this article, you will learn the difference between the types of lighting and how to make the lighting of the facade of the house yourself.

Types of lighting

How to make lighting the facade of the house Local

Four can be used to organize the lighting of the facades lighting options:

  1. Flood light effectively emphasizes the architecture of the mansion. Such lighting is most often used for concrete and stone buildings. Lamps mounted on the roof or on the ground. Floodlight works in conjunction with directional lighting, which highlights, so to speak, the "highlights" of the building. Directional light is produced by lamps of smaller dimensions, of weaker power. They are installed on supports around the perimeter of the house.
  2. Local illumination of the house allows you to focus on the plates, columns and reliefs, that is, the brightest elements of the architecture of the house.
  3. Hidden lights can create expressive outlines that allow you to detail the elements of the house. In addition, this lighting can give the house a soft glow. For this purpose, LED and neon tapes are fixed along the perimeter of the house.
  4. Color Dynamics allows you to play around with the effects of light shadows, change the color palette and the power of light.

Basic rules

How to make lighting the facade of the house Architectural lighting of the facades

If you decide to design the lighting of the facade, then you can solve several problems at once. Firstly, thanks to the lighting, excellent conditions can be created for safe and comfortable movement throughout the territory at night. Secondly, the lighting will allow you to make a unique home decor.

With the right light playing around, any exterior will become mysteriously modern and bright medieval. To achieve the desired result, you can place spotlights on the estate, which will evenly fill the house with light from all directions or install lighting fixtures on the façade, beautifully highlighting the architectural features of the house.

How to make lighting the facade of the house Outdoor lighting down light

Not all types are used for building buildings in the city lights are acceptable for arranging the lighting of the facade of a private house. Flood lighting may be unacceptable, because it is designed for the height of the building, and private homes are usually low. More importantly, the floodlight will cause you inconvenience, because it will most likely be aimed at the windows.

Use down light fixtures. In these lighting fixtures, the lamp installation angle is easily changed. They take up little space, and the light effect of them is the same as that of a small spotlight.

How to make lighting the facade of the house Wall-mounted halogen lamp

Directional luminaires with halogen lamps will allow you to create unique effects, because they can be used to adjust the radius of illumination and the direction of the beam. LEDs consume very little electrical energy. However, they allow you to create a uniform and powerful fill the building with light.

How to make lighting the facade of the house LED luminaire

If you use overhead devices for illumination, such illumination will look especially advantageous. With fixtures for facades gates, bollards and color illumination are perfectly combined. With the help of decorative lanterns and special lamps on poles, you can illuminate the area in front of the house.

How to make lighting the facade of the house Color lighting

To illuminate the porch of the house, use lighting with diffused light. Due to the reflectors, they will uniformly fill a certain area of ​​the house. If it is decided to create an architectural and landscape composition, then use a single style of all types of lighting to form a single picture. In this case, landscape and facade lighting will look beautiful and harmonious.

Lamps on long brackets can spoil the aesthetic appearance of the facade of your house, so think carefully before installing them.

How to make lighting the facade of the house Hidden

In the process of designing the lighting of the facade take care of its efficiency and ease of use. To do this, divide the project into two zones:

  1. Main and side entrances.
  2. Secondary lighting elements.

Choice of equipment

How to make lighting the facade of the house Flood light

To decide on a complete set devices for lighting, should take into account the peculiarities of the house and the scale of the surrounding area. Among the determining factors, the following should be noted:

  • lighting functionality;
  • lamp type;
  • mounting method;
  • type of mounting.

If we recall the main task, which is to highlight the architectural beauty of the building and illuminate the territory, then, first of all, it is necessary to pay attention to the technical characteristics of lighting devices. Lighting devices must be dustproof, safe, watertight, suitable for use in different climatic conditions, have protection from mechanical effects.

How to make lighting the facade of the house Luminaire with IP65 protection degree

  1. Lamps in aluminum housings are the most reliable.
  2. In order to power up the LED lighting, it is necessary to provide a transformer.
  3. Lighting devices with IP65 protection should be used.
  4. To successfully isolate the niches and projections of the facade, use a fill of different colors.
  5. Highlighting from bottom to top creates an interesting visual effect.

Polycarbonate or acrylic models can be a good alternative to fixtures with aluminum housings. Be sure to highlight the sign with the house number and street name.

How to do it yourself

How to make lighting the facade of the house Lighting with the use of LED tape

Issue of facade lighting Especially relevant on the eve of the New Year holidays, because during this period especially want to create a festive atmosphere. In stores building materials you can buy special LED strips that are designed for outdoor lighting. To carry out the installation of these tapes correctly, read the installation instructions. Beautiful lighting can be done without resorting to the services of a designer. Properly selected lighting of the facade of a private house will create a favorable atmosphere and allow you to tune in to the new working day.

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