How to choose a cordless screwdriver for the home: key parameters (video)

In order to decide how to choose a screwdriver, it is necessary to figure out what types of screwdrivers there are and to study their basic parameters. Only after that you will be able to choose a tool that will best meet your requirements.

How to choose a cordless screwdriver for the home: key parameters (video)

A cordless screwdriver is required to tighten various fasteners.

Screwdriver: Types and Applications

The main area of ​​application where a cordless screwdriver can be used is to twist various fasteners, including bolts, screws, or screws, also drilling holes in different materials. Craftsmen manage to use a screwdriver not for their intended purpose, but, for example, for mixing paint or mortar, for drilling holes in ice, etc.

Despite the fact that on the modern market these tools are presented in wide range, they can be divided into two types: professional and domestic. Another screwdriver may differ in the type of cartridge, battery and the presence of additional functions, which expands its area of ​​application and simplifies the use of the tool.

How to choose a cordless screwdriver: battery characteristics

How to choose a cordless screwdriver for the home: key parameters (video)

The device has a Li-Ion battery.

Li-Ion batteries. This type of battery is most common in both screwdrivers and other tools. These batteries withstand at least 3000 charge-discharge cycles, have no memory, charge quickly and weigh a little, all this makes them popular.

The main disadvantage of this battery is that it has a shelf life of only 3 years. In order to increase the shelf life, it is recommended to discharge the batteries to a maximum of 15% and charge up to 90%. When buying a new battery of the specified type, in order to calibrate it for maximum power, it is necessary to spend 3 full charge-discharge cycles.

Ni-Cd Batteries. This type of battery has been used for many years, they are designed for 1500 cycles. The main advantage of these batteries is that they allow you to work at low temperatures, their shelf life is 5 years and they have the lowest cost.

The disadvantage of this type of battery is a long charging time, they are rather heavy, they have memory to charge. It is recommended that they be completely discharged and charged. To fully charge the battery, you just need to leave it for a certain time, and for a full discharge, you can lock the button and wait until the battery is discharged. If you plan not to use a screwdriver for a long time, the battery should be completely discharged and stored in this state.

How to choose a cordless screwdriver for the home: key parameters (video)

Table of comparative characteristics of alkaline batteries.

Ni-Mh Batteries. This type is the average between the batteries described above and is practically not used in screwdrivers. They have only 1000 charge-discharge cycles, practically do not self-discharge, have no memory for charge, but are rather heavy.

If long-term storage of the screwdriver is planned, then such a battery should be left with a charged battery. After prolonged storage, the battery must be discharged and fully charged again.

Capacity and voltage of the battery. If we talk about such a parameter as capacity, then it is measured in A.h., than the above indicator, the longer it will be possible to work with a screwdriver on one battery charge.

The amount of battery voltage directly affects the performance of hard and soft torque.

Types of gearboxes

A screwdriver can have two types of chuck: hexagon and quick-release.

How to choose a cordless screwdriver for the home: key parameters (video)

Keyless Chuck Pattern.

The keyless chuck has three cams and is designed to fit a snap-in diameter of 0.5-13 mm. This type of cartridge is more practical, because it can be inserted into a different working tool.

If we talk about the hexagonal cartridge, it is designed for a snap-in, in which the shank has a diameter of 1/4 inch. This type is used in the case when you need to frequently change the equipment, it has a hex shank. But in such a screwdriver, you can use the usual tooling, you just need to change the cartridge.

In order to transfer the torque from the engine to the working tool, a gearbox is used. It may contain metal or plastic gears. In domestic models, plastic gears are most often used, and in professional, powerful screwdrivers, metal gears are used.

How to choose a screwdriver for power

How to choose a cordless screwdriver for the home: key parameters (video)

Table of the main characteristics of screwdrivers.

The power of this tool is characterized by soft and hard torque:

  • soft torque is characterized by strength during operation at revolutions per minute from 0 to 350;
  • hard torque - force at revolutions up to 1000 and more, which are used during drilling.

The more indicated, the more powerful the screwdriver. In order to screw the screw with a length of 70 mm into the tree, a torque of 25-30 N will suffice. If you need to tighten the screw with a length of 100 mm, you will need a torque of at least 40 N. m.

Equipment and service. It is very convenient when an additional battery, case or flashlight is included with the tool, so you should also pay attention to the configuration of the screwdriver.

An important factor is the possibility of its maintenance, if you purchase a tool of a little-known brand, then be prepared for the fact that you may encounter difficulties in carrying out its prevention or repair.

The tool must be comfortable in your hand, so before you buy it, take it in hand, try whether it is convenient for you to turn it on and work.

How to choose a cordless screwdriver for the home: key parameters (video)

Before you buy a screwdriver, you need to take it in hand, find out if it is convenient to use.

Advanced Features. For the correct selection of a cordless screwdriver, in addition to the listed basic parameters, you need to pay attention to the presence of additional features that the tool can have:

  • impact function, it will be useful to you if you need to drill holes in materials such as brick or concrete ;
  • to make it easier to unscrew a jammed screw or to facilitate work when there is no opportunity to rest, it’s good to have a pulse 83>
  • to work in tr dnodostupnyh and sparse areas require backlight function better when it is not on the start button and above the battery.

Cordless screwdriver for home

If you plan to work using this tool, you can purchase a network model rather than a cordless one. If you work infrequently to save money, you can purchase models with a Ni-Cd or Ni-Mh battery.

If you often use the specified tool at home, you need to buy models and Li-Ion batteries. Although they are more expensive, but more powerful and reliable.

For most household chores, there will be enough torque of 25-35 N. m. Since there is always access to electricity at home, an indicator such as capacity is not very important, it will be enough at 1.5 -2 A. h.

Screwdriver for professional

If you often work in hard-to-reach places, it is best to buy compact models, you need to take a Li-Ion battery and the screwdriver torque for professionals be no less than 40 N. m.

Charging of Li-Ion batteries occurs quickly, they are lightweight, the poet Thy work will be performed continuously and you will be less tired. If you are a professional, then you probably have a drill and a hammer drill, so you should consider whether you need additional functions in the screwdriver, as they increase the weight and size of the tool.

There is no universal tool, the choice of the screwdriver will depend on which works you plan to use it for.


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