How to hire a brigade to repair the apartment

They say that repairs can only be suspended, but it is impossible to finish. To such a sad conclusion come those people who took up this case, "not considering the costs." Even this seemingly simple work like whitewashing requires skill, so what can we say about modern renovation, therefore, if you are not confident in your abilities, then it is not desirable to start work on your own. The picture is somewhat different when the work is entrusted to specialists, but where to find them? In order not to be trapped, you need to know how to hire a brigade to renovate an apartment, what this brigade is and what kind of feedback it is about.

Cost of work

How to hire a brigade to repair the apartment Cost of work of the brigade

It is quite natural that you need know the cost of the work to be performed. To do this, call several companies that perform the work you need, and learn about the cost.

No one will tell the exact cost of the work, even after an inspection of the object.

It is important to ask the right question here, so ask about the rates not for an object, but for a square or running meter. Knowing this data, you can estimate the cost of the work. You may ask: "Why approximately?". The answer is obvious - as it is impossible to foresee what else may be required during the repair! For example, you hired a brigade to glue the wallpaper, found out the prices, and during the preparatory work it turns out that it is necessary to replace part of the plaster, as it is contaminated with mold. You did not immediately notice this, and the team noticed only when you tore off the old wallpaper. Therefore, if the brigadier indicated only the cost of pasting wallpaper, then the additional work of the brigade would be at a loss.


How to hire a brigade to repair the apartment Hiring workers

Although the price solves a lot, but not everything. Therefore, before you hire a brigade to repair the apartment, ask about the work done and customer reviews. A solid company can be checked on the reviews left on their page on the Internet, and the team of private traders can be judged by looking at the repaired objects. If you stint and hire the Sabbath, the result can be perfect, or become deplorable.

Fun with

How to hire a brigade to repair the apartment

In some cases, after receiving an advance payment, all contacts were interrupted. Sometimes people say; "such a nice person, who would have thought he was a swindler." To be nice, this is a profession of this kind of people, otherwise they would not be able to deceive people in such numbers, otherwise they would simply not be believed.

It is worth rejecting all dubious proposals, no matter how tempting they may seem!

What you need to know

How to hire a brigade to repair the apartment Carefully choose a brigade

Even before you agree to cooperate with a certain brigade, pay attention to the following points:

  1. Does the brigade conclude agreement on the provision of services.
  2. What are the working conditions.
  3. Ask for the experience of the masters.
  4. Let them give you a list of jobs that the team can do.
  5. Does the work of the same brigade work somewhere else now?
  6. What guarantees are given for the work performed.
  7. Whether the foreman can estimate.
  8. Ask for a portfolio.
  9. After agreeing on the price, do not think that the team will solve all the problems. You will need to communicate with the foreman, deal with organizational issues, agree on estimates, agree on deadlines, be present during the procurement of materials, monitor how the work is done.

How to hire a brigade to repair the apartment Be sure to enter into an agreement

Even if you liked everything, still do not give full prepay! If the team will buy building materials, then note that in this case their cost is automatically multiplied by 10%. However, this is not the rule, and this should be found out at the conclusion of the contract. Say that you want to see all the checks and control expenses yourself. This does not upset professionals, because such a condition helps to avoid many misunderstandings, since especially elderly people live at the prices of Soviet times.

The correct approach to the choice of the team helps to avoid many problems, and significantly simplify and speed up repairs that will be performed at a high level.


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