How to make heating in the house

In order to make your stay comfortable, you need to know how to properly heat the house to maintain the optimum temperature. First you need to decide on the type of heating system and heating boiler.

When choosing heating for your home, preference should be given to a cheaper type of fuel in your area. And then decide on the source of heat supply: a stove, a circulating boiler or an air-heating boiler. The greatest demand is for hot air and liquid fuel carriers of the heating system.

Air-heating boilers in the heating system

How to make heating in the house Air-heating boilers

  1. Combination stoves and radiators;
  2. Air-heating boilers of a new generation;
  3. Pipe for a sandwich type chimney.

In this type of heating system there are both a number of advantages and disadvantages.

Pros of using air-heating boilers

How to make heating in the house Fuel for an air-heating boiler

  • low price of the heating system;
  • easy installation;
  • large range of fuel and its economical consumption;
  • easy maintenance;
  • high efficiency.

Cons of the use of air-heating boilers

How to make heating in the house Fire hazard

  • while the boiler is in operation the formation of condensate, which, entering the boiler, evaporates again, while consuming energy;
  • as a result of the waste gases on the walls of the chimney, tar tar, which not only reduces its diameter, but also are fire-hazardous;
  • at installation it is necessary to observe precautionary measures preventing fire;
  • fuel will always be in the living room.

Until you switch the hot-air boiler to the gas generation mode, it must be constantly monitored, otherwise a fire may occur.

Liquid fuel carriers of the heating system

How to make heating in the house Gas boiler

Above cons are almost absent in the heating system with the circulation of a liquid heat carrier. Installation of such a system will cost you much more expensive, but at the same time it is much more convenient to use, much more reliable and fully automated. Soon you will realize that it fully corresponds to its value.

Classification of heating systems on liquid carriers

How to make heating in the house Liquid fuel heating boiler

Heating system based on liquid heat carriers, there are two types:

  • An open system in which the circulation of the coolant occurs naturally;
  • Closed - circulation occurs by force.

An open system works without consuming electrical energy, since the coolant is circulated due to the temperature difference between hot and cold water.

A closed type installation implies the connection of a special pump and a more thorough selection of pipes and heating elements suitable for operation under high pressure. The system should contain a circulation pump that consumes the minimum amount of electrical energy. These financial investments are much smaller than those that would go to an open-type circulation device.

The comparative characteristic of the efficiency of heating systems of open and closed types is as follows: for an open system, this indicator is about 30%, while for a closed system it reaches 95%.

The difference in efficiency between open-type and closed-type plants is quite significant and is of no small importance when choosing a closed-type heating system for your home, since it helps to save fuel.

How to make heating in the house Fuel for boilers

A heating system with a liquid heat carrier is classified according to the type of boiler used, which are of the following types:

  • Boilers for solid fuels: coal, wood, briquettes and peat;
  • Constructions that use liquid fuel: diesel, fuel oil or spent fuel;
  • Gas boilers. This can be either natural gas or liquefied gas;
  • Multi-fuel units that can operate on solid fuel and gas;
  • Heat pump.

It is more expedient to give preference to a multi-fuel or gas boiler for arranging the heating system of a private house. In order to carry out installation work yourself, you need to have certain experience and skills, in the absence of such, it is better to seek help from qualified professionals.

It is not allowed to manually connect and start gas-powered equipment.

Advantages of a heating system based on a liquid heat carrier

How to make heating in the house Reliability of the boiler

  • the boiler is placed in a separate room;
  • the process of burning and maintaining the set temperature condition occurs automatically;
  • the efficiency reaches 95%;
  • high reliability and safety;
  • economical fuel consumption;
  • operation does not require large expenses;
  • the design is quite mobile;
  • the device is hounded during use, which negatively efficiency;
  • there is the possibility of flooding;
  • the automatic system may malfunction or break;
  • the operation of the circular pump may suddenly stop;
  • if you don’t plan to live in a private house in the winter, water from the system must be drained or filled with a non-freezing water;
  • installation work and equipment are quite expensive;
  • permission to perform gasification costs a lot;
  • the cost of the heating system directly depends on the tariffs for energy.
  • decrease in efficiency as liming of the heating system;

Cons of heat transfer fluid

How to make heating in the house Cons of heating boilers

It is up to you to choose which heating system and related equipment to choose. This is determined by many factors: the size of the heated room, the quality of the thermal insulation of the dwelling, the reliability of the door and window openings, the flooring, the number of squares in the house, the material of the interior floors and much more.

Some heating systems can be installed by hand, while others will require careful development and design, so the choice is solely for the owner of the house. The main thing is that your heating system does not cause discomfort to the people next to you and be as safe as possible.

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