How to make grounding in the apartment

In order to ensure the safety of human life, a system for grounding electrical devices was specially developed. By itself, grounding is a ground wire, which in turn is connected to a grounding point and conductor. The conductor is located in the ground. In most cases, a steel or copper rod is used for the conductor. Some experts recommend using water mains as grounding, but this is not a completely reliable method. So, consider in detail how to make the grounding in the apartment on their own.


In most cases, Khrushchev and Brezhnevki do not have a grounding system. The need for grounding arises for the reason that the apartments are a large number of very different household appliances. If you want to protect it from damage, the best option is to make a grounding with your own hands. This will require the following tool and material:

  • Packaging screws and washers.
  • A few meters of stranded wire of suitable cross section.
  • Metal rods.
  • Screwdriver.
  • Pliers.
  • Drill.
  • Drill Set
  • Metal strip, the cross section of which should be 50 mm 2 .

How to make grounding in the apartment Home appliance grounding

First you need to replace the existing two-wire electrical network with a three-wire one. It is necessary to purchase sockets that are designed for three contacts. As a rule, two-contact sockets were installed in an apartment without grounding. If you are in the apartment completely change the wiring, then immediately run three wires. To connect an outlet with grounding, you must correctly determine the "zero". Accordingly, of the three wires laid, only one wire will be positive. In the process of connecting one neutral wire is connected to ground, and the second directly to the power supply. When all the wires are connected, the ends must be exposed, removing the insulation from them. Further, the vein is divided into two equal halves, between which a screw with a washer is inserted. This wire with a screw must be fastened to a specially prepared place on the shield. In most cases, on the shields, the place for fixing the ground connection is indicated by an appropriate sign, it can be Ground or GND.

How to make grounding in the apartment Differences of sockets

If there is no conditional place, then the wire can be fixed to a metal base shield.

As a rule, a wire for grounding in an apartment is held for electric ovens, washing machines, a bathroom, and so on. For some household appliances and stationary devices, the grounding device is simply necessary according to the instructions. In private houses and cottages make the ground loop. How to make it, it goes on.

How to make a ground loop correctly

The accumulation of static electricity can be not only in very wet rooms. Therefore, to make a grounding circuit is necessary to ensure the safety of the electrical system in the house. In addition, not even an electrician can do this. This device is very easy to make: it’s enough to drive several electrodes into the ground and connect them with metal strips.

How to make grounding in the apartment Circuit of the circuit

Three electrodes will be enough to ground the house. You can use the crowbar. Previously it is necessary to cut the thread and drill holes to make connections. The process of manufacturing the grounding circuit is performed in the following sequence:

  1. The first step is to dig holes for the installation of electrodes. They should be in the shape of a triangle.
  2. Electrodes are driven to maximum depth.
  3. Small trenches are dug up between three pins.
  4. Three electrodes are interconnected by a metal strip.

How to make grounding in the apartment Construction of the contour

As mentioned above, the strip must have a cross section of 50 mm 2 . Then the contour is welded. A grounding wire is attached to the contour with a bolt and nut.

Grounding Acrylic and Steel / Cast Iron Baths

There is a lot of controversy about whether the bath should be grounded or not. It should be noted that the bath is essentially a potentially dangerous object, so it is best to ground it.

Some throw a ground wire from the bath onto a sewer or water riser. But now this technology may fail, for example, if the neighbors on the floor below replace the riser with plastic. For this reason, grounding is best done on the panel, which is a special grounding bus. Consider the examples of cast iron / metal bath and acrylic earthing.

Metal / Cast Iron Bath Grounding.

How to make grounding in the apartment Grounding of a steel or cast-iron bath

Mainly a hole is drilled in the leg. Then the grounding strap is fastened with a bolt and a nut with a washer.

In modern cast-iron / metal baths, a special petal is made, which is specially designed for grounding. It is very easy to attach a stranded cable.

If electrical water heaters are additionally installed in the bathroom, then they must also be grounded.

Grounding acrylic bath.

If we talk about acrylic, it does not conduct current by itself. But despite this, an acrylic bath can accumulate a small amount of static electricity. As a rule, such baths are mounted on a metal base, which should be grounded.

How to make grounding in the apartment For a bath with a hydromassage

This also applies to the installation of a hydromassage bath. Such devices must be connected to a separate outlet, which should also be grounded. Moreover, these sockets are mounted at a certain distance from the hydromassage: from the edge of the bath 700 mm, and from the floor 500 mm. For security purposes, you can install a separate RCD circuit breaker on the panel, which will protect equipment from power surges.

For earthing with acrylic and cast iron / metal baths, use stranded wire with insulation, the cross section of which should be 6 mm 2 . Grounding points should hide behind a decorative installation, so as not to spoil the appearance of the bathroom.

Grounding a washing machine

Often when washing a machine can break through the current. Especially often this happens in the process of removing wet laundry from a metal drum.

How to make grounding in the apartment Circuit with a washing machine

  1. One of the simple methods of grounding is to install the RCD and the system equipotential bonding.
  2. During the assembly process, it is important to check the wire for integrity of the insulation. As mentioned above, it is better not to use plumbing and sewage for the removal of stray currents.
  3. When installing electrical wiring, it is recommended to make a separate outlet for the washing machine.
  4. It is not recommended to use the carrier.
  5. To connect electricity to a typewriter, you must use a three-core wire. One of them will perform the role of grounding.

On such tracks it is not recommended to use twist to connect the wires. The wire from the machine and to the outlet for the washing machine, should be solid.

How to make grounding in the apartment Connection at the washing machine

As for the machine, it is best for the washing machine use the power of 45 A. If the outlet is waterproof, then it can be put in close proximity to the typewriter. If not, then outside this room. In this case, you will need to extend the wire from the washing machine to the place of its electricity supply. In fact, this method of grounding those or other household appliances is performed according to one scheme. The most important thing is to properly perform the initial work.

Tips and Tricks

How to make grounding in the apartment Connecting an Outlet with Ground

The following are general guidelines and tips on making a ground in an apartment:

  • It is recommended to ground all household appliances in an apartment.
  • Each outlet in the apartment must be grounded.
  • It is not allowed to connect the equipment or grounding of sockets with the neutral wire when the device is in working condition.
  • When connecting the cable, the power must be temporarily disconnected at the distribution board.
  • For quality grounding work, special grounding terminals should be used.


What is the difference between grounding and zeroing:


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